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4 Best Stem Cell Franchises [Cost, Fees]

Do you want to start a stem cell business by buying a franchise? If YES, here are 4 best stem cell franchise opportunities for sale and their cost. Currently, there are still a few franchises operational in the industry, but that does not take away from the fact that the business is successful. If you want to be a part of the stem cell market, you may start thinking of acquiring one of these franchises.

4 Best Stem Cell Franchise Opportunities for Sale and Their Cost

  1. Stem Tech Health Science

Stem Tech Health Science is a stem cell nutrition company (maybe the only one so far) that offers franchise in the United States. The company offers patented products that helps the body repair its own Adult Stem Cell System. Stem Tech Health Science flagship product have been proven to increase stem cell output by 25%.

They have been tested by outside labs and have been written up in medical journals. Their products are currently marketed by distributors worldwide, in 14+ countries and growing fast. With really affordable investment, the company offers its franchisees total training in the company’s products before they start off.

Financial requirements

  • Initial Investment: $1-$500

2. Regenestem network

The Regenestem is an international Network of medical practices focused on providing comprehensive medical solutions for adult stem cell treatments and research. Regenestem Network Doctors are specialized professionals who are trained in the latest cellular medicine has to offer. They are dedicated to providing the best medical solutions to help improve health and quality of life.

Regenestem constantly investigates, shares, utilizes, and integrates the latest protocols in the adult stem cell arena to provide the best medical solutions for their patients. Regenestem is committed to identify the leading treatments in the field, and in return train their franchisees so they can offer the best possible treatment to their patients.

Some of their services include; Cell Banking, Cell Expansion, Dose Recovery, and Cell Re-Introduction, State of Art Hyperbaric Chamber on Premises, Direct Catheterization to Organs and Regenestem Life Style Program. Regenestem is currently offering franchises in the United States, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Philippines, etc. If you are interested in this franchise, you can fill their franchise request form on their website.

3. Pacific Stem Cells

Pacific stem cell is yet another stem cell therapy company that offers franchise in the United States. This facility is based in California, it was founded in 2016 and they started franchising in 2019. Their headquarters is at 450 Newport Center Dr., #650, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

Pacific Stem Cell’s stem cells are derived exclusively from umbilical cord tissue and other placental materials from live healthy birthed babies. This shows that the company does not acquire their stem cells through illegal means.

Pacific stem cells for now offer licensing opportunities to interested partners. They are currently interested in partners coming from the United States and the Middle East. They also have exclusive territories for those interested also. If you want to learn more about this, you can contact the company via their website.

Financial requirements

  • Initial Investment – $100,000
  • Total Units – 4

4. Biologic and Regenerative Healing Centers

Biologic and Regenerative Healing Centers provide FDA Approved Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Autologous Condition Plasma Treatments. Based in Las Vegas, the center was funded by Dr. Rafael Mirchou, M.D., F.A.B.S. He has been practicing medicine in Nevada for the past 20 years both in hospitals and out-patient clinics.

The mission of Biologic and Regenerative Healing Centers is to provide quality, compassionate, and innovative care to adults struggling with chronic or degenerative diseases and conditions. Through evidence-based and patient­-centric care, they instill hope in their patients that long­-term recovery is possible through safe, minimally invasive treatment protocols.

Biologic and Regenerative Healing Centers’ purpose and passion are to empower the individual, his/her family, and the community to find new, safe, and effective treatment options utilizing adult stem cell therapy. For inquiries regarding franchise opportunities, contact them by sending a mail to or you can call them at 1(702)409-9902.

What You Must Know About the Stem Cell Franchise Opportunities

Stem cells are the basic cellular building blocks of the body’s tissues and vital organs. They are found in all vital organs, tissues, blood, immune system and nervous tissues of the body. These cells have the ability to regenerate and specialize into additional stem cells or differentiate into specialized cells, such as nerve or blood cells.

This remarkable ability to differentiate makes them invaluable in medical treatments. When injected into a patient’s body, stem cells have the ability to repair or replace the patient’s damaged or diseased cells, improve health and even save life. Stem cells are also now used extensively in aesthetic and cosmetic applications.

With nearly a third of the US suffering from chronic pain, and over a million patients a year having joint replacements, affordable stem cell therapy brings a welcome and viable alternative to the non-reversible trauma of surgery and a non-invasive drug-free treatment method for many internal medical conditions.

Tissue Engineering with natural human products utilizing stem cell therapy has become among the safest and efficacious methods in Regenerative Medicine.

The global stem cell and regenerative medicines market is estimated to grow from $21.8 billion in 2019 to reach $55.0 billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.4% for the period of 2019-2024. Though still a budding industry, but the market is expanding appreciably with businesses getting good patronage.