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50 Best Seasonal Business ideas You Can Start Today

Doing Business in Rainy Season

Do you want to start a business and make money from trends/seasons all year round? If YES, here are 50 best lucrative seasonal small business ideas.

Starting a seasonal business is great especially if you are on the lookout to earn extra money and not be bothered about running a full scale business all year round. Seasonal businesses are businesses that you can run for some months in a year and make quick money from it, and then you take the rest of the year to do something else you are passionate about.

This doesn’t mean though that you cannot package your business in such a way that you are able to run a different business as the season changes.

If you are innovative and enterprising, you can make money all year long by switching to lucrative business as each season kicks in thereby guaranteeing you steady income all year long.

There are various seasonal business opportunities that are available, depending on the scale you wish to start and your budget.

Even if your idea tends towards agriculture or decoration, as long as it booms in the season you are in and you’ve got a lot of passion for the business, then you really do not have that much of a problem.

If you need a lucrative business idea that is seasonal in nature then you might need to consider some of these businesses that are listed below.

Best Seasonal Small Business ideas

Business ideas and Opportunities Based on Seasons of the Year

A. Summer

B. Winter

C. Rainy Season and Others

Business ideas and Opportunities Based on Time of Day
Business ideas and Opportunities Based on Holidays

A. Easter

B. Christmas

C. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Business ideas and Opportunities Based on Events

I. Valentine’s Day

II. Halloween

III. Sporting Events

  1. Boat Rentals

Boat Rental Business

If you have small and motorized boats, then renting them out could be a very lucrative business. There are a number of people that your boats can be rented to – fishermen, tourists, and explorers.

This is a business is good for the summer and can be operated either from a rented dock facility or land-based, from the back of a trailer.

Either way, it is a good opportunity at making money during the summer. To create awareness for this kind of business, you would need to create colorful brochures that contain information about your boat rentals and the packages attached.

  1. Yard Cleanup

Everyone loves to have a yard but not everyone can take care of their yards. Some do not have the time, while others are averse to any kind of menial tasks or having to handle heavy equipment.

There are many kinds of activities that can be done during a yard cleanup, which could include trimming the trees and bushes or cleaning up after a storm or flood.

You have to seize the right opportunity to carry out a yard cleanup at the season you are likely to make more money from, which is during the autumn.

You can advertise your services by going round your neighborhood and telling homeowners with yards on how you can help them clean up for a fee.

  1. Christmas Cookie Delivery

Who doesn’t love a hot cookie during Christmas especially if these cookies are delivered to where it is convenient for the client?

If you have been trying your hand at different cookie recipes all summer and autumn, and have had friends and family members rave about your cookies, then you should seize the opportunity during winter to start a cookie delivery business.

Cookies are seen as a great treat during Christmases but not everyone can bake. You would need to advertise your services to clients by dropping fliers at restaurants and other spots where people are likely to hang out.

  1. Easter Lamb Business

If you are thinking of a suitable business idea for spring, then starting an Easter lamb business might be something worth considering.

You have to start your lambing way before spring comes, so you can sell them off before Easter is over, that way no loss comes to your business.

This kind of business needs to be started in like six months back and with the next Easter date fixed in mind so as not to start too early or late. You would need to own a butchery so you could butcher the lambs and sell to stores, food marts and restaurants.

  1. May Day Baskets

May Day baskets are usually delivered to senior citizens and older folks as part of tradition. It is something that has been in existence for years and is usually carried out during the spring.

Most people love to surprise older folks with a May Day basket that is usually filled with flowers or goodies; however not all have the time to get the baskets and arrange the flowers to be delivered.

This is easily a business opportunity for you. Identify organizations or private owned businesses that engage in this act and tell them of your service in helping arrange and even delivering the baskets for a fee.

  1. Christmas Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Farming Business

If you’ve got an acre that is just sitting there and you have no idea on how to make money off it, starting a Christmas tree farm is something that you might need to think of. A Christmas tree farm is not usually so labour intensive, once you have planted them.

