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10 Smart Ways to Make Money in 2027 Election Season

Do you love politics and you want to make money this election season in Nigeria? If YES, here are 10 smart ways to make money during political campaigns in 2023. YES!! The general election in Nigeria is around the corner. Do you know that billions of Naira / dollars circulate every election year in Nigeria and other countries of the world.

Yes, I have a few friends who made thousands and millions of Naira; both legally and illegally during the 2011 general elections. But hey, I wouldn’t advice you try anything illegal or immoral, it is much easier to make money legally and you will still have peace of mind.

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Every day, on my way to the office, I see people at various newspaper stands, arguing and discussing the happenings in the country. When I see such people, I just laugh. Look!! There are so many business opportunities in Nigeria this election season. You don’t need to be a politician or a hired thug to make money from the Nigerian political system. You don’t need to risk your life fighting, carrying arms or snatching ballot boxes. There are some cool ways to make money from the upcoming elections.

Please this business opportunity is still hot. If you can position yourself well, you will make a lot of money; regardless of the political party you are under. In fact, you don’t need to be affiliated with any political party but I recommend you join one, not to partake actively in politics but to provide support services and make your money. Now here’s how to make money from the forthcoming elections.

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It is nothing of surprise to see people standing at newspaper stands daily, arguing and discussing the political situations in the country. This act is more profound in developing countries like Nigeria. Whenever elections are around the corner, there is lots of noise, speculation, and media rants. And lots of money is thrown around by those vying for various public offices.

Whether you’re an enthusiast of politics or not, you too can tap from the money that goes around during the time of political election campaigns. Here are ten ideas you can explore to make this happen:

10 Smart Ways to Make Money This Election Season in 2023

1. Custom T-shirt design

T-shirts are commonly used for publicity during election campaigns. Aspirants for public offices have their pictures and names boldly printed on custom T-shirts and then distribute them to people free of charge. This is with the aim of drawing attention, since people tend to read whatever they notice on T-shirts.

If you are looking to make money during the next political election campaigns in your country, then you should consider venturing into a custom T-shirt design business.

2. Bulk SMS reselling

Since aspirants for public offices will be adopting all means possible to reach out to potential voters, SMS is certainly one of the media through will they will communicate their manifesto to the people. Though the profit per unit SMS may seem meager, you can make millions by sending custom bulk SMS for political office aspirants, since they will be reaching out to several thousands to millions of people.

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3. Social media marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful tools available today for promoting causes and reaching out to a large audience. And this explains why political office aspirants try to exploit social media during election campaigns. If you have a social media profile with a huge followership, or you are a highly skilled social media marketer, then you can make money by helping aspirants spread word of their ambitions.

4. Graphics design

During election campaigns, virtually all of the publicity done by aspiring public office holders is based on graphics, which means there are usually huge opportunities for creative graphics designers to make more money. If you have strong design skills, then you can also tap from the money thrown around during the period by starting a graphic design business.

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5. Transport services

If you have a bus or other big vehicle that can convey a decent number of people, then consider approaching an election candidate. This is because aspirants for political offices travel a lot during election campaigns in a bid to spread word of their ambitions and manifestos as widely as possible. And transport is certainly one of the factors that can help their cause. So, yours could be one of the vehicles that will help them convey their supporters to rallies and campaign grounds.

6. Radio or TV show

If you think you can perfectly present radio or TV shows, then you should consider starting a show when the elections are drawing near. The show will feature aspirants for political offices and give them the chance to communicate their ambitions and manifestos to viewers and listeners. Of course, aspirants will pay you to get featured on your show because they want to take advantage of every available publicity opportunity.

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7. Blogging

If you can set up a blog that discusses politics, or especially centers on the elections, then you can make cool cash by helping aspirants with their campaigns. However, to build a popular blog within a short period, you will need strong internet marketing skills, funds for aggressive promotion to attract traffic, and a huge social media following to build the blog upon.

8. Campaign rally participation

If you have a lot of free time on your hands and enjoy going places, then you can make money off public office aspirants during their campaigns. How? By joining their campaign team and following them to every place they visit while trying to communicate their ambitions to the people.

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In their bid to create the impression that they have garnered huge support, aspirants usually go the extra mile of hiring campaign rally participants who follow them everywhere. These participants are usually paid decently.

9. Bill posting service

One of the strongest indicators that elections are fast approaching is the display of election campaign bills in most public places. Of course, you know aspirants do not post these bills themselves. Most of the time, they pay people to help them with that. If you are comfortable with this idea, you can make a lot of money from it.

10. Sell snacks

Another great way to make money during election campaigns is to sell snacks and drinks at political campaign rallies. Thousands to millions of people usually grace these rallies, so you will have a large pool of potential customers who will need to refresh themselves at intervals. However, you must bear in mind that you will need a vehicle to transport your snacks and mobile stand.