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24 Best Early Morning Business ideas You Can Start Today

Early Morning Business ideas

Do you need a business you can do in the morning while keeping your 9 to 5 job? If YES, here are 24 best early morning business ideas & opportunities.

Running a business is hard, and it would require you to get lesser and lesser hours of sleep. Of course you cannot sleep when there are a million little details waiting for your attention. In fact, it is said that sleeping is only for billionaires, because you can only afford to sleep when you have become exceedingly rich. 

Even though entrepreneurs are required to be early birds, but there are certain businesses that would require you to get out of bed earlier than others, not only to jog, meditate or answer mails, but to actually go about your daily business.

Some of these businesses could be used to train oneself to become an early riser, and can be done as a side business, while others are full time profitable businesses. If you want a business that would get you out of bed very early in the morning in order to help you cultivate that habit, here are a few ideas that can work for you.

Best Early Morning Business ideas

  1. Open a bakery

Bakery Business

This in fact is the first business that comes to mind when one thinks of early morning business ideas. Bakeries bake bread, pastries, cakes, doughnuts etc., and these items are traditionally used as breakfast items. Again, bakeries always have to supply fresh produce to groceries and their other delivery outlets so they have to fire up their ovens everyday day and very early in the morning too.

In order to meet up their morning clients, bakeries usually start working by 4am. If they start any later than this, people may have all gone on their various businesses before their first batches start rolling out. The upside here is that as bakeries open early, they also get to close early to prepare for the next day.

  1. Open a grocery store

Grocery Store Business

Grocery stores are another business concern that throws open its doors quite early in the morning. In fact it is now possible to see grocery stores that do not go to sleep at all.

Because people are always running out of essential items like milk, toilet paper, sanitary towels and tampons, breakfast products and just about anything needed to get ready for work and school, so grocery shops have to open up early enough to serve people. Grocery stores that close for the night usually open by 5am or even before that.

  1. Start a deli

A delicatessen or deli is a retail establishment that sells a selection of unusual or foreign prepared foods. Because a deli sells meals and other fresh and maybe pre prepared items, it also has to open early to serve people who are going to work or other businesses. Delis usually open their doors between 6 and 7am.

  1. Become a receiving clerk

Whether your merchandise comes by plane, train or automobile, someone has to open the packages, check to make sure everything you ordered was delivered intact and sign for the delivery. That person is the receiving clerk. Receivers accept packaged and palleted goods, unpack, verify and record incoming merchandise, and arrange timely transportation of the products.

Since goods have to be on shelves and properly labeled before customers start coming in, so receiving clerks do start their work day quite early, say between 3 and 4am.

Receiving clerks perform a significant amount of bending, stretching, lifting and carrying, often using stepladders, scissor lifts, pallet movers and forklifts. If this appeals to you, then you can consider becoming a receiving clerk. Or you can set up a business that hires receiving clerk to businesses.

  1. Become a baker

Bakers are people that bake, and just like bakeries; bakers do start their days early. As an independent baker who probably bakes from home and supplies grocery stores, you have to get your cakes, pastries and breads ready on time to meet the early morning breakfast traffic. Failure to do this would mean getting your goods returned to you at the end of the day.

  1. Newspaper delivery

Remember that little newspaper boy that usually ruins your shrubs every morning while throwing the paper? There is an early morning job. But delivering newspaper to households is not the only newspaper delivery job available.

One can also go professional by delivering newspapers from their printed locations to the locations where they get to be shared to paperboys or girls. If you also want, you can put your car to good use and also run routes delivering newspapers to households. This business would definitely get you off your bed very early in the morning.

  1. Coffee shop

Coffee Shop Business

A coffee shop is another early riser business. Coffee enthusiasts usually love their brew first thing in the morning, and if they are not able to get it, they look forward to getting it from a nearby coffee shop on their way out. Since coffee shops serve early morning guests, they always open early in the morning to catch the proverbial worm. Coffee shop owners are known to start work around 5am so they can open their doors to customers at 5:30 or 6am.

  1. Work in a factory

Factories are another job that requires people to rise early; depending on the factory though. Take for instance a cupcake factory, its workers would be required to come in early to bake and frost the cake for early shipment. Some people who work as cupcake frosters usually start work by 6am frosting hundreds of cupcakes and are usually done by 9am. This is a great part time job by the way.

  1. Run a gym or fitness center

Running a gym or fitness center is another business that would guarantee that you wake up early enough to start it. It is a fact that most people prefer their fitness routine in the morning so that they can stretch out their muscles and work out the lethargy accumulated in the night.

You should be able to wake up early enough to serve these customers. It should be noted that once customers come to you in the morning and your facility is closed when you are supposed to be open, they would unsubscribe from your services terming you unserious.

  1. Handle deliveries for post office

Mails get to people in the morning, every day, and the post office makes sure of that. If you want to start an early morning business or job, you can hire your services off to post offices to deliver their mails and parcels to their customers.

