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50 Best Small Business ideas You Can Start in USA

Do you want to start a business in USA with low risk and high profit? If YES, here are 50 small business ideas and investment opportunities in USA.

Starting a business isn’t a luxury but a necessity for anyone whose aim in life is to make good money and become a millionaire fast. This is one of the reasons why you have got to look at starting a business in the United States of America.

The ground is so fertile and there are loads of people to patronize you. Even though entrepreneurs complain of the heavy taxes they are subjected to pay, it cannot be compared with doing business in some other countries. Here are some very lucrative business ideas to look at:

Best Business ideas and Investment Opportunities

States: California | Texas | Florida | Illinois | New York

Start a Food Truck Business

This is one lucrative business that can rake in good returns on investment in any part of the world. In the United States the case isn’t different as you can set up a food truck business without hassle.

  1. Dog Grooming Business

These days more than ever before people are taking to pet related businesses. The Dog grooming trade is one way to break into the pet industry. This is because dogs are always in high demands in all parts of the United States of America.

  1. Dog Daycare Business

Just like the grooming part of a dog’s business, the day care part of the deal also requires that you deal one on one with dogs. However the dog day care type of business tends towards the general wellbeing of the dog. From the feeding, to grooming, to paying attention to the health of the dogs in your care and all what not.

  1. Bitcoins Business

When the bitcoins business first broke, some people weren’t sure of the lucrative nature of the business. However, as time went by and with the magnitude of result being yielded, people are taking to this trade at all times.

  1. Adult daycare Business

Some folks irrespective of the fact that they are all grown and are called adults may not be disposed to take care of themselves. This is especially hinged on the fact that they may be ill and stricken to do so. If you have a passion of being a caregiver to such a class of people, then you can look to start this business.

  1. Car Rental Business

Car Rental Business

Cars all over the world aren’t a luxury but a necessity. There are times however when some people may be in need of car services. This is where a car rental business comes to fore. Be sure you understudy an expert who can make you learn all the ropes within time.

  1. Bakery Business

Bakery Business

From wheat flour, to corn flour, and to other forms of flour, people just love to eat baked meals. This is one of the reasons why you may want to consider starting a bakery business. Before you start out it is vital garner all the necessary information that you will need along the line.

  1. Gift basket Business

There various forms of gift related businesses and the gift basket business is yet a form of it. One of the unique things about starting this business is the fact that you get to p
lay a role in the whole process of putting a smile on the face of the one whom the gift is for. You can run a through and exhaustive research before you commence.

  1. Film Production Business

Every day blockbuster movies are being churned out and those who are the helms of affair when it comes to film production are doing all they can to see that great movies are produced. You too can join the bandwagon when you start a film production business. You do not need any qualification to join the train.

  1. Graphics Design Business

If you are arts inclines and are looking for an arts related business to start, then you can look into the graphics design business. One of the good things about this business is that you can acquire the skills that is involved from the scratch and then expand on what you have learnt

  1. Grocery Store Business

Groceries are amongst the basic things that American’s cannot do without. Therefore, starting a business in this line would be the right step in the right direction. Good news is that starting this business isn’t a herculean task. What is more, you can be sure to get good returns on your investment.

  1. Gym Business

Fitness has always been a source of concern to Americans. This is because of the high rate of cancer that continues to ravage people. If you are a fitness and health enthusiast, then you can look towards starting a gym related business. You will need to have enough finance to equip your gym center.

  1. Hotshot Business

Hotshot Trucking Business

The Hotshot business have come a long way and have continued to guarantee good returns on investment. If you think you have a passion for this kind of business, then it would just be nice for you to first of all undertake a research, and then write a realistic business plan that will aid you to start well.

  1. Internet Radio Business

If you are interested in going into the internet radio business, then you should be conversant with the fact that it is a different kettle of fish from the traditional radio business – especially as the source for your internet radio business is a computer.

Before starting this business, you should know what topics you would need to discuss to appeal to your target market, and what kinds of business you would be concentrating on.