All you need to do is check on them from time to time till they are ready for harvest. This is a business whose harvest is only done at winter. Every one that can loves a genuine Christmas tree and always look out for how to get one during Christmas.

  1. Specialty Butcher

Butchery Business

A specialty butcher is one that specializes in butchering and selling a variety of domestic and wild game meat to the public for a fee. All specialty butchers or even butchers of any kind have to be trained on how to cut meat and sell to the public.

To ensure that clients are aware of your services, you would need to massively promote the business and even have an online presence so that customers can be aware of what you have in stock.

  1. Fishing Guide

A fishing guide is one that accompanies those who want to learn how to fish or those who have little experience and want to be guided whilst fishing.

As a fishing guide, your task will be to educate your clients on how to fish, from the fishing lines and hooks to the tricks of fishing. Except otherwise requested, most fishing guide do not fish whilst acting as a guide and only dish out instructions.

This is a perfect summer job if you have a boat idling around and you are looking to pass on your fishing knowledge. If you do not have a boat, your client can have one rented out. You would need to drop fliers at restaurants especially those close to the waterside.

  1. Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand Business

The summer is usually a period where people long for something cold to parch their thirst. Lemonade during the summer almost like a traditional drink as people usually flock to such kinds of stands. Ensure that your lemonade is cool by storing the jugs in an iced cooler.

You would need to be strategic with your stand, more people are likely to buy from you at fairs and carnivals, than on a street, due to the amount of food traffic such places have.

  1. Gleaning

If you ever wanted to start a food bank or pantry but have no willpower, you can start the gleaning service and contribute towards keeping the hungry filled.

Gleaning is the act of getting fresh excess food from gardens, farms, grocers, restaurants, farmers markets, or any other source and providing to those in need.

You might not make much from this as the food would need to be submitted to a food bank for proper distribution, but not all businesses will bring in much, especially as the satisfaction at helping the needy is a greater reward.

  1. Personal Trainer

Personal Training Business

Most people need someone who would motivate their exercise lives, through goal setting. If you are a certified personal trainer, then perhaps it is time you help others achieve their goals by choosing to train them personally.

A personal trainer is one who is a fitness professional and is involved in exercise instruction and prescription. It is worthy to note that there are many personal trainers out there so competition is bound to be tough.

However, you can distinguish yourself and make yourself attractive to clients by posting exercise and fitness tips on your social media handle.

  1. Window Washing

How to Start a Window Cleaning Business

If you have decided that this is the business you intend starting then you need to decide on what area you would like to focus on – residential or commercial. You could also decide to handle both especially whilst starting as you would have only few clients.

If you concentrate more on commercial, you might likely get more jobs, as many businesses usually require that their windows be cleaned at least every week.

You would need to know about cleaning solutions so that you use only the best for your clients’ windows. In creating awareness for your business, you would need to ensure you pass out your fliers around business districts. Also, pass your fliers to restaurants and other such places.

  1. Specialty Egg Decorating

The Easter period is often a period for Easter Eggs. Also, due to tradition, these eggs are usually decorated and hidden as part of a fun hunt. However, most people do not have the time to boil and decorate these eggs and those that do may not be so skilled at decorating.

If you have got creative skills and can decorate something unique on the eggs, then you might consider starting the business. Ensure you carry out massive awareness before starting and that your location is in somewhere easily accessible.

  1. Ski Instructor

During the winter, people like to engage in all kind of fun activities especially in areas where there is snow. Most people during this time want to either learn skiing or become better at it, which is where a ski instructor comes into the picture.

A ski instructor teaches skiers of all ages how they can improve on their skiing skills in a fun and effective learning environment. You would need to be certified before you can become one, as there are trainings you must undergo. Drop your fliers at motels and lodges as well as ski equipment stores.

