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7 Easy Steps to Make Money Buying & Selling Silver Coins Online

Do you want to make money buying and selling silver coins from home? If YES, here are 7 easy steps to buy and sell silver coins online for profit. So you have heard that businesses like car accessories, e-cigarettes, bonds and a host of others can be started online. But did you know that businesses such as selling and buying of silver coins could be possible online? If you didn’t then this read promises to expose it all to you.

There are lots of businesses that have thrived over the years from the stores. However, you might want to agree with me that times have changed and so have a lot of strategies on how to realize good money. These days the internet has become the hub of various business types; one of such businesses that is beginning to catch the fancy of folks is dealing in coins. This is especially true now that you have different countries listing various precious metal coins in their stock.

Dealing in coins usually involves operating from a store but with the new trend; working from wherever you are, whether home, lounge or wherever. You too can build an online coins business where you can buy and sell silver coins at a very profitable rate .

This has nothing to do with if you have always been a coin collector or not. You can start making money from buying and selling silver coins online even as a newbie. So just what are those steps you need to get you started in the right direction? Well, here they are:

How to Make Money Buying & Selling Silver Coins Online in 7 Easy Steps

1. Read Books and Ask Questions

By now, you must have known that no man is an island. Hence, you must be willing to do the needful in realizing as much information as you need. Garnering the information you need in your quest to start a coins business means that you have got to undertake adequate research.

Get all the books you can lay your hands on about the coins business, as well as browse the internet for useful sites that might have all the information you need to launch you out. Asking experts questions on how they pulled things off might also be of great help here. Since they are experienced you can get first hand and practical information on the skills needed to start your own silver coins business.

2. Get Some Expertise

As you start out in your silver coins business, it becomes very needful that you get the required skills needed in grading and appraising coins. By getting trained in this area, you can be sure to identify the types of coins there are. Getting this knowledge affords you the opportunity of knowing and understanding that silver coins do have value.

The physical condition of the coin, its shortage as well as precious value all add to the worth of a coin. Making a huge mistake in boycotting getting trained in this line, may deal a deadly blow on your business. This is because there are fraudsters that might want to defraud you by supplying you with counterfeit coins.

3. Get a Computer and Internet connection

Since you might have made up your mind from the outset to operate online, it only becomes natural that you acquire the gadgets that would help your Online business prosper. You would need to purchase a very good computer or laptop. You need to get a very reliable brand that wouldn’t fail you in the near future.

This is because there are brands that claim to last but only few months into use they become faulty. Also note that the need for an internet connection cannot be overemphasized. You would need a fast broadband that can guarantee you speed especially as you wouldn’t be operating offline but online.


One of the challenges being faced by silver coins dealer who operate from physical stores is the inventory cost. This is because there is the need for an inventory of well over $5,000 when a physical store is involved. Other things that physical store owners contend with are the operating capital, the cost of renting a space, insurance costs, as well as cost of fixtures.

However, with operating from a virtual store, you do not have to deal with any of these barriers. You can be sure that cost is reduced drastically because you do not operate a physical store. You would definitely require the service of an expert to help you build your coins website that includes features like a shopping cart, and you can be sure that you would get it for a good price because they do not ‘cost an arm and a leg.’


One of the surest ways of getting huge clients for your silver coins business is by driving huge traffic to your site. How could you possibly pull this off? You can get this solved by blogging about useful tips on coins. This way you might get people’s attention that would then be redirected to your site.

Also, sending a once a month newsletter or a bi-monthly one with your name and what you do can also help potential customers visit your virtual store when they are in need of buying or selling silver coins. Be sure to do this regularly so as to have maximum response from possible clients.

6. Start Small and Expand Fast

By starting your online coins business, you do not need an enormous and pricey supply. You can start with just a few coins. Once you get started with that and you have made sales on the few coins, you can then think of expanding your supply.

One of the ways to stock up your silver coins as they get exhausted is by buying from coin shows, from folks that contact you with their coins for sale, as well as estate sales. You can also try buying on eBay. These are mediums through which you can get the silver coins at good wholesale rates.

Would these 5 tips get you started on your silver coins business quest? You bet it would! After you have practiced these steps, it becomes very needful that you stay dogged and always think up new ways to strategize and expand your business. Great online silver coins dealers started small. You too must be ready to do same to stay afloat.