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Crypto and Bitcoin Cashback & Reward Cards

While you shop online, do you want to earn a cashback? Yes, actually earning money while spending money?

Then welcome to the world of Crypto Cashback Rewards where you can earn money from your online shopping in Bitcoin and fast-track your value compounding, while also living a little.

Crypto cashback rewards are a smart way for you, your family, and your friends to start aggregating cryptocurrencies without having to buy them. In this guide, we share our preferred crypto cashback reward programs and reward cards we believe are reliable and convenient to use.

Crypto Cashback – What is it?

First, before we take a dive into the deep end let’s understand what crypto cashback are, and how they distribute cryptocurrency to their members for free.

Crypto cashback programs are linked with merchants (vendors) via affiliate commissions. When you make a purchase from one of these merchants – an example could be Netflix – the crypto cashback program earn an affiliate commission, and a percentage of this affiliate commission is paid to the user (you). The merchants’ affiliate commissions vary, thus the cashback percentages also vary.

Similarly, when you use a crypto debit card (some of them do offer cashback as well), they return back the “Interchange fee” like a rebate to their user. This model has been time-tested and led to great adoption for many popular debit/credit cards. Now, the same model is being applied by many Crypto banks that offer crypto cards. (You will find only the best one further below).

We recommend either of these two approaches for when you set out to earn crypto cashback, and we have taken the time to compile a list of the top 5 crypto cashback programs that you can find out there:


TV-TWO was made with the goal of revolutionizing the entertainment industry. But did this app’s creators achieve their target?

Yes, they did! TV-TWO gives crypto to its users for watching videos, something mundane that we do every day. Earning some rewards has never been easier. You can easily start earning crypto rewards by just downloading TV-TWO on iOS, Android, Samsung, and LG Smart TVs and start watching your screen.

tv two


The app offers its users the possibility to watch content from their favorite channels on YouTube, and the ads on these videos. For watching the advertisements users get some of the advertising revenue as their reward. What you earn exactly are credits that are converted to TTV Tokens. To make sure that the app is not used for farming these tokens, it only allows users to have the app on one phone and one TV.

To get your payout you will have to collect 100,000 credits, which after conversion earn you 100 TTV Tokens. You must have an Etherium wallet that is able to support TTV Etherium Tokens for the app to be able to send you your rewards. It will take up to 3 days for you to receive the tokens in your account. After that, they can be traded in for any currency and transferred to a PayPal or Bank Account.

2. Steem

Social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter have made billions from content that their users generated while giving back nothing to them. Steem is here to change this, it is a blockchain-based social media platform that rewards its creators. For their contribution, users earn cryptocurrency rewards.

Exactly what type of contribution will get you the rewards? Any type, you can get crypto by simply participating in the community by posting, voting, and curating content.

The goal of this platform is to empower regular people for their contribution to its online community. By building Steem based on blockchain technology, its creators made sure that there are plenty of rewards. The technology is able to process thousands of actions at any given second, making it incredibly fast and quick to earn digital tokens.

Creators who can really benefit from using Steem are merchants, shoppers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, creators, curators, commenters, readers, and referrers. They already create content online, now they can get the most out of their content by joining Steem!

3. Captain Bitcoin

Captain Bitcoin’s creators believe that one of the barriers to people using Bitcoin is the lack of knowledge about Bitcoin and its benefits of it. This platform is here to push the adoption of Bitcoin on a global basis. How does Captain Bitcoin want to achieve this goal?

It gives its users cryptocurrency for their attention and time while teaching them about the different products and tools built around blockchain technology. Additionally, they have daily giveaways where users have a chance of winning more Bitcoin.

captain bitcoin


To earn crypto, you have to tune in and watch the available video content daily on the website, the maximum amount is around 10 minutes each day per person. After you watched the video, you have to answer a multiple-choice questionnaire correctly, which is there to make sure you actually paid attention.

Captain Bitcoin simply wants your time, its goal is to introduce Bitcoin to as many people as possible. The creators want to make everyone involved with Bitcoin by giving them the opportunity to get some. It is a fun and easy way to just get involved more in crypto!

