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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Rivers

There are thirty six states in Nigeria and Rivers state happens to be one of the states that make it up. It is located in the south southern part of Nigeria. The census data which was released in 2006, states that Rivers has the population of about 5,185,400 people and this makes the sixth most populous state in Nigeria. The capital of Rivers is Port Harcourt and it has been adjudged as the centre on Nigeria’s oil industry.

Rivers state is bounded the side by the Atlantic ocean, to the west by Bayelsa and Delta state, to the north by Imo, Abia and Anambra states, and the east by Akwa Ibom state. There are several ethnic groups, amongst which is: Opobo, igbani, Ikwerre, Etche, Kalabari, Ogoni, Ogba, as well as many others.

The name Rivers state was realized as a result of the many Rivers that borders its territory. It was formed in 1967. Until 1996 it had Bayelsa state contained in it. This is one state that shows the rich culture of the people as well the affluence that can be seen in the state as a result of the fact that it is an oil producing state.

The state has a vast reserve for crude oil and natural gas, and as a result it has two oil refineries. It also has two major airports, sea ports, and major industrial estates, amongst others. Prior to the discovery of oil in 1951, Agriculture was the primary occupation of the people. Some of the crops produced include; yam, cassava, cocoyam, maize, rice, and beans. It is also rich in palm oil and kernel.

If starting a business in Rivers is your ambition, then you may want to look at investing in some of the business ideas stated below.

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Rivers

1. Palm oil Production

Since Rivers state is one of the highest producers of palm oil, it only becomes natural for one who is ready to invest to key into this. You may consider buying some palm tree plantations that are available so that you can be in control of things. Be sure to scout for a ready supply chain so that no sooner that you produce, you are sure to make sales.

2. Oil Servicing Company

If you have an engineering background, or have always had a penchant for the oil industry, then you can look to start an oil servicing company. There is lots of this type of companies in Rivers- especially Port Harcourt. You too can position yourself to make some good profit from this line of business.

3. Chemical Industry

There are some chemical based products that are readily got from petroleum products. You may consider starting a chemical based industry, since you can easily get raw petroleum materials in the state. Some of the things you can produce include; car oils, engine oils, as well as other chemical based products.

4. Consignment Business

The popular second hand goods called ‘ Okrika’ to a large extent started in Rivers state- since it is the state housing the Okrika people. You may consider importing some fairly used products that would be of immense benefit to the people. Some of the products you may consider include; clothes, shoes, gadgets, electronics, as well as other things.

5. Boutique Business

Despite the fact that some people may be in love with purchasing fair used products, it is also a fact that there are wealthy people in Rivers who do not look in the direction of used products. You can decide to invest in brand new clothes business. Some of the countries products that can be easily purchased by your clients include clothes made in the united states of America, The United Kingdom, Canada, Dubai as well as China.

6. Cinema

The people of rivers work really hard- especially the oil workers. And so, they also like to really relax a lot. It is for that reason that some cinemas have sprung up. You too may consider starting a cinema. Because this business is capital intensive, therefore you have got to make it a point of duty to equip the place with some state of the art gizmos that can help boost the ambience of your cinema.

7. Relaxation Spot

If you have the funds required to start a relaxation spot, then you may consider starting this business. You would need to make your lounge as attractive as possible so that you may attract the best of clients.

8. Hotels

There are five star hotels scattered all over the city of Port Harcourt. These hotels to a large extent make great profit. You can invest in the idea of starting a hotel. If you do not have the required fund to start a five start, then you can look at starting a four start hotel.

9. Cleaning Business

There are expatriates in the city of Port Harcourt who may not have the luxury of time to clean up their apartments. It is as a result of this that some cleaning companies have emerged. You can start your own cleaning company with the best equipments. Be sure to also add laundry services to your list.

10. Restaurant Business

If you are great with cooking, then it would be an easy way for you to start a restaurant business. You must be able to locate your business in a strategic location where profit can be assured. This requires not much capital as you can start it with little funds.

If you have the capital and are ready to really start a business, then you have got to look at starting it in Rivers state. Those who have started and are successful are those who know that Rome was not built in a day.