  1. Tutoring Business

Private Tutoring Business

Not every parent is satisfied with the instruction their ward gets at schools and so is usually look out for a tutor that will give their kids or wards extra private lessons usually at a place of convenience for the clients (parents).

If there are certain topics that you are great at, then you can become a tutor for as many clients as you can afford to take on. The first task would be in promoting your services, which can be posted on school boards and on online forums.

  1. Tour Guide

Tour Guide Business

Not all those who visit historical places and sites fully understand why such places exist and so usually need someone who is knowledgeable about the area or site to enlighten them.

Sometimes, these areas might be in a foreign place and so the tourist guide might be required to help with interpretation and such. If you have a penchant for educating and enlightening people in an informal setting, then this is a business you need to look into starting.

  1. Pet Sitting

Not everyone that own pets can be with them always. Sometimes pet owners might have to go on business trips or vacations thereby leaving their pets behind. If you love pets and wouldn’t mind getting to mind them for a fee, then this is a business for you.

You might need to also groom the pet and take it to the veterinary depending on how much your client is willing to pay. Ensure that you have insurance before starting this business as the pet you are minding could cause damage to someone else’s property which you might be required to pay for.

  1. Cleaning Chimneys

If you are thinking of a low-cost lucrative business to start up, then cleaning chimneys might just be it. Most people dare not clean their own chimneys because of the soot and creosote that the chimney carries and therefore prefer to contract the jobs out to others for a fee.

Also, due to the soot and creosote, it is highly unsafe not to clean the chimney regularly, which is why this is a business you should consider going into.

All you would need for this business is the right tools and protective gear and then you are making the bucks quicker than you would expect especially if you advertise your services just right.

  1. Gift Baskets

Not everyone has the talent of picking crafty and unique gifts; if you are one with such a talent then you should think of turning it into a business that will earn you some money.

In starting a gift basket business, you get to pool various cool and customized gift items for someone on a personal occasion. This business doesn’t require too much profit to start up and you can make a whole lot of game if you are enterprising.

  1. Spring Cleaning Service

The best time to give your home a huge clean up is during spring as this is considered the best time of the year to do so especially after all the dust and dirt that has been generated from burning coal or wood during the winter. A spring cleaning is usually thorough and requires that all rooms be thoroughly cleaned up and washed.

If you are good in cleaning, and don’t mind the stress involved then it is high time you start a spring cleaning service. This can be offered as a niche for your normal cleaning service. Enlighten your clients on the need for a spring clean and earn more money as they comply.

  1. Seeds Business

This is a business that can help preserve seed stocks especially those that has the potential to keep people safe and healthy. In starting your seed business, you should decide on what area of seeds – organic fruits or vegetables, or culinary or medicinal herbs – you wish to focus on.

You can also carry out a research on existing seed companies and decide which niche would be less competitive for you. Ensure that you design a good packaging for your seeds by providing information about the flavor, appearance, its use, the best planting and harvest time. Get clients for yourself by designing a website and uploading a catalog of all you have.

  1. Sleigh Rides

Most people who travel during the winter season usually look forward to taking part in different fun activities during their stay; the sleigh ride is no exception. There are sleigh rides for the family, for young couples, for the older folks and so on.

If you own horses and can handle a sleigh business then you need not waste time in starting the business. The sleigh rides are usually offered in different packages dependent on the duration and fare. You can add up a unique activity to make your sleigh ride business stand out from the rest.

  1. Hunting Guide

If hunting has always been your hobby and you intend to turn it into a business, then you can always become a hunting guide. However to become a hunting guide requires a license as you would need to have experience and knowledge to get one.

You should note that every area is different and so the regulations that are obtainable in this area will be different from the next. Also, before becoming a hunting guide, you would need to have been a hunter and possess a hunting license.

