Do you need a sample lawn care business plan template? Do you want to make money providing lawn care maintenance services? Then below is an in-depth guide on how to start a lawn mowing business part time.

I laugh at people who think there’s no profit in starting a lawn care business.  To be honest with you, the lawn care business is a multi-million dollar business waiting to be exploited to its fullest potential. Do you know that there are people out there who don’t like seeing their garden dirty? They need someone to help them deal with weeds, and also keep their flower beds and trees in good condition.

You could take advantage of this need and start your own lawn care business. In this article, I will explain the A – Z of starting a lawn mowing business successfully. All you need to do is to read with an open mind.

Starting a Lawn Care Company Part Time – Sample Business Plan Template

What It Takes to Start a Lawn Mowing Business.

There’s no business that is not profitable. It can be only be successful if you treat it like a REAL business.   If you are a freelance writer, you need to treat your business like it’s an offline business and give it all your attention. The same applies to starting a lawn care business.

1. You Should have Some Basic Knowledge about Lawn care

Tell me, do you have some good gardening knowledge? If no, then you need to equip yourself with knowledge about the lawn care and gardening in general because sound knowledge is the basic foundation of every business. You could bite your fingers on the long run if you don’t have some the basic knowledge. You need it to learn how to spot bad grasses, bad spots and discolored grasses.

To get started, I advice you apprentice or learn under an already established lawn care business owner or company. This will give you a practical insight into the intricacies of running a lawn care service business. If working under someone doesn’t sound pleasant to you, you can resort to reading books and attending workshops/seminars on lawn care business management.

2. You Need to Conduct Feasibility Study on the Lawn Care idea

Is a lawn care service feasible in your locality? If there demand for such service in your region? If yes, then who are your potential customers and what is there income level? How much are they willing to pay and how do you reach them? How long will it take you to breakeven in the lawn care business? Is there room for future expansion? If yes, how will the expansion be executed?

All the questions above are important questions that must be answered before launching your lawn care service, and the only way to get factual answers (not assumptions) is by conducting feasibility study.

3. You need a Solid Business Plan

Running a land mowing business is quite daunting, as you have to handle clients and employees while still ensuring you deliver quality service. So it requires some forethought. You need a KICKASS business plan to get your ideas together, and also to give you strategic direction.

The business plan must include an executive summary, your personal profile, mission and vision statement, a marketing plan, what your business does, start-up capital, and a map on how to plan to grow your business.

If you don’t know how to write a business, then I advice you talk to a business consultant with expertise in the lawn care / cleaning industry. As a professional, the consultant will help you compute your financial projections and sales estimates. Here is a sample lawn care business plan template to help you get started.

4. Get a Business Name

If you are on a good budget, then you should get and register a business name. But if you don’t have enough cash to register one, then leave it for another time and continue running your business as a “one man show’’. As your business expands, you can proceed to create and register a business name.

While choosing a business name, it is important you choose a business name that is both memorable and brand-able. Your business name should also reflect your core values, and you must not forget to create a catchy tagline or slogan. You can surf the web for lawn care business name ideas and catchy slogans.

5. Get an Insurance Cover

You need to purchase liability insurance that covers both you, your business and its employees. It is also important that you hire a lawyer to get things straight.

6. Set up a Business Bank Account

Yes, you need it. The reason why you need a business account is to keep your personal and business finances separate.

7. Get the Necessary Equipment

Of course, you can’t use your teeth to clear the grasses. You need equipments like grass seed, fertilizer, weed trimmer, blowers, trimmers, a large van, and some other lawn care supplies to get your business running. When buying your lawn care work tools, it is advisable to go for a standard lawn mower. But if you are just starting with limited capital, then you should get a semi-used mower to save costs

For example, if you are going to offer grass trimming services, you are going to need a lawn mower. If you are going to offer tree trimming services, it would be useful to have a complete set of trimmers. Whatever equipment you choose, never compromise quality. The last thing you want is to use low quality tools that would either give bad results or break down eventually.

Another important equipment you must not forget to buy is a lawn care software. This software will help you with work scheduling and also keep your clients details in an arranged database

8. Buy an Existing Lawn Care Franchise

If you don’t want to go through the stress of setting up your own lawn care business from scratch, then you  can choose the easier route by buying an existing successful lawn care business franchise; that’s if you have the capital. Another advantage of buying a franchise is that the banks are willing to lend you money, because the business franchise has been tested and proven by the franchisor.

7 Tips for Starting and Running a Successful Lawn Care Business.

a. Set your working hours

The main advantage of starting a lawn care business is that it gives you the freedom to work anytime, and any day. You just need to set your working hours in advance (you could decide to work during weekends or early mornings).

b. Choose a reasonable base price

You need a base price for your service. Prices largely depend on the lawn that you are going into. The size of the lawn, the number of things to do, as well as the number of difficult spots such as stairs, corners, and elevated spots will determine your charges.

To choose a price for your service, you should research and check on your competitors to see how much they charge, and use their price to set a base charge for your service. You should also conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to understand how best to price your services in comparison to the competition. You must also bear in mind  that charges depend on yard or garden size.

c. Obtain a Business License

To run your lawn care business effectively, you will need insurance and business license to work with commercial spaces. Without getting these necessary documents, you won’t be able to operate effectively as prospective corporate clients will ask for these documents.

d. Observe the Competition

Yeah, it’s important. Before you start, you need to size up your competition. This will prepare you for unexpected surprises. A good way to get prepared is get a lawn care marketing plan.

e. Focus on Delivering Top Notch Customer Service

There’s no way you will advance in business if you are not the type that cares about customers. You must strive to provide courteous customer service, as this will help build word of mouth referrals and strong relationship. Keep to schedule and avoid repeated lateness or excuses. This hurts your reputation. Also, you must always aim for the best. Go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

In retrospect, you must understand and prepared for issues or disagreements with customers. Customers are funny at-times. They can be very stubborn and some may demand you wash their lawns all over again. You should try to put wisdom to work when dealing with them, as they are the lifeblood of  your business.

f. Learn Administrative Basics…

Like every business, you need office tools like a printer, laptop, and office software to operate your business effectively. You will also need an office space to pile up your paperwork and files. However, with the improvement in modern technology, you can go green and paperless; thus saving you money both in the short and long run.

You can also hire an office assistant to handle the administrative tasks. This will give you more time to concentrate on other areas of your business.

h. Register your Business with the IRS

After registering your business, you should seek an attorney to find out how to start a lawn care business legally. He will advice you on how best to run your business (things like setting up your tax structure and getting necessary licenses and permits).

In conclusion, you must understand that without proper training and education, you may end up ‘’PACKING UP.’’ Success in any business requires constant learning and perseverance.