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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Kwara

Kwara state is one of the 36 states in Nigeria, it is located in the North Central part of the country and the capital of the state is Ilorin. Kwara state was created on the 27th of May, 1967 and the nick name of the state is ‘The Home of Harmony’. The major ethnic groups dominant in Kwara state is the Yoruba race and other minor ethnic groups are the Hausa – Fulani tribe, the Nupe people and the Bariba people.

Kwara state shares border with Niger state, Kogi state, Osun state and International border with The Republic of Benin. The languages that are commonly spoken in Kwara state are English and Yoruba. Kwara state is one of the states in Nigeria where Gold can be found in commercial quantities. Other minerals resources found in Kwara state are; limestone, marble, clay, quartz, granite rocks and kaolin.

Just like most states in Nigeria, Agriculture is also the main source of revenue for people in Kwara state. The state is notable for the cultivation of principal cash crops like coffee, tobacco, cotton, Kolanut, palm fruits and beniseed et al. Kwara state has the presence of big industries that are major employers of labor; industries like Dangote Flour Mill, Kwara Breweries, Kwara Textile, Kwara Furniture Company, Kwara Paper Converters Producing Limited, Kwara animal Feed Mill, Okin Foam factory, Ijagbo Global Soap and Detergent industries amongst many others.

Let us quickly consider the top 10 business opportunities available in Kwara state;

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Kwara State

1. Mechanized Farming

As a matter of fact, Nigeria is still a thriving ground for mechanized farming and Kwara state is ideal for this type of business. If you are looking towards starting your own mechanized farming, then you should consider Kwara state as one of your farm locations. There are varieties of crops you can cultivate in Kwara state. If you choose to concentrate only on coffee farming, you will still make a fortune because coffee can be exported from Nigeria to other parts of the world.

2. Mining Business

If you are looking towards establishing your own mining company in Nigeria, Kwara state should be an ideal location for you because of the presence of highly saleable mineral resources like gold, limestone, marble, clay, quartz, granite rocks and kaolin. It is important to state that you would require license and permits from both the Federal Government and the State Government before you can be allowed to mine any mineral in Nigeria.

3. Haulage Business

Haulage business is yet another viable and profitable business an investor can setup in Kwara state. There are loads of merchants that purchase their goods from Kwara state, especially flour from Dangote flour Mill, Kwara Breweries, Kwara Textile, Kwara Furniture Company, Kwara Paper Converters Producing Limited, and Kwara animal Feed Mill. All you need to do is to negotiate with these merchants so that you can help them transport their goods from the factories in Kwara state to their choice location. It is indeed a cool way to make cash in Kwara state.

4. Petrol Filling Station

Although there are appreciable number of petrol stations in Kwara state especially in the state Capital, but these petrol station aren’t enough. If you are looking for a business to setup in Kwara state, you can consider opening your own petrol filling station in Kwara state and you will be surely make good returns on your investment.

5. Printing Press

Printing press is another business that can thrive in Kwara state. Therefore, if you are looking for a business to investing in Kwara state, then you should consider establishing your own standard printing press in Kwara state. The truth is that, if you are good, you will win printing contracts from the government and that alone will be a major boost for your business.

6. Poultry Farm Business

If you are interested in the poultry business, then you should consider setting up a poultry farm in Kwara state. You can choose a location in the outskirt of Ilorin to build your poultry and you will still make good returns on your investment. Poultry farm is indeed a profitable business to start in Kwara state.

7. Furniture Making Company

Furniture making is yet another interesting business you can start in Kwara state. Although you would have to contend with the state government because they have their own furniture company – Kwara Furniture Company, but if you are good with what you do, you will sure have good returns for your investment. You can target homes and private institutions to market your furniture.

8. Corporate Cleaning Business

The presence of loads of corporate organizations in Kwara state makes corporate cleaning business a viable business to setup in Kwara state. If you are good with marketing, you will secure mouth watering deals with both private and government organizations in Kwara state.

9. Corporate Catering Business

Another workable business that an entrepreneur can launch in Kwara state is corporate catering business of the companies in Kwara state prefers contracting their catering to a third part company. If you are well positioned, you can secure a couple of corporate catering deals with major companies in Kwara state. But in other to maintain the deal, you must strive to maintain high standard or else you will be replaced once the staff starts complaining.

10. Law Firm

If you are a lawyer and are looking towards opening your law firm, you can consider opening it in Ilorin the Kwara state capital. Even though there are numerous law firms in Kwara state, but more are still needed. In order to attract clients to your law firm, you must be good at what you do and you must ensure that your office is located in a busy business district in Ilorin or even in Offa.

There you have it; the top ten business opportunities available to investors in looking towards investing in Kwara state.