  1. Summer Camp

Summer Camp Business

A summer camp business is not only lucrative but noble as well as camps are designed to impart skills and values to children regardless of their sex, age and race. If you run your summer camp business well, you would not only make money but also become a referral for other children.

The best way to make your summer camp stand out is to ensure that you not only churn out innovative ideas that will keep the students interested but also ensure that your staff is aware of these values as well.

  1. Swimming Instructor

Not everyone knows how to swim which is why most people still drown. Swimming is an essential activity that everyone should be skilled in. Becoming a swimming instructor is not an easy business as most parents are often wary of allowing their kids go to swim with someone they barely know, however the business can still be a lucrative one for you if you plan it well.

You can offer your services to schools as a swimming instructor and schedule the timing to suit you so that you can take on as many schools as you want. You would need to be certified to become an instructor and also know basic first aid skills.

  1. Moving Service and Storage for University Students

Moving Business

Going to or leaving the university always throws up a lot of concerns as regards what to do as regards to baggage. Most students going to the university have no means of moving all their stuff to school.

Also, those who are done with school but have nowhere to go might need somewhere to put up their stuff first, a storage facility. Running this service is a very lucrative one as students are always moving or leaving. Ensure that you have a large facility for storage and also moving trucks as well.

  1. Party Planning

Party Rental Business

There is always a party to be thrown at one point or the other, which often requires a party planner. A party planner coordinates and manages parties for clients especially as planning can often seem overwhelming for the one who is throwing the party.

As a party planner, you would need to have links with vendors and caterers so that your plan could be seamless. You might need to start out by planning for parties for friends and family members and then moving up from there to other scale.

  1. Forcing Bulbs

Bulbs especially that of flowers are one of the best crops that a specialty flower grower can grow for sale; bulbs are not only easy to grow but they also multiply rapidly especially if given proper care. Forcing bulbs is a concept where bulbs are forced to flower out of season, making it a very profitable business.

To start this business you would need to plant your bulbs early enough so that they could develop a sturdy root system. You would need to know each specie so as to determine the best time to plant them and in what kind of soil.

  1. Holiday Shopper

Not everyone has the time or energy to shop during the holidays especially like at Christmas. There are different circumstances that might crop up and not allow some shop from work to personal circumstances. However, if you love shopping regardless of the situation then you should consider taking up your passion as a business.

You might need to drop your business cards in offices notifying busy workers and executives of your services. Once you get a client, ask them to refer you to their friends and colleagues as well.

  1. Back to School Shopping Service

Shopping after a long summer break is not usually an exciting affair for parents especially if they have more than one kid. Also, it might not be so easy for them to take time off work to shop for their children, hence the need for this kind of business.

Even though this might look like a business for the summer, students still need stuff at one time or the other. You can help parents take the burden off their shoulders by helping them shop for their kids.

  1. Surfing Lessons

Adventure seekers are always looking out to have fun with sporting activities during their summer vacation; and surfing is one of such activities.

However, not all adventure seekers know how to surf and so they usually need an instructor that will teach them how to surf in a fun way.

To be able to teach others how to surf, you will need to be certified in an accredited place. You can divide your students into groups depending on their skill level.

You might need to partner with surfboard stores as well as hand out fliers on the beach to make people aware of your services.

  1. House Sitting

The house sitting service is the kind that offers home and property owners the confidence and security in leaving their homes or property for extended periods either for business or pleasure.

The services a house sitter provides depends can vary from taking care of any pet to bringing in the mail and keeping it secure.

Also, the house sitting service helps keep out unwanted criminals from an unoccupied home as one’s presence will reduce the break-ins.

Getting clients for this business at first might not be so easy but you could start from helping out friends and family members and then having them refer you to their own friends.

  1. Raising Turkeys

Turkeys are a must-have that grace the tables of homes every thanksgiving. However, much more than a thanksgiving dinner, turkey is also eaten by many Americans which make it the right business for you to go into.

Even though most turkeys sold are factory-farmed turkeys, there is still a market for home bred turkeys as they are usually seen as better breeds.

