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10 Best Small Investment ideas for Low Income Earners

Are you a low income earner looking to earn extra money passively on the side? If YES, here are 10 best small investment ideas for low income earners. Business experts have always laid emphasis on how important it is for one to have multiple streams of income. It is for that reason that a lot of folks are beginning to buy into the investment culture. This has however caused people to look for ways to invest wisely.

What really is investment, some might ask? Investment is any venture you put money or invest money into with the hope of getting profits in the nearest future. Even if you are an employee, there is no harm having one or two side investments that will be yielding consistent profits for you.

Most people nurse the idea that they have to earn big or have very big capital to start an investment, but the truth is that, you can start with the small money and grow your investment or venture with time and hard work. All that you would need to do is be determined that you really want to invest in a particular venture to start with.

If you want to invest like other successful business people, then you may want to consider some small investment ideas in this read which may be really eye opening to you. Now here goes.

10 Best Small Investment ideas for Low Income Earners


This has to do with buying share from companies that pay dividends. The dividend is the profit that the company made by doing business with the money you invested, and you are paid dividend as long as you are a shareholder in the company.

Most companies pay their shareholders dividends biannually or annually or every quarter of the year. You can buy small shares from the company and reinvest your dividend; with time, you can grow a big investment portfolio.


This is a side investment a low income earner can start. This business has to do with getting products that you will send via mail to buyers on order. If you have a full time job, you can run this as a part time business and ask your supplier to drop ship to the destination of your buyer on your behalf.

This way, you won’t need to buy the product and keep, all you need is to print and share a catalogue for your products and also to have a payment system where people can pay for products they ordered for.


If writing is your passion, you can invest your time to writing eBooks. These days, you don’t need a publishing company to publish your books as the online platform has made it easy for people to publish their books with ease. You can publish your eBooks on Smashwords, Kindle or Tradebit platform and make passive income from them. If you are not a good writing, you can pay freelance writers to write the books as ghost writers.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is another business a low income earner can start. In affiliate marketing, you help other people sell their products and services and you get paid for each sale you make. Try to focus on just products you like as it will be easier to sell them than it will be to sale products you are not used to or try yourself.

5. Rental Business

You can invest small amount to buy usable products which you will rent out to people for a small fee. There was a story of a girl that made millions of dollars by renting clothes she no longer wore to people for a fee. With time she started adding to her collection of clothes and today she has over a hundred thousand wears for hire. You too can start out something similar to this and make money from it.


This type of business is similar to affiliate marketing. With direct sales, you not only get paid for the sales you make for the company, you get paid to invite people as referrals to join the company as a down liner under you. Apart from the initial registration fee, there is no other investment needed to start this business.

7. Fixed Deposit Account Investment

If you can save up the amount required to have a fixed deposit account, you can invest in and earn up to 15% of your capital per annum as long as the money is fixed. One good side of fixed deposit investment is that the interest on your fixed amount is guaranteed, unlike other business that you are not guarantee of profits.


This business is kind of risky if not done the proper way. It involves lending small sums to people around you that needs instant cash for a short period of time and they pay back the money with interest. You have to get the person taking the money to sign a bond that he collected the said amount, and has agreed to pay back with the interest.

Always collect collateral worth more than the amount you are giving to the people, so that you can recover your money in a situation where the person fails to pay at the agreed time. If done well, this business can get to consistent income.


If you have vast knowledge on a particular topic and you don’t mind sharing it online, you can start a blog. You can make a massive passive income from blogging as your followers increase. To start a blog, you need to invest in getting a domain name, which you can get for as little as $10 a year; also you need to get hosting plan to host your site. There are some hosting sites that charge as little as $5 a month for hosting.

You don’t need to know how to design a website to start blogging as, some sites like WordPress has made it easy for people without web design knowledge to create a website with ease. After you build your site, start adding valuable contents to the site daily to attract targeted traffic, you can create a product to sale to your readers later.

10. Online Freelancing

If you have knowledge of how to do a particular thing, like writing, graphics designing, programming, and what have you, you can start a freelancing business online. There are many freelancing sites online that allows you to place bids on jobs posted on the site or create gigs to showcase the services you offer.

When a client orders for the services, the person pays the sites and the site holds the money in escrow and when you are done with the gig, the money is transferred to your account. What you need is knowledge of the services you offer, computer and internet connection to get started as a freelancer.

There you have it folks. These are investment steps that have helped a lot of people. You too may consider holding these tips dearly so as to become successful in the investment world.