If you decide to deliver mails for post offices, you may have to start work everyday by 4am, but you usually may clock off by 12pm and have the rest of the day to yourself. This is a perfect side business one can do alongside a job or while running his or her business.

  1. Become a school bus driver

School children have to get to school on time, and school bus driving entails making a lot of stopovers and still ensuring that you get the kids to school in the right time. This means that the school bus drivers must of necessity start off their routes early in the morning, everyday without excuses.

  1. Cleaning Service

Another business that gets its owners up from bed uncomfortably early is the cleaning business. If you run a cleaning business, you would notice that a lot of your clients would require that you do early morning cleanings; places like offices, hotels and the likes demand this. So cleaning businesses, even though they typically work at night, but they also run early morning schedules too.

  1. Become an Equity Trader

If they want to be well prepared, a stock trader should be awake and going over information for the upcoming day at about 4am. They would be reviewing overnight developments, the European markets, and price fluctuations in the after-hours markets. The markets would open at 6:30am for them, so they should be up and ready for that.

  1. Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast. Bed and breakfasts are often private family homes and usually have between four and eleven rooms as standard.

The main difference between a bed and breakfast and a hotel is that the owners of a Bed and Breakfast see their patrons as guests, while hotels may see their patrons as customers. For a bed and breakfast to be truly successful and live up to their name, they have to be up very early to attend to their guests and make breakfast.

  1. Daycare Provider

Daycare Business

Opening up a daycare facility can be a great option for parents who want to work from home, or simply for people who love working with toddlers.

Because you have to care for the child of people who usually go to work early, so you should open up your business on time, clean up and be ready to receive the kids. The process to becoming a licensed child care provider is relatively simple, but be aware that requirements vary by state.

  1. Sandwich and Salad Delivery Business

This is an inexpensive business to go into and has the potential of generating good revenue for you weekly. It is advisable to try to create your sandwich route in office districts or industrial districts of a community or city, as this would enable you have a large number of customers.

You can make the sandwich yourself but even if you can’t, you could partner with a catering service or restaurant that will supply the sandwiches and salad on a regular basis, while you build a customer base to purchase the sandwiches and salads.

  1. Bread and Milk Delivery Service

If you are looking for a profitable early morning business venture that will provide you with a steady income, then the delivery of bread and milk is sure to guarantee you that, as almost everyone has needs for bread and milk, with a lot of people doing so on a daily basis.

Once you start this business, the most important thing you would have to consider is to make sure that your products are from a trusted manufacturer, so as to ensure the quality of your products.

  1. Coffee Delivery Business

Coffee is one breakfast beverage that people love to take in the morning. Most people love to start their morning with a fresh brew of coffee, which is why the coffee delivery business is a great early morning business that will be of immense benefit to you.

You can deliver to offices and help employers keep their employees happy. The most important factor in starting this business is the location, if you do not have a strategic location, having the best coffee in the world would not matter, because you would not be able to deliver to people that would want it on time.

  1. Fruit Delivery Business

A lot of people prefer fresh fruits straight from the farm. If you live in a farming community, you can start delivering fresh fruits to households based on subscription. Because of their nature, fresh fruits are usually delivered early in the morning, thus making this business an early morning business idea.

In this business, you would need a cell phone and a reliable car to be able to deliver the fruits to your customers. You can get your clients to set up a standing order, that way you get to deliver the fruits at a scheduled time.

  1. Become a taxi/bus driver

Taxi Business

At the crack of dawn, people head out of their houses to the various places where they earn a living. Because most people do not have cars, they tend to depend on cars and buses to get to their destinations. In order to catch this early morning crowd, a taxi or bus driver must wake up quite early to start his or her business.

  1. Become an authorized ticketing agent

Ticket Reselling Shop

The train station is another area that entertains early morning traffic. Its ticketing officers must be on sit early enough to serve commuters.

As an entrepreneur, you can start applying to train stations to handle their ticketing service. If you are granted this, you have to ensure that your staff are always on ground to sell tickets to commuters. This business would always get you out of bed very early.

  1. Become a Freight Associate

Freight Associates are responsible for unloading, processing and stocking all incoming freight to the sales floor and stockroom areas. They processes and prepares receipts of fixtures and supplies and replenishes merchandise to the sales floor from the stockroom.

They equally assist in processing incoming/outgoing transfers and returns to vendors. This business starts very early in the morning and so anyone in this line must be an early riser.

  1. Become a package handler

The people who help facilitate on-time deliveries for cargo carriers are package handlers. Large companies that ship large quantities of goods each day always have to employ package handlers. The handler’s main job is to load and unload packages, boxes, and general freight from trucks or other delivery vehicles.

The job of a package handler starts really early; as early as 4am sometimes, so that the packages they load can reach their destinations on time.

  1. Become a personal trainer

A personal trainer is one who helps people with their physical exercise routine. A lot of busy executives wake up before the roosters, and if you have been contracted to be their personal trainer, you must have to wake up early enough to meet your appointments. This is another lucrative business that would require you to get out of bed very early.