Before starting this business, educate yourself on the best ways to raise a turkey. You could ask those that are raising them for tips and advice. Ensure you have a contact with grocers and restaurants so that you can easily sell your turkey once they are grown.

  1. Weather stripping Homes

Weather-stripping is the act of sealing gaps around windows and doors so as to make the home feel warmer. This activity can be demanding for one who isn’t skilled with their hands and so they might need the services of a weather stripper.

If you have always loved working with your hands, then consider adding weather stripping to your business. You would need to knock on doors, hand out fliers, and post notices in conspicuous places so as to inform people of your services. Also, go round the homes of senior citizens and let them know of your service.

  1. Used Rental Skates Business

You can start a used rental skate business to individuals and organizations that need these skates to be used at the rink. You would need to ensure that the rinks you sell are constantly checked for defects and mechanical problems.

If you sell only high quality skates, you are likely to get referrals from satisfied clients. Ensure that your business is promoted online and offline as well.

  1. Snow Shoveling

If you are looking for a flexible activity that would enable you earn some money while at it, then consider the snow shoveling business.

This is a business opportunity that comes up during the winter period and which is due to the amount of snowfall that occurs in the area.

The good thing about starting this business is that you do not need much as a snow shovel and work gloves are enough to get you started.

Before starting this business, know the tricks in the business because while some apply salt after they are done shoveling, others don’t; but salt laying is an additional service that could cause you to charge extra than those who just shovel.

  1. Growing Pumpkins

Pumpkin growing is a fun and easy business. You would need to decide on the variety of pumpkins you are looking to grow, but first you would need to decide on a good seed company to get your pumpkin seed from. Ensure that your soil is good for planting pumpkin and that it is exposed to sunshine too.

Once your pumpkins are ready for harvest, you would need to contact Grocery Store, farmers market or create a stall in a conspicuous place. Remember that most people buy pumpkins in October.

  1. Apple Cider

Apple cider is a popular beverage that everyone loves, even though there is peach cider, apple cider is more popular. If you are innovative and determined then you can easily start this business. The main equipment you would need is a cider mill which is used to crush the fruit and create the juice.

You would also need to decide if your drink is going to be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. You would need to look out for what will make your cider business different from other apple cider drink business.

  1. Raking Leaves

The leaf raking business is a seasonal business in the fall that needs you to search for customers long before the leaf raking season approaches, which means you would need to schedule for jobs during the spring and summer.

Also, you would need to ensure that you have enough money to purchase the equipment – rakes, shovels, gloves, and leaf blower and disposal bags – needed to start the business.  Find out what permits you would need to start the business before the season starts.

  1. Parking Lot Sweeping Business

Every business loves to have a clean parking lot but this unfortunately is not usually the case, as littering cannot be totally eliminated by those who use the park; and as such a parking lot can have disposable cups, cigarette butts, food wrappings and other stuffs littered all over.

Due to the fact that every business prides itself on its brand image, they usually need someone who can clean their parking lots.

If you have a pickup truck, then all you need is a portable power sweeper that can be mounted on your truck and driven to where you need to clean. Approach businesses and let them know of your services.

  1. Snorkeling Lessons

Before you can become a snorkeling instructor, you would need to have practical experiences where you would have handled sticky experiences such as high tides. You would be tested physically so as to ensure that you can become a snorkeling instructor and then take certification courses as well.

After these, you can then apply at resorts and hotels and partner with them to teach people snorkeling. Starting this business, you would require some equipment as well as insurance.

  1. Pool Cleaning

Everyone loves to have a swimming pool in their homes for whatever purpose – status or financial; but not everyone can cope with the rigors that come in cleaning the pool every once in a while and so they usually hire a pool cleaner to get the job done.