4. Brave Browser

We all use web browsers every day, we cannot cut it out from our lives. But there have always been issues with privacy, as our data of web activity is the commodity we pay with for these services. Our data that was collected while searching online then gets sold to the highest bidder. Brave offers a resolution for those who are not comfortable with having their data collected. It is a secure alternative to the usual browsers; it makes sure that you are not tracked by ads and websites.

brave browser


By blocking ads that include tracking software, Brave will shorten the loading time for websites and make your experience more enjoyable. To make sure that you are protected completely, it lets you use Tor, which makes sure to hide your history and location. The connections you make while browsing is encrypted for increased anonymity.

These are great perks to have in a browser! But how do you earn something by just using a browser? You earn by viewing ads that respect your privacy. You can also set the number of advertisements you are willing to see per hour.

Soon you will be able to spend the flier-like tokens that you earned on gift cards, premium content, and more. Currently Brave lets you donate the earned tokens to the websites of your choice as a tip for them. This way you can help your favorite creators earn money with your help and support, and keep them doing what you and others enjoy!

5. allows people to complete tasks for cryptocurrencies. The tasks include answering questionnaires, specific emails, or taking part in different studies. Every task that you do successfully will earn you a small amount of Bitcoin. Putting some of your free time into doing the tasks can get you a nice amount of return in the future!


The surveys come from professionals who want to know your opinion on different things and are willing to pay for it. You can think of as a platform similar to LinkedIn, you have to set up a public profile, which enables others to send the tasks and messages to you. All of this happens without giving out any of your personal contact information, therefore making sure that your privacy is intact.

The payout for tasks can be anywhere between $1-$5. There is no threshold for cashing out your rewards, but most users wait until they have a good amount as there are transaction fees occurring during the cash-out process.

Apart from these wonderful programs, you can earn money by using cashback apps. You can easily find a large number of apps that promise you to cash for your purchases, but it is hard to decide on which one to use. Let us look at 5 of the best cashback apps available today!

Best Cashback Apps

1. Ibotta

You can download Ibotta to your phone or add it as an extension to your browser. It is completely free and easy to use. You can choose from hundreds of products offered online and in-store. They have a wide variety of retailers, pet supply, grocery, book, sport, home improvement stores, clothing, and beauty shops, and more. For online purchases, the available cashback purchases broaden to tickets, hotels, rental cars, food, meal delivery, or even airfare.



When you purchase at stores partnered with Ibotta you earn cash, no points or coupons, just cash. This is an incredibly simple and easy system; you don’t have to bother with counting and exchanging points at all. For those who don’t really shop online, Ibotta made it easier to find the stores nearby where you can get cashback by its nearby offer alert, which you can easily turn on in their app. It will make sure that you won’t miss out on any cashback opportunity!

2. Pei

Pei is a shopping app, where you can earn cashback on your purchases. You can install Pei on both Android and iOS phones. It is free to join, once you registered and added your credit and debit card details there is nothing else you have to do but to start shopping.

pei cashapp


You will receive your Pei points automatically if you make a purchase with your linked card at one of their partnering merchants, which include stores like PETCO, Subway, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Walmart, GameStop, and Foot Locker. With getting the information from your card purchase history, they are not limited to only online shopping and can reward you for local purchases that you make.

You can see the shops that offer rewards nearby by just checking on Pei’s map of your location. The more you use Pei, the larger amount of Pei points you receive. Pei points can be redeemed for Bitcoin, cash, or gift cards as well.

3. StormX

The StormX app is available in App Store and Google Play, or as an extension in Chrome Web Store. You can earn rewards from over 750 online stores. All you have to do is to choose the shop, activate your reward, then checkout. You can earn for your purchases cashback anywhere between 0.5% and 87.5%, depending on your Membership level. You can easily become a member by connecting your wallet to StormX.

stormx app


StormX offers the possibility to perform tasks in the app, allowing you to earn rewards without shopping. There are different tasks you can find, one of them for example asks you to tell them your opinion on their competitors, and how they are better or worse than StormX.

You can withdraw your crypto to your wallet if it reached $10 or more. StormX offers the possibility to choose which cryptocurrency you receive, the possibilities are StormX (STMX), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC),, or Dai (DAI). It is a great start for anyone who wants to earn crypto but doesn’t want to get into the complexity of cryptocurrencies.

4. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is incredibly easy and fun, they work with hundreds of brands that you can choose to purchase from. Among these brands you can find Pepsi, Heinz, Knorr, Philadelphia, and many more household names.

You can get the Fetch app free from App Store or Google Play, or you can just get a download link sent to you in SMS. After you got the app you can start earning points on every receipt you upload, or you can get even more if you purchase the items found in the app.

fetch rewards


When you reached $3 worth of points (3,000), you can redeem gift cards or decide to donate the amount to a charity. Compared to most rewards apps the main advantage of Fetch is its $3 threshold. It is really low, as other applications usually require you to reach at least five times this amount before cashing out.

5. Shopkick

You can earn reward points (kicks) with Shopkick both for in-store and online shopping. Apart from buying products, it also offers the possibility of earning rewards by watching sponsored videos. Shopkick has a changing list of offers, that include products from retailers, among them, are brands like Sephora, Walmart, Kroger. You can then redeem your kicks for free gift cards from Amazon, Groupon, Starbucks, and Target among other stores.



Offers, in general, include health and wellness supplies, magazines, household products, and grocery items. You can just link your credit card to Shopkick, which will make it easier to earn kicks because you won’t have to bother uploading your receipts.

You can use these apps simultaneously to make sure that you save the most you can. If you already have and use a cashback credit card, combining it with cashback apps is a simple way to further boost your savings. If you don’t have a cashback credit card yet, we will introduce you to some that are worth checking out!

Cashback Cards

1. offers different types of VISA cards, they offer one free card and multiple other ones for different amounts of CRO stake. The higher amount you are willing to stake – which means you put that amount into your wallet and hold it there for a period of at least 6 months – the better perks you get.

CRO stands for Coin, for 10 CRO, you have to pay 2.25 USD at the time of writing. So in case you wanted to get the most expensive card, Obsidian Black, you would have to hold 1,125,000 USD worth of CRO. This amount can easily change, as the worth of CRO and other cryptocurrencies is volatile. However, it has been growing steadily and is likely to grow in the long term as well.

The cheapest of the bunch, the Ruby Steel version, only requires you to deposit 5,000 CRO or 1125 USD. This is not a huge amount, and you get much more out of it than from the free version. It offers 2% cashback on your purchases which is double to what you would earn on your free card.

crypto cards


The free card, Midnight Blue comes with 1% cashback, which is a great start as well for anyone who wants to get to know and try out cashback cards without any stake. If you pay your daily expenses only with this card, you are already saving money on your regular bills and shopping. It couldn’t be much better! But to make the cards that come with higher stakes more enticing, launched a 100% cashback offer on some subscription services we use every day. is not only a company that concentrates on cashback cards, but they are also a platform that allows you to transfer, exchange, and store cryptocurrencies. It is becoming a favorite of many Bitcoin investors, as you can buy and exchange with 0% fees. With their affordable card choices, you can save a lot of money and start buying cryptocurrencies you like.

2. Gemini

Gemini announced its new cashback credit card for its U.S. users earlier this year. Cardholders will be earning 3% cashback on their purchases, which they will receive in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency of their choice. Gemini’s offer of 3% cashback is better than most credit card offers, and another great part is that there are no exchange fees on these rewards.

gemini credit card


Currently, people can sign up for a waiting list of applicants. Most people still wait on the sidelines thinking about when to buy crypto, as it can be intimidating to start investing in it. A growing number of people choose to get into bitcoin as early as they can, and this card is an easy way of entry for the average person.

The biggest difference between Gemini and other companies that offer cash back credit cards is that it prioritizes security. They passed the industry’s highest level of security exams. As Gemini is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services, they need to meet the requirements of the department. These requirements include anti-money laundering, consumer protection, and cybersecurity among others that Gemini must meet. So for those who want to make sure they are secure and get a high amount of cashback, this is a great card choice!

3. Curve

You can massively simplify your finances with Curve as it offers “one card to rule them all”. For those that use a lot of different bank cards, Curve can be a huge help as it lets you link all your cards and switch between them depending on which you want to spend from.

curve card


You can earn 1% cashback if you purchase from the 100+ featured retailers they are partnered with, among them, you can find brands like ASOS, Netflix, Spotify, Uber, Apple, and IKEA. The cashback reward you earn will go straight to your Curve Cash card that you can find in the app. You can easily start spending it after it shows on your current balance.