  1. Janitorial Business

You can run this business from your home or a commercial location, starting with only a minimal investment. Your highest startup expenses may be for things that include carpet cleaners and floor buffers. Learn how to clean efficiently and quickly.

You may do this by perfecting your techniques when you clean your own home, offering to clean friends’ and family members’ places of business for free or working for a janitorial company before starting your business.

  1. Jewelry line Business

Sourcing for materials to use for your jewelry line business will mean you looking for reliable suppliers and getting your materials in bulk so as to cut down on overhead cost, and make your jewelry affordable. You would also need to create an inventory system for your materials so that you could be alerted when they run low.

  1. Mobile car wash Business

Mobile auto car wash eliminates the need for a physical business location, therefore limiting start-up costs considerably. Start a mobile car detailing business with inexpensive supplies and tools and grow as needs arise.

As a mobile detailer, you will perform jobs in customer parking lots, driveways and garages, giving you the advantage of visibility for marketing purposes. The downside includes not being able to work outdoors in inclement weather and the limitations of having to travel with all necessary tools and supplies, including large quantities of water.

  1. Party Rental Business

Party Rental Business

party rental business is indeed a good way to make extra money and in the long run can turn into a lucrative, full-time business. While it is a business that can be started from home, which can begin by   renting the equipment that is needed to set up the parties.

Eventually, however, you are going to want to get your own supplies that can be rented to those who are planning on having parties.

  1. Pizza Delivery business

Starting a pizza delivery business is a profitable business venture, and can yield a high profit margin for any entrepreneur who is serious about the business. With pizza, you get to be creative as well as learn how to cook.

You would also need to be as creative as your mind can possibly conceive; pizzas come with different options such as chicken pizzas, Hawaiian pizzas, Italian sausage pizzas, barbecue pizzas, as well as other traditional cheese, and hamburger pizzas.

  1. Nursing Home Business

Home nursing business is a growing field with increasing demand driven by an aging population. Today’s healthcare offers more forms of surgeries, interventions, and elective procedures–often leaving patients needing temporary home nursing care.

In addition, members of the elderly population who don’t want to leave their homes for an assisted living facility or nursing home often elect ongoing home nursing care. For an entrepreneur looking to get into the home nursing market, establishing the business is usually more challenging than finding a customer base.

  1. Poultry farm Business

Poultry Farming Business

Starting a poultry farm might appear easy but starting it as a business too is something entirely different. This means that you are not only just a chicken farmer but an entrepreneur as well.

Starting this business you would need to define your target market. And the part of the chicken industry you intend to go into. The chicken industry has two main parts; Layers, where the chickens bred also lay or produce eggs, or Broilers, where chicken are bred mainly for meat.

  1. Pressure Washing Business

Pressure Washing Business

In starting this business, you would need experience or a professional training. Some states might require that you obtain a contractor’s license as well as prove your educational and experience claims. Apart from getting training from working with other pressure washing companies, you could also take the route of getting a certificate from continuing or trade schools.

  1. Private Equity Business

Private equity business is a business firm consists of investors and funds that make investments directly into private companies or conduct buyouts of public companies. The capital that is raised from investors, whether retail or institutional, can be used in a number of ways.

It is often used to invest in or to fund new technologies, expand working capital within an owned company, to make acquisitions or to strengthen a balance sheet. It is not unusual for large private equity transactions to take place.

  1. Private Military Business

Start a Private Military Company

Floating a private military company is a little bit challenging simply because of the various huddles and governmental challenges you need to scale through before you can be issued license from the United States government.

You are expected to have a sound military background, relevant certifications and clean criminal records. Once you are able to secure your license, you will still be expected to abide by the rules and regulations governing the business or else your license will be revoked and your company shot down.

  1. Insurance Agency Business

The idea of creating a niche to grow your book of business for insurance agents is certainly not a new idea. However, It is often heard from insurance agents wanting to find their niche market, but unsure of where to start.

  1. Tomato Farming Business

Tomato Farming Business

Starting a tomato farming business is a rewarding business that is not too expensive to start up. However, before you start your tomatoes business, find out what kind of tomatoes people usually want. This information can be gotten from those who supply seeds, as they will be able to tell you what is popular and what isn’t.

