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Does Starbucks Grind Coffee Beans for You?

Yes, all Starbucks stores can grind coffee beans for you and to your own specification. The company’s policy says they are very happy to grind any coffee as long as it is not flavoured with an additive like vanilla or caramel.

In most Starbucks stores, it is usually not a big deal unless its rush – hour or the barista is not being nice. Although coffee bean grinding doesn’t take much time, you will have to wait until maybe the end of your drink (usually you ought to get one), but it usually doesn’t take time.

Starbucks is the largest coffee retail shop globally, and it has more than 22,519 stores around the world and in 58 countries. Starbucks has always been at the forefront of everything coffee and therefore only uses high quality coffee machines, which makes them an ideal place to grind coffee beans.

Terms and Conditions for Grinding your Coffee Beans at Starbucks

However, note that most Starbucks stores grind only sealed bags of Starbucks coffee. It is a safety and precautionary measure especially because they don’t know what’s in a different coffee or if anything has been added to an opened bag of coffee.

Starbucks coffee-houses are designed as a blend of Italian elegance and American informality. The stores are designed to ‘enhance the quality’ of everything the customers are experimenting.

Starbucks is not selling only coffee, but a customer’s experience no one else offers (or offered at the time). The stores are cozy, with nice presentations of products, pictures and old-school coffee material, comfortable sofas creating an intimate ambiance, and the wireless internet service provided for free when you sit at one of these coffee houses.

The stores are designed to be a “personal treat” for the customers, providing them the place to relax after work or shopping. There are highly skilled employees trained to provide the best service when welcoming the customers, taking their orders, and meeting their expectations.


Where coffee is involved, the daily grind is a Coffee lover’s dream. Starbucks has always been at the forefront of everything coffee and therefore tend to do a lot to satisfy their growing customer base. Remember to be considerate and patient when looking to grind your coffee beans in any Starbucks store.