The pool is a dirty place that needs to be cleaned often and so if you know about a pool, its chemical levels, filters and pumps; then you can start this business. It is worthy to note that you can clean for hotels, motels and condominiums too, just ensure that you promote your services by dropping fliers and business cards.

  1. House Painting

House painting for those that live in a huge apartment can be a dreary task. Not everyone for that matter is skilled at painting their houses or apartments and so usually look for someone who is skilled in the task.

If you intend starting this business, then you can especially as the start up is very low and you can operate from home for this kind of business.

You must however be knowledgeable about paints and primers and have experience in the art of painting. You could also paint residential buildings as well.

  1. Landscaping and Gardening

Landscaping Business

Most people love to have their front yard or gardens blooming with different flowers creatively planted but do not like the physical labour that this task brings. As a landscaper, you would in providing homes and businesses with external aesthetics.

Starting this business is not difficult for any serious minded entrepreneur; however you would need to be knowledgeable about plants, flowers and trees. You would also need to know what tools would be required for your trade. Ensure you hand out fliers and handbills to homeowners and business owners.

  1. Gift Wrapping

Everyone loves to give gifts but not everyone is talented with wrapping these gifts to look presentable. If you are creative enough and have a flair for design, you can start a gift wrapping business.

You might need to visit gift stores especially during holidays and let them know of your services so that they could allow you help their clients gift wrap.

  1. Pest Control

Pest Control Business

No matter how much a home is kept clean, it can never be totally rid of pests. It can however ensure that pests inside have been reduced to the barest minimum by sealing off holes around the house, and getting someone good in pest control to fumigate the house every once a while.

It is worthy to note that not only houses have to contend with pests but business premises contend with them too. If you have been trained in pest control, you can cash into this by starting your own pest control business.

You would need to find out what requirements would be needed from regulated authorities before starting to promote your pest control business.

  1. Fence Repairs

This is an easy business to start up as well as execute as fence repairs is so easy. You might need to go round the neighborhood and search for houses whose fences are in a bad shape.

In starting this business, you would need to look up a standard fence repair form online and download it, have some document photocopied and placed in the mailbox of houses whose fences need repair. You could have your call card or flier attached to the document so the homeowner can use that to contact you.

  1. Roof Repairs

A roof is a necessity for every building, not only does it shield occupants and important properties from the scourge of the sun and roaming creatures, it helps keep out the rains too. Nobody likes a leaky and faulty roof and so efforts are always made to ensure that roofs are repaired when they go bad.

If you are good with your hands and don’t mind climbing heights then this is a business for you. You would need to be knowledgeable about different coverings for different parts of the roof.

  1. Ice Cream Stand

Ice Cream Shop Business

Ice creams are a rave during the hot summer, this is because not only does it help in parching the heat but it is filled with sugary flavors that kids seem to love.

The ice cream business is a flexible one that can allow you play with recipes; if your family and friends have constantly raved about how unique your ice cream flavors are, then it is high time you turn your hobby into a business.

To make brisk sales from your ice cream stand, you would need to be located in a place that has lot of food traffic such as fairs, carnivals, and sports events. If you sell from a truck, you can always move around to locations you feel would give you more revenue.

  1. Parasailing

The summer is a time and place for fun activities especially as most activities for young adults grid to a halt around this period, leaving them free to try out new adventures and also visit new places.

Parasailing is a fun activity for adventure seekers, because they get to be towed in a parachute-like balloon that is attached to a moving boat.

This business is mostly catchy in beaches and at parks. If you intend to start this business, be aware that you might spend more at first in securing a good boat and a genuine parasailer as well as other needed gears too that would ensure the safety of your clients.

The above listed businesses are seasonal businesses that are based on the assumption that you live in a country that has a four season temperate climate – summer, winter, autumn and Spring.

While some seasons might seem like it favors more businesses than others, there are business opportunities for every season if you look hard enough.

Never neglect to carry out a thorough research on each business before starting out the business especially as the business must be viable for the season it is intended for.