Also, they will let you know the varieties that sell well; however, you will also need to ensure that the seeds you finally pick will grow well in your climate.

  1. Woodworking Business

Starting a woodworking business is a great way to turn a hobby you enjoy into a money-making venture. Wood items are popular and make great decorations and gifts. But starting a business involves more than creating wooden objects. It requires research and planning particularly in marketing and business management.

  1. Repo Business

Repo Business With Tow Truck

Before starting your own repo business, you need to acquire experience. In fact, some states or countries require that individuals seeking to start a repo business have one or two years of experience. You can get this by working for an established repo agency.

  1. Fish farming Business

Fish Farm Business

Delving into the fish farming business means that you must have knowledge about the business. Why is this important you just might ask? This is especially important because you do not want to come across as a dullard who is in business. You can start out by carrying out a thorough research on the internet.

  1. Organic farming Business

A lot of people because of health reason are opting for only organic products. These products take time to mature unlike the hybrid counterpart. If you have a penchant for healthy living, you may then consider starting an organic farm business.

  1. Shipping Business

Shipping Business

The major factor that encourages to venture into this industry is its viability as a profitable venture. The lucrative nature of the industry is unparalleled and it’s indeed one of the few industries in the world which has the highest number of turnover in terms of profit and otherwise.

  1. Real estate Investment Business

Real estate investment is a very attractive avenue for wealth building, as there are few other business opportunities where the potential for income is so high. However, it can be a very risky endeavor to step out on your own and jump into a volatile market.

Navigating the financial and legal issues surrounding real estate investment can be an incredible hassle. Still, thousands of people are doing it every day and the smart ones are coming out on top.

  1. Credit Repair Business

To start a credit repair business is simple and your timing couldn’t be better. A credit repair business has unlimited profit potential and a low start-up cost.

This industry identifies errors in credit reporting and disputes inaccurate information with the appropriate organizations to improve credit ratings. These services are typically undertaken on behalf of a client who has known credit problems, such as a recent bankruptcy.

  1. Transportation Business

To start a transportation business in the United States, one needs to know which aspect of the transportation business he or she would want to go into.

The transportation business in the United States of America encompasses different types such as limousine or taxi servicecourier service, medical transportation, auto transport business, charter/bus Company and trucking. Each type comes with a lot of hurdles, so it is best if you chose one that doesn’t have a lot of competition in the area you wish to start operating from.

  1. Freelance Writing Business

It’s very possible to become either a full-time freelance writer earning a living, or to be a part-time freelancer supplementing a regular paid income.

Another role is to simply do it for fun or to build up a broader portfolio of skills. In this article, you’ll get the basics on what it takes to ease your way into freelance writing as a career or to be put properly, turn your writing hobby into a career that doesn’t affect your day job.

  1. Homeless Shelter Business

Open a Homeless Shelter

Homeless shelters also house asylum seekers from other countries and provide outreach to people who choose not to make use of a shelter or who are unable to use the shelter. The outreach that is provided includes provision of items of food and provision of clothing for people that are housed.

  1. Arts and Crafts Business

Art and Craft Business ideas

If you have ever had a heart to heart business talk with a business expert, chances are that you may have been intimated on the point that being wealthy isn’t about working and earning wages at the end of the week or month.

It is about having various streams of income. Being wealthy and successful is no child’s play at all. As a matter of fact being wealthy has a lot to do with how many businesses you have and how much profit you are able to rake in after a period.

  1. Clothing Store

Clothing Store Business

The clothing store (boutique) industry comprises of small retail stores that sells a limited range of clothing and accessories.

The industry is defined as single-establishment stores only. Clothing stores (boutiques) can be strictly designer based (i.e. only one designer’s collection is sold there), or they may sell a mix of designers’ labels (brands) that are specifically catered to the local market.

  1. Chiropractic Business

There are several businesses that revolve around medicine. This means that if you have the penchant for going into a medical related business, then you may want to consider the chiropractic business. This trade has been in existence for centuries.

