Do you want to start a business in 2020 but you lack ideas? If YES, here are 1000+ best most profitable small business ideas for 2020 based on industry.

It is important to state that the right business for Mr. A might not be the right business for Mr. B. The right business is dependent on loads of certain key factors unique to the individual who wants to start a business.

Our Most Popular Business ideas Trending Right Now

A. 50+ Future Business ideas for Year 2020 to 2030 

The oil and gas industry has had its time. Gone are the days of building large industries and manufacturing plants. The internet and app age is here now and gradually rolling away. This section will keep you posted on the next big disruption and trend in data science, AI, robotics, etc.

B. Recession Proof Business ideas

Are you old-schooled and you find it hard to adapt to change? Or you are simply scared of losing your source of livelihood in the event of an economic downturn? If YES, then this section has got your back with change-resistant business ideas and opportunities.

1000+ Best Most Profitable Business ideas for 2020 Based on Industry

1. Agriculture and Agro-Allied Business ideas

There are several business ideas and opportunities readily available in the agricultural industry and one interesting fact about the industry is that there is market for all the produce which the industry churns out. From crop cultivation, to livestock farming, agro-processing and agro-allied services, this section has got you covered.

2. Arts and Crafts Business ideas

Well, truth is that the arts and crafts industry sure is a promising one and there is no hard and fast rule about knowing the type of arts and crafts business that can cause your profit to rise. In this section, we cover profitable arts and crafts business ideas worth starting.

3. Automotive Business ideas

The business opportunities available in the automotive industry ranges from low start – up capital to capital intensive businesses. If you are in love with the automotive industry and are looking to start something in this line, but do not have an inkling about what it should be, then you may want to look at the business ideas in this section.

4. B2B Business ideas

B2B stands for business to business involves the activities of serving other businesses rather final consumers. Starting a B2B business has its own advantages such large transactions occur between businesses and it is much easier to understand the need of business buyers compared to consumer buyers. In this section, we cover profitable B2B ideas you start today and succeed.

5. Beauty Care Business ideas

If you think that you have a passion for the beauty trade, and are looking to start one or more beauty related businesses, but do not know how to go about it, then you may want to consider any of the business ideas to be reeled out in this section.

6. Chemical Business ideas

The chemical industry is responsible for the expansion and tremendous growth that is being experienced in the agriculture industry, the health industry, the food processing industry and other similar industries that relies on chemicals. In this section, we will look at small, medium and large scale business ideas in the chemical industry.

7. Construction and Engineering Business ideas

The construction industry can comfortably boast to be responsible for the infrastructural development of the world; the development of any country or city is the handiwork of construction companies and other stake holders. Despite the fact that the construction industry requires huge start – up capital, the industry is highly profitable. This section covers profitable business ideas and opportunities in the construction and engineering industry.

8. Education Business ideas

Governments of most countries in the bid to advance their country ensure that they invest massively in the education sector and also encourage private investors to invest in the education sector. The business opportunities in the education industry is massive and any entrepreneur who is serious about making money can leverage on the opportunities available in the industry.

9. Entertainment Business ideas

The Entertainment Industry is one that all over the world has become a multi-billion dollar industry. An economy like that of the USA enjoys a lot of dividends in its GDP because of how big entertainment is in that country, particularly Hollywood, which is the number one movie industry in the world. This section explores 100+ ideas in the entertainment industry.

10. Fashion and Style Business ideas

The fashion industry is indeed a rapidly changing industry; fashion trend will always come and go at different season. The bottom line is that successful fashion designers have a thorough grasp of the market and they know how to meet their needs or cajole them to accept what they have to offer; they are always creative and flexible. This section will expose you to gaps and ideas you can exploit for profit.

11. Financial Services Business ideas

No doubt the financial services industry in the United States of America and in most parts of the world is highly regulated, so as to guide against fraudulent practices from financial experts. Yet, there are legal loopholes and hidden business opportunities you can exploit to start a successful business.

12. Food Business ideas

Food business is perhaps one of the businesses that an entrepreneur can start and grow to profitability within a short period of time. In this section, we expose several food businesses you can start with low investment and scale up.

13. Green and Eco-friendly Business ideas

As a matter of detail, aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to go green when it comes to choosing a business idea to pursue. There are certain low cost yet lucrative green business ideas that attracts grants and support from stakeholders in the industry. This section will expose such startup ideas in detail.

14. Healthcare Business ideas

The healthcare industry covers medicine (medical practices), pharmacy (drug manufacturing et al), medical equipment manufacturing and research institutes, amongst others. In this section, we will be analyzing small, medium and large scale businesses in healthcare.

15. Import and Export Business ideas

It is a known fact that no country in the world is self sufficient; thus, there will always be opportunities to make money by importing and exporting goods. This section will explore various ideas and opportunities in the import and export industry starting with small capital.

