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15 Best Epoxy Business ideas You Can Start Today

The popularity as well as the acceptance of epoxy resins within a good number of very lucrative industries cannot be quantified especially when you consider its varying uses, and sturdiness, coupled with its aesthetic appeal.

Owing to that, it has grown to become an exciting and lucrative field for willing individuals who want to start a small business or make some extra income on the side.

Truth be told, there are numerous business ideas you can start and leverage the unrelenting demand for epoxy resin-related products.

Best Epoxy Business ideas

  1. Epoxy Flooring Installation Service

Epoxy Floor Installation Business

According to well-established reports, the demand for epoxy flooring is gaining day by day, and this massive growth can be attributed to its wide range of applications in a wide range of sectors such as automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and food and beverage.

You can leverage this demand and start your business. Howbeit, to attain success, you need to obtain the right training, purchase essential equipment, and invest in the right advertising strategy.

  1. Countertop Manufacturing and Installation

Epoxy countertops in recent times have experienced massive demand, particularly from home renovators, and kitchen and bathroom DIY-ers.

This is because of their strong and reliable quality and the fact that it is a more affordable option than granite and many other options.

They work well in kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial spaces. Owing to that, it is possible to start and run a business that helps clients install epoxy countertops.

However, before offering your service to customers, it is important you learn all you can regarding the art of epoxy resin application, invest in quality materials, and create viable connections and relationships with suppliers.

  1. Art and Craft Supplies Store

According to statistics, the demand for unique, handmade art pieces has ignited massive interest in customers, and with the right promotional strategy and quality craftsmanship, you can run a successful business that specializes in epoxy resin and craft supplies. Some of the supplies you will be selling to customers include epoxy resin colors, molds, tools, as well as additives.

  1. Jewelry and Accessories Brand

Epoxy jewelry is indeed a hot and profitable trend and a valid business idea to consider starting. It is, without doubt, one of those lucrative businesses that let dedicated artists market and sell their expertise by crafting unique art pieces.

If you have the requisite expertise, then you should consider starting a brand that manufactures epoxy resin jewelry and accessories.

Howbeit, to attain success, you need to come up with top-grade, alluring designs, and develop a viable online footprint by leveraging e-commerce platforms and social media.

  1. Epoxy Resin DIY Kits and Workshops

You will find that a good number of individuals are now willing to try out epoxy resin art and craft projects; however, they lack the necessary insights to even give it a try.

As such, you can choose to start a business that focuses on providing DIY epoxy resin kits and workshops to ensure that those interested can have the tools and instructions they require to get started.

Regardless of the audience you intend to target, it is recommended you start by coming up with beginner-friendly kits that feature step-by-step instructions as well as pre-measured materials.

  1. Furniture Manufacturing and Retail

Truth be told, resin furniture is gradually garnering the attention of consumers and this can be attributed to a wide range of reasons.

For one, note that this material is well renowned for its defining characteristics that have created numerous distinctive and alluring furniture pieces. With the demand and awareness continuing to grow, you can start a business that makes and sells epoxy resin furniture.

Howbeit, keep in mind that this business requires good experience and expertise in woodworking, a comprehensive insight into epoxy resin application techniques, as well as access to top-grade materials and tools.

  1. Epoxy Resin Coating Services

This is indeed another top epoxy-related business to consider starting in this modern age. This is true particularly when you take into account the fact that the global epoxy coating market size was $3 Billion in 2022 and is projected to attain $5.52 Billion in 2032, with a CAGR of 7% during this period.

This growth is attributed to the fact that epoxy coatings are used massively in industrial settings for corrosion protection, and chemical resistance, as well as floor coatings.

Your business will focus on offering epoxy resin coatings for industrial applications and your services will include tank lining, pipe coating, as well as concrete repair.

  1. Surfboard Manufacturing

You can’t go wrong with starting a surfboard manufacturing business in this time and age. Epoxy has proven to be a major game changer within the surfboard industry, especially when you take into consideration the fact that epoxy Resin surfboards are more lightweight, durable, and guarantee high performance.

However, to successfully start and run this business, you will have to be an expert in surfboard design and shaping, have a comprehensive insight into epoxy resin formulations, and as well purchase the relevant equipment.

  1. Greenhouse Construction and Maintenance

Note that epoxy resins are extensively used in the construction of greenhouses, agricultural equipment, as well as irrigation systems.

If you choose to start this business, note that you will be providing epoxy resin solutions for greenhouse and agricultural applications to farmers who want your services and are willing to pay.

Some of the services you will be offering include greenhouse coating, irrigation system lining, as well as equipment repair.

  1. Automotive Customization and Restoration

You might want to consider starting this business especially as the demand for epoxy resin customization and restoration projects is increasing.

If you have little expertise in automotive painting and detailing, then consider starting this business to provide clients with epoxy resin automotive customization and restoration services.

In this line of business, your customers will include car enthusiasts, collectors, and restoration shops. The services you will be offering will most likely include custom paint jobs, clear coat protection, as well as interior restoration.

  1. Boat Building and Repair

You need to consider this business especially when you consider the fact that epoxy resin has become one of the most preferred materials for boat building and repair as a result of its strength, durability, and resistance to water damage.

The potential for success and to generate good revenue is almost envious. Some of the services you can make available to clients include hull reinforcement, fiberglass repair, as well as custom boat building.

  1. Medical and Dental Equipment Manufacturing

Epoxy resin is now being used to make things such as dental prosthetics, medical devices, as well as orthopedic implants.

You can choose to start a business that provides top-grade epoxy resin solutions for medical and dental applications. Your clients will more or less include healthcare professionals, laboratories, as well as medical device manufacturers.

To be able to set your business apart, you need to focus on providing customized solutions, carrying out extensive research and development, and partnering with healthcare professionals.

  1. Epoxy Resin Pet Products and Accessories

In this line of business, you will be making and selling a vast array of items for pets. Some of the items you will be making and selling to customers include feeding bowls, leash holders, grooming tools, as well as numerous other pet toys.

This is one of the best epoxy-related business ideas to consider starting, and your target market will more or less include pet owners who want durable, hygienic, and exciting products for their furry friends. You can also choose to offer customization options, like inculcating the pet names or designs.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Owing to the pandemic of recent years, the market for PPEs has gained massive attention. You can leverage this demand to start a business that either manufactures or supplies epoxy resin personal protective equipment (PPE). This will entail making or selling safety gear and apparel, which will include helmets, goggles, gloves, and body armor.

Your business as well as the items you sell will cater to businesses and individuals within the construction, manufacturing, mining, and sports industries.

  1. Electronics Encapsulation and Potting

Potting is well renowned since it works to protect PCBs and other components from thermal and physical shock, and chemical attack and acts as a physical barrier to deter tampering or intellectual property theft.

Keep in mind that by starting this business, you will more or less be serving industries such as electronics manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and telecommunications.

The potential for success in this business is massive especially when you take into account the fact that reliability and durability are very important for electronic devices and systems.