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30 Best Product ideas to Sell in Rainy Season

Doing Business in Rainy Season

The rainy season is fast approaching especially in countries in the tropical rain forest. What fast selling products and services a smart entrepreneur sell to make money this rainy season?

How do i capitalize on the challenges of the rainy season to create a business opportunity? Well, i advice you read on. Now that Nigeria and some other parts of the world are experiencing heavy rain fall, it is no longer a new thing that many things would be disturbed as a result the rain.

Free flow of human and vehicular traffic will be hampered because of the flood that follows the rain and most businesses will run at a low ebb because of the restricted movement of customers. Despite all this, some business minded people will often see this period as an opportunity to make cool money.

Even in the midst of the corresponding chaos and traffic jam that follows after each heavy downpour, there are some products that will be needed more during the rain. Without wasting your time, below are a list of businesses which you can venture into during rainy season.

Fast Selling Products or Businesses for Rainy Season

1.  Start a mobile food vending business

Start a Food Truck Business

During the rainy season, there will be restricted movement of people. You can take the food to them in their offices or shops with your cart or truck.

2.  Start selling umbrellas

Umbrellas are needed by everyone; men, women, kids, employees, i mean everyone.

3.  Start selling raincoats

Both adults and children will be your customers. Even bike riders and those who work out doors will need them.

4.  Sell Rubber Boots

This will be worn during raining season as a protection for the leg and foot while navigating through flooded areas on foot..

5.  Start a coffee vending business by selling coffee with a cart

Coffee Cart Business

The weather is extremely cold and hard especially when it rains hard. Who wouldn’t need a cup of hot coffee.

6.  Start a private pick up service

If you have a car or tricycle, you can start picking up people who are stranded in the rain.

7.  Start selling tarpaulins

People can buy and use it to cover their wares or goods to protect it from the rain.

8. Cold weather Apparels and Accessories

Start up a cold-weather apparel store or boutique and sell items such as sweaters, socks, gloves, shower caps, etc . You can purchase products in large quantities and sell to retail fashion shops and corporate offices. You as well hire sales canvassers or representatives and pay them on a commission basis.

9. Lawn care business

Lawn Mowing Business

The raining season is a great time to start a lawn care business. Many large companies and individuals seek for services of lawn care maintainers to assist them take care and beautify their environments. You can advertise your services in local newspapers, or write an introductory letter to the ministry of environment either to local or state level.

10. Roadside snacks

In the raining season, snacks and foods like roasted corn, barbeque, cooked groundnuts and cooked corn are always in demand because people are definitely going to be stuck in traffic for long hours. Drivers, passersby and pedestrians would always want to buy hot snacks to heat up their bodies system and quell their hunger. Your marketing should be targeted in densely populated areas of streets with big potholes that could delay traffic.

11. Make and Sell Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets are easy to make and simple to use. They eliminate the requirement for repeated use of dangerous and harmful chemicals.

12. Start a Tea Cafe business

Tea cafe business is not saturated. If you decide to start this business, the innovations you are required to make in the business is to simply make your tea joint to look neat and attractive. You can as well entertain them with music.

13. Catch and sell snail Meat

Snail meat has been seen as a safe and nutritious delicacy. If you can place a blanched piece of romaine lettuce, cucumber or zucchini into a tank, you will see that in no small time, snails will gather around it. You have to be the patient type because it will be hard to catch a whole bunch of them.

14. Start a Pest control business

Pest Control Business

A pest control home based business can fetch you income especially during the rainy season because most pest holes will be flooded; hence their migration to human homes and houses. There are many types of pest control services. There are also many approaches now being used to control pests, such as organic-based spray and chemical-based spray.

15. Yam planting and sales

Turning yam into exportable goods/product is highly a considerable and a remarkable achievement in Nigeria. You can as well do that during raining season.

16. Maize cultivation and processing

Small Scale Maize Farming Business

You can capitalize on the current high demand for staple foods by investing in the cultivation and processing of corn and maize. Maize is commonly grown in the middle and southern part of the country where heavy rainfall allows two corn crop seasons each year.

17. Start a Gutter cleaning services business

Many gutters will definitely get blocked during the rainy period, thus preventing the free flow of water. You can start making money by offering the service of gutter cleaning.

18. Water Pumping Machine Rental business

Many houses and homes will get flooded during the rainy period. This will create a business opportunity for you to own a water pumping machine and hire out to these homes that need to clear their flooded area and send the waters to the gutters.

19. Design Customized Raincoats

You can start the business of designing rain coats in different kinds, sizes and to meet the demand of different customers. You can also choose to sell to individuals or to corporate organizations. You can also recruit sales canvassers who can assist you get it to the markets especially during raining time.

20. You can start a car wash business

Many cars will be dirty during rainy season because of much splashes of mud by other vehicles. You will make cool money in the rainy period with this business.

21. Repair pot-holes

You can start up a mini road construction business repairing pot holes. Many pot holes will continue to increase in size during the rainy period. Some products will make pot hole repair easier and simple than others. Asphalt is an example of such.

22. Own a warehouse

Warehouse and Storage Business

Many retailers have been keeping their goods in shops before but during the rainy period, many of them will be forced to take their goods to warehouses in order to protect it from unexpected rainfall. But before you do that, you should first of all consider the number of competitors you will have.

23. Produce shower Caps for Ladies

You can start this business with low capital. Buy some yards of plastic materials which are clear, opaque or semi-transparent and have pretty designs on them. Measure the distance within the head where the shower cap is expected to elapse. After that you can produce and sale to make your cash.

24. Establish an NGO for Relief Services and Climate change disaster

This NGO is going to be busy in the rainy period, creating supportive services for Nigerians who live in flood prone areas. The NGOs in this section will be in charge for educating Nigerians in these areas to prevent flood occurrences in their regions.

25. Produce Agro Products for Local and Foreign Consumption

Local agro products like kola nut, banana, cocoa, chili pepper, Okro, Shea nut, and melon products are what you can sell during the rainy period and make a lot of money.

26. Make Mosquito Repellant Lotions

Just as stated in mosquito nets, you can also produce mosquito repellant lotions which will repels mosquitoes. Mosquitoes tend to breed faster during the rainy season.

27. Plant and sell vegetables

You can start gardening by planting vegetables which you can sell and make huge amount of money because raining season is normally the period for planting vegetables.

28. You can sell ointment during raining season.

29. Bean cake is another cool business opportunity you can give a trial during the rainy season.

30. Coconut, pear, etc seem to be on high demand during raining season, therefore it is an opportunity of making money during the rainy season.

Also, if you are strong enough, you can ferry people across water logged areas either on your back or through improvised boats and make cool cash.


I hope you know that the rainy season is yearly event and it last for about four to five months. So if you have the time and some money to invest in a business idea, then carefully select one business idea out of the thirty listed above and invest your money. I look forward to seeing you at the top.