For most, the frustrating part of using Curve is that there is a monthly and daily limit on withdrawals. For this reason, many do not choose to make it their main card of choice. Apart from this its app lacks any budgeting or saving feature, which could help a lot of users, and hopefully, it will be added in the future.

4. Nexo

Many praised Nexo’s crypto credit card as the best on the market, but does it live up to the hype? Yes, it does, it offers 2% instant cashback on all purchases made with the card. You can receive your cashback rewards in different ways: as BTC, as NEXO Tokens, or a mixture of the two.

nexo card


For those who are worried about privacy while making purchases online, Nexo offers the possibility to create virtual cards. This way you can make sure your online purchases are as safe as possible, and your card details, even if stored, will not be harmful to you in any way.

Nexo’s card is backed by MasterCard, which comes with perks and different exclusive features. While compared to Visa, it is not as impressive, the card’s perks still outperform institutions like American Express.

Nexo’s credit card is available independent of what your credit history is like, this is because of the dependence on staked collateral. You are able to repay the loan you get in crypto or fiat, and the minimum payment gets eliminated when Bitcoin’s value goes up.

5. Swipe

Swipe offers various prepaid Visa cards, with rewards from 1% to 5% crypto cashback. All of the cashback you earn is paid in Bitcoin. Apart from its cards, Swipe offers different services like a wallet, their own token in the form of SXP, and being a merchant and exchange platform.



Depending on which card you use, you can get different benefits. The four prepaid cards Swipe offers are:

  • Saffron
    • entry-level card
    • no requirement to stake SXP
    • costs $25
    • 1% cashback on purchases
    • maximum referral reward amount is $1,000
  • Sky
    • 2% cashback
    • required 300 SXP staked
  • Steel
    • 4% cashback
    • required 3,000 SXP staked
  • Slate
    • 5% cashback
    • required 30,000 SXP staked

There are discounts offered by Swipe for specific applications like Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Uber, and even more. The higher-tiered cards offer more discounts, while the lower-tier ones only offer a limited amount.

Swipe can be a good card, but the fact that you need to stake SXP can be troublesome for some cardholders. While staking SXP brings the possibility of gains, it just as much can be a downside and people can have a potential loss. If we look at Swipe’s offers, they are very similar to’s, but with fewer rewards. In the future, we might see Swipe catch up to or even become better than!

Any one of these cards can be a great choice depending on what you are specifically looking for and how much you spend in general. People can get more advantages than ever before from using cashback services in their everyday lives, but where did it all start? Let’s look at the history of how this all transpired!

Evolution of Cashback

The idea of cashback programs as we know them today first launched in 1986 when credit card companies started offering percentage-based rewards to entice new customers to sign up for cards. These deals seemed great; 5% back on gas/grocery/pharmacy purchases, wow!

But of course, there was the fine print to consider as well. As it turns out, these programs were often coupled with higher APRs and higher fees for vendors. So although consumers had the ability to earn back on certain purchases, more often than not they lost those rewards by carrying a balance on their card at a higher interest rate.

As an example, the industry went crazy with airline rewards. When introduced, there were cards that were offering absurd sign-up bonuses in the form of points (50,000, 100,000, and more) just for signing up for a new card. How could anyone resist?

But the nitty-gritty details of these amazing deals were that someone was paying (as someone always pays), and it usually wasn’t the credit card companies. These “amazing” deals came with annual card fees, high-interest rates, and point systems that were difficult to use. For instance, it wasn’t uncommon that you’d sign up for a card with a 50,000 bonus-point reward, but each flight would cost you 30,000 points. So you’re 10,000 points short if you want to get two fights — but don’t worry, the credit card company is generous enough to sell you more points.

Now that we know where this all started, I am sure we are all grateful that today there are real offers that make you money rather than make you lose money. You can get a large amount of cashback if you combine different ways of earning them. If you have chosen an app and a card as well, you can easily earn 1% back on your purchases and get some gift cards for them as well! I hope this overview made it easier to understand and make a choice on which ways of earning cashback are best for you!