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19 Best Places to Buy Gold Testing Kit Online

Do you want to buy gold testing kits in the United States? Here are the top places you can buy gold testing kits online and offline. Gold as we all know is a very precious element found deep inside the Earth. It is slightly reddish-golden, bright and delicate yet dense, and feels premium when in its most genuine form.

For everyday use, pure gold is too soft to be worn. Therefore, it is alloyed with other base metals like copper, silver, nickel or zinc, etc. This gives gold the needed durability. As a standard measure of its purity, ‘Karat’ (k) is the recognized symbol.

Gold is very valuable, which makes testing for its purity very paramount. No matter the reason, gold testing techniques have been around for ages. Ideally, there are three types of gold testers. Each one will do a different type of test on the gold to help you check out the quality and to see if the gold is real. The three main types of testers include magnet, acid, and electric.

According to experts, the electric tester is often the best one as it allows you to test if there is any gold in the product without ruining the product. Since many gold products have some other metals in them, this is a good method to see how much of the product is gold, without ruining any of it like the acid tester.

Note that the magnet tester may struggle if there are any other metals within the product because those will be attracted to the magnet, even if the gold is not and it is difficult to tell how much of each is to blame. The best gold testers out there will help you gain some vital information. Gold, platinum as well as other such precious metals are measured to determine whether they are genuine or not.

Simply put, an electronic gold tester measures the electrical current passing through it. You clean the piece in such a way that one spot remains on the testing board and the other side remains on the top so the sensor can test. A probe pen has some kind of a non-toxic gel that releases onto the sample that is being tested. Battery current then passes through it to finally give the exact reading – in other words, the Karat reading.

Have it in mind there is no destruction or marking left while testing and the process is environment-friendly as well as safe even if you have kids around as opposed to acid testing. Howbeit, always remember that any gold tester that you are planning on purchasing must have at least a 9 percent accuracy rate. Low-cost testers are appealing but they are not always a worthy choice.

However, consider your particular requirement – investing in something inexpensive and budget-friendly can still be considered. So, the accuracy rate, price as well as your personal need governs what device you must go for. 

What are the Best Places to Buy Gold Testing Kit?

  1. Walmart

This is indeed one of the largest online shopping malls in the US. They have a broad range of products under the categories of office, electronics, books, movies, home, music, clothing, furniture, toys, pharmaceutical, jewelry tools, and more.

  1. Amazon

It’s one of the best and biggest online shopping sites in the US and around the world. It’s an online site where you can buy anything you like. From beauty stuff to sports material, grocery, trending products to clothing items, shoes to furniture, Amazon has everything you need.

  1. Beadsnice

A Guangzhou-based company, Beadsnice is one of the top wholesale suppliers of jewelry making supplies in the United States. Its real name is Guangzhou Yabead Jewellery Co. Ltd., and it is a China-based company. Its website, is designed intuitively, and it allows you to make your orders online with ease. The website also gives you access to the full portfolio of products sold by the company which includes jewelry accessories, tools, and any other jewelry products.

  1. Etsy

It’s well known as one of the best online shopping sites in the US. Etsy works on a whole new concept from others, which works on a peer-to-peer model. This online site also sells different types of products that include clothing, jewelry designs, accessories, tools, craft supplies, items for your home, and much more. It’s a 1-stop destination for exceptional handicraft products.

  1. Dhgate

Dhgate is yet another leading wholesaler of jewelry making supplies. It is Chinese-based, and this online market opens your world out to more possibilities in jewelry making with its wide range of supplies needed in making exquisite jewelry pieces. Note that this wholesale supplier of jewelry supplies offers only the highest quality varieties. Their delivery services are reliable, and they ship to all parts of the world.

  1. Alibaba

Alibaba is also one of the popular online shopping portals and it lets you purchase a large number of products from its portal. It is an enormously popular website amongst the masses and one that has been extensively used as well. Once you have placed your order, the procedure and the payment methods are fairly convenient and you will easily have access to the items that you have ordered

  1. Halstead Beads

If you are seeking for a wholesale supplier of jewelry-making supplies in the US, you might want to try out Halstead. Halstead is not only a local company, but it’s also family-run. It’s known for its high-quality designs, as well as the widest range of jewelry-making supplies from findings and charms to chains, beads and strings, metals, and tools needed in the trade.