16. Internet Based Business ideas

It is pertinent to note that the potential of the internet has not been fully tapped and there are loads of business opportunities locked on the internet. All you need do as an aspiring entrepreneur is to research the internet and you will be amazed at the business opportunities that are there waiting to exploited. This section will save you the time and stress of research.

17. Manufacturing Business ideas

As a matter of fact, almost all the industries in the world rely on the manufacturing industry so as to effectively function. For example; the medical and health industry depends on the manufacturing industry to manufacture most of their equipment, tools and supplies that they need to function.

If you are considering going into the manufacturing industry, you have the option of starting on a small scale (production of components, homemade supplies, et al).

18. Marketing and Advertising Business ideas

The advertising landscape is evolving; and with this change comes a lot of opportunity gaps. In this section, we uncover hidden niche ideas in the marketing and advertising industry.

19. Media Business ideas

The media landscape is evolving; and with this change comes a lot of opportunity gaps. We now have old and new media channels; with each being a multi-billion dollar industry. In this section, we uncover hidden niche ideas in the ever expanding media industry.

20. Mining Business ideas

The mining industry has existed since time immemorial and has created multi-millionaires and billionaires. Is the industry not outdated? The answer is NO. There’s still lots of money to be made if you can find a niche and fill it. This section will help you find that niche idea in the mining industry.

21. Oil and Gas Business ideas

The amount of money required in investing in the oil and gas industry is not the kind of money that can easily be raised. It requires loads of money to become a major player in the oil and gas industry that is why as an accredited investor, you should consider investing in this industry if you don’t have an investment portfolio in this industry.

You could invest in oil exploration and production, oil servicing and liquefied gas et al. The return on investment in this industry seems to be one of the highest compared to other industry.

22. Pet Business ideas

If you are a lover of pets then you may want to consider making some money with your passion. This means that you do not only have to stop at keeping pets around you, you can also profit from it. In this section, we will highlight excellent business ideas in the pet industry.

23. Real Estate Business ideas

The real estate industry is one of the many industries that is a major contributor to the growth of the economy of many nations of the world. As a matter of fact, a real estate agent can become a millionaire ‘overnight’ from just one real estate deal. However, real estate agency is just one of the many opportunities in the real estate sector that we will explore deeply in this section.

24. Retail Business ideas

One good thing about the retail business is that you are in the position to determine how big you want the business to be. You might decide to start retailing stuff from your car, whilst you gather money to rent a shop. In this section, we cover every detail you need to succeed in the retail industry; from ideas to tools and secrets of the trade.

25. Security Business ideas

One sweet fact about the service industry is that you don’t need to have huge capital to jump in. In fact, it is one of the industries you can practically venture into without money and still rake in tons of profit.

26. Service Based Business ideas

As a matter of fact, it is easier for an aspiring entrepreneur who is interested in starting a business to go ahead and start a service related business; that is if they know they don’t have the start – up capital to launch a product based business. All you would need to start a service based business is a business skill, determination, desire to create wealth and the ideas we will share in this section.

27. Sports Business ideas

There are several business opportunities in the sports industry; if you are determined to make money from this industry all you need to do is to choose a niche in the industry, and then build your business along the niche or area of specialization.

28. Technology Business ideas

Despite the rapid increase in the number of tech startups across the globe, it is important you know that the surface has barely been scratched in the technology industry. In this section, we uncover undiscovered business ideas in the technology industry; from biotech and Robotics to AI, virtual reality and drone tech.

29. Transportation Business ideas

This section digs into the present means of transportation to uncover gaps and opportunities; while still analyzing future transport trends to help you position yourself to profit from the industry.

30. Travel and Tourism Business ideas

It is a fact that the travels and tourism industry is not all about tourists, but also about all those who travel from one country to another, from one city to another for various purposes. This is why this section analyzes beyond people that are travelling for the purposes of tourism to every other traveler. With that, there will be no limit to the business ideas that you can pursue.

More Profitable Business ideas and Opportunities

A. Business ideas Based on Gender – This section covers both business ideas for men, women, boys or girls; and also analyzes business opportunities aimed at kids, babies, etc.

B. Business ideas Based on Age, Interest, Lifestyle and Habits – This section covers opportunities and business ideas that suits your personality, hobbies and belief. Here you will find ideas for Christians, Muslims, Introverts, young and old alike, etc.

C. Business ideas for Career-Minded People – In this section, business ideas are analyzed with consideration to those who are stuck in a 9 – 5 job and still want to start their own business or just find a side hustle to earn extra income. Here, you will find ideas for accountants, lawyers and attorneys, pharmacists, doctors and nurses, etc.

D. Business ideas Based on Specific Geographical Location – In this section, we prune down our ideas to cover a certain locality, city, state or country from Africa, to America, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Singapore and even the Caribbeans. So no matter where you are located, we got you covered.

E. Business ideas Based on Seasons, Time and Holidays – In this section, we did an in-depth analysis of business ideas that are affected by seasons like winter, summer, time or holidays like Easter, Christmas or Black Friday.