You may want to consider this business by first learning all that needs to be learnt before venturing into the trade. This is o that you are not found wanting in any area.

  1. Pest Control Business

Pest Control Business

If you are thinking of starting a business that can guarantee you steady income, then one of your options is to consider starting pest control business.

Pest control businesses is a business that is involved in removing or eradicating potentially harmful insects, rodent and reptiles from, farms, commercial and residential properties. These days more than ever before in the world, more and more people are conscious of eradicating things that might bring ill health to them. So you will find that it is a very good business to start.

  1. Screen Printing Business

The screen printing business is some kind of business that anyone who wishes to make good money from should look up to.

This is because of the level of profit that can be acquired in this trade. If you are looking to start this business, then you have to be sure that you have ample time to learn the trade. One of things that will make you stand out in this venture is the level of know- how that you exhibit.

  1. Greenhouse Commercial Business

The agricultural industry of which greenhouse farming business is a subset of is no doubt amongst the leading industries in most countries of the world. It is the industry that produces food for the populace and raw materials for industries.

Because of the significant role the agriculture sector plays, the government of most countries ensures that they go all the way to subsidize seedlings, fertilizers, and farming implements and machinery for farmers and also encourage entrepreneurs to go into greenhouse commercial farming business.

  1. Non- Medical Emergency Transportation Business

Non-Medical Transportation Business

If you are looking to start a business that can guarantee good returns on your investment, then you can look no further, as a non- emergency medical transportation business can do just that. This is one business that has produced millionaires.

However you have got to take all the necessary steps that wouldn’t cause you to fail. These steps more often than not are deliberate measures that will help you stay relevant as you choose to build this business.

  1. Auto-Repair Shop

Auto Repair Business

All over the globe, the auto repair business is such that is important. This is because of the need to have cars fixed. One of the things that must be done before even commencing this type of business is learning all that is required to be known in the auto repairs business. This means that you will be required to go and garner some good skills in this light.

  1. Aquaponics Business

If you have been looking to start a business that is agriculture related, then you may want to consider starting an aquaponics business.

This is one area of trade that sure can guarantee good returns on your investment. However, just before you begin to build this business, it becomes expedient that you garner all the knowledge and skills that you are required to, so that you do not start out on the wrong footing.

  1. Funeral Home Business

Funeral Home Business

If you are in need of a business that will always provide services that would never go into extinction, then delving into the funeral home business should be a business you need to consider.

Although most people would rather do some other form of businesses rather than opt for funeral business because of its delicate and emotional nature. However, fact remains that this business is a money spinner and it will always stand the test of time.

  1. Hot Dog cart business

Hot dogs can make a pleasant meal. In fact there are people who are addicted to it. They could have it over and over again. This is why those who are in the business have continued to make good money. Opening a hot dog cart might be one of the best moves to make.

This is hinged on the fact that there are a whole lot of people who are into the consumption of it. Starting a hot dog cart business doesn’t cost a fortune, as you can start with some small amount of cash and then grow with it.

  1. Solar panel repair business

The solar panel repair business isn’t for everyone. This is because it has a very technical aspect that requires lot of patience and handwork. If you do not have a penchant for technology, then you may want to look elsewhere. However, if you do have a passion then you will excel in this trade.

  1. Consignment Business

The consignment business dates back from time immemorial. It is a very profitable business that can guarantee nearly a 100 percent profit. It is pretty easy to start and it doesn’t require an expertise. All you need to do is have zeal to want to pursue the business.

  1. Cupcake Business

There are cake addicts all over the globe and the United States of America isn’t left out/. As a matter of fact it is one of the countries where cakes are consumed. Therefore the American market would serve a great medium for profit.

  1. Phone Repair Business

People would always encounter issues with their mobile phones and that is why you can pick the trade of a phone repairer up. First rule of thumb before starting out is to acquire a phone repair skills. This is so because you will need to be at the top of your game to attract the best clients that can pay a premium for the service you render.