Whether you’re looking for adhesives and gauges, pliers, testing kits, cutters, hammers, files, abrasives, casting supplies, polishing, riveting, packaging, setting, soldering, sawing, or metal smithing tools, Halstead’s got you. Metals sold include solders, tubing, casting grain, sheets, and wires.

  1. China Brands

China Brands is one of the largest e-commerce websites based in China. This site sells some of the best supplies necessary in jewelry making at the best wholesale rates. The website gives you access to the widest variety of jewelry accessories and jewelry making tools in different designs, and you could also buy finished jewelry pieces in wholesale.

Aside from the wide product variety, China Brands also boasts of a loyalty program for its customers who earn CB points whenever they buy jewelry or any other products from the website. The good news is that the points you earn could be converted into money to be used in your next purchase

  1. Rio Grande

The Rio Grande shows its deep belief and confidence in jewelers from across the world by offering them only the best quality supplies and tools needed in the making of jewelry. RioGrande’s website is designed to meet the needs of all jewelry designers and artists thanks to its large display of wholesale jewelry making tools, accessories, and supplies.

  1. EBay

eBay is a website where any random person is free to sell off their goods and at the same time, new comers are welcome to sell brand new goods. Thus, at times, one may come across the weirdest of goods that are sold online. Go ahead and find whatever you want on eBay. If you haven’t found it anywhere else in the world, then chances are that you will find it on eBay.

  1. Vision Engineering, Inc.

Vision Engineering is a manufacturer and supplier of custom and standard inspection, magnification, and measurement equipment for the jewelry making industry. Applications include stone setting, jewelry making, gemstone appraisals, and diamond grading. It offers digital inspection and magnification systems, non-contact measurement systems, and imaging and measurement software. Cleaning, calibration, technical and application support, and training services are available.

  1. Paragon Industries LP

This company is a manufacturer of standard and custom electric jewelry making kilns; including equipment for testing, investment casting, and metal clay firing applications. Products are available with temperature ratings up to 2350 degrees F. Available in different sizes and configurations. Manual and automatic control options are available and can be customized with quartz windows, mercury relays, solid state relays, fiber lids, and other features.

  1. Reimers Electra Steam, Inc.

They are known as a manufacturer and distributor of standard & custom jewelry equipment & supplies for jewelry cleaning. Types available include steam boilers, testers, and cleaners. All equipment meets ASME requirements. Products are UL® & CSA® listed. Products are available with 1 year parts warranty.

  1. Southwest Tool Svs. Inc.

Well, a renowned distributor of cafeteria equipment, medical equipment & supplies, jewelry making equipment & supplies, & jewelers’ tools, equipment & supplies. Equipment includes cutting tools, carbide tools, abrasives, measuring tools, testing kits, hand tools, power tools, chemicals & fluids, fasteners, & machinery. Services include technical support, product crossovers, certified tooling, integration, print design, coating prototypes, gages & fixtures, tool vending, Kanban, national & international shipping.

  1. G-S Supplies, Inc.

This company also manufactures and distributes jewelry making equipment & supplies. Various products include flex shaft rotary tools, test kits, saw blades, wax carvers, spatulas, mini-buffs, mandrel sets, hand and twist drills, vises, pliers, mallets, files, soldering tools, tweezers, scissors, and precision adhesives

  1. L & R Manufacturing Co.

ISO 9001 certified custom manufacturer and distributor of jewelers’ equipment & supplies including ultrasonic cleaning systems. Jeweler’s equipment is available in various models with specifications including 43 kHz output frequency.

17. Ney Metals & Alloys

This is a manufacturer and supplier of jewelry making equipment and supplies including jewelers’ metals. Works with various alloys including custom spin cast and lead-free pewter (Britannia), special and centrifugal spin casting, zinc spin casting silicone mold, tin zinc solder, and lead and lead-free solder alloys. Available in various specifications and Made in the USA.

  1. Mass Automation

They are a custom manufacturer of jewelry equipment & supplies including vacuum pickers, vibratory feeding systems, air blow-off equipment, glue and solvent systems, servo and stepper positioning units, metal test kits, rotary tables, conveying systems, vision inspection systems, laser measuring systems, destructive testing equipment, and data collection systems. Capabilities include CAD designing, milling, lathes work, welding, fabrication, and PLC programming.

  1. Dazor Corp.

Their products include lighted magnifiers, task lights, video microscopes, jewelry and gemmological equipment, tubes and bulbs, closeouts, and replacement parts. Markets served include industrial, medical, dental, laboratories, education, salon and spa, jewelry, low vision, hobby, and craft, home and office.