Do you want to start a business or make money from home during a recession? If YES, here are 50 best product ideas that are hot-in-demand during a recession. Serious recessions alter things for everyone. Budgets are tight, uncertainty prevails and bad news flow everywhere.

So what products do you sell? How do you sell them when it appears that no one is buying?  The first thing you have to understand is how people spend money during periods of recessions. During recessions people spend money less often. This does not mean they do not spend money but that they are more careful and strategic how they do spend it.

At that point value is more important than price.  The value proposition, not price, is everything as buyer makes fewer decisions. So with those gloomy sentiments in mind, below are products that are in demand or thrive well in a recession.

50 Product ideas That are Hot-in-Demand During a Recession

  1. Reusable Bags

Even during recession, people still become more concerned about plastic in oceans; there will begin to be a big movement towards reusable products. We’ve already seen this with reusable straws growing in popularity in 2018 and restaurants banning plastic ones.

And so if you’re looking to create an eco-friendly store, this is a product you should consider adding as well. You can market your reusable bags using Google Ad Words and SEO. You can create text-based Google ads or Google Shopping ads to generate sales.

  1. Discount wears

Big retailers worldwide such as Wal-Mart can suffer in good times, as people feel more comfortable buying higher quality goods. However, the reverse applies for the not-so-good times – discount retailers excel by peeling back their stock to core products and using economies of scale to provide cheaper goods to consumers.

  1. Pregnancy Brace

Expectant mothers carry around extra pounds during their pregnancy. Note that this weight can be difficult to carry. Fortunately, there’s a solution for women that you can provide: a pregnancy brace. This pregnancy brace helps to provide support throughout a woman’s pregnancy as her baby grows. This popular baby product has seen thousands of orders in recent months. It has a 4.9 out of 5 star reviews and over 2100 orders.

  1. Night Vision Security Camera

There’s been an uptick in “home security” searches in Google Trends in recent months, especially since a recession was predicted for 2021. People are shifting towards buying home supplies that’ll improve the security of their loved ones and possessions.

This mini security camera can be bought to watch over certain rooms at home. It immediately alerts you the moment someone breaks into your house. This indoor security camera also allows you to do video playback, acts as a motion detector, and includes a remote control and more.

  1. Microwave Cleaner

Microwaves are hard to clean because they’re usually positioned above our eye level. So, it’s not too surprising that this microwave cleaner has been making loads of sales this past month.

In the past 30 days, it’s generated over 4,300 orders, making it one of the most popular kitchen products selling during this impending recession. It’s likely due to its easy use. Customers simply fill it with water, turn on their microwave, wait for it to create enough steam, and then wipe it down clean.

  1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can help give your customers a more beautiful smile. As teeth whitening solve an embarrassing problem, customers may feel more compelled to make an impulse purchase.

Thousands have ordered teeth whitening products from AliExpress showing just how popular these trending products are. Many sellers can drop ship these products and find new customers for their products. You’ll be able to sell whitening strips, charcoal powder, or bleaching kits to your customers.

  1. Multifunction Bottle Opener

Believe it or not, this multifunction bottle opener has generated over 10,400 orders in the past 30 days. The search term “bottle opener” gets 40,500 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere so it’s a fairly popular search-based product.

According to Google Trends, search volume has been more or less steady since 2015. But people aren’t just looking to have one-dimensional bottle openers – they’re looking for one kitchen product to do the work of many, which is why this product is so practical.

  1. Baby Hip Seat

One of the most popular baby products to sell during a recession is baby carriers. Search volume for the keyword “baby carrier” has been more or less stable for a few years with peak season occurring around June. However, to keep up with trends, manufacturers have been altering the design of baby carriers like this baby hip seat which allows parents to comfortably carry their baby on their hip while they stand without having to use both of their arms.

  1. Vices

There has always been the notion that sin wins when the economy loses. Tobacco stocks are a smart buy in any recession, as cigarettes sell well. So does a glass of wine. Experts believe that the businesses that are the best when it comes to vices are gas stations or convenience stores, as these small indulgences can be bought on the go. However; businesses such as gambling become an extravagance and generally decline during recessions.

  1. Water-Saving Shower Head

During these times of unstable economy, water-saving shower head have been becoming more popular. Customers will get a shower head with three different spray modes, which can help reduce the amount of water they use every time they shower.

have been over 781 orders in the last 30 days and over 7000 in the last six months. That shows this product trend isn’t going anywhere. If you’re looking to create a socially conscious business, selling products like this can help you create a positive brand image.

  1. Arm & Hammer laundry detergent

At the moment when money’s scarce, who wants to splurge on household cleaners? Hardly anybody, it appears, which is why Church & Dwight’s “power brands,” known for value and dependability, have been thriving.

Four years ago, when the economy was booming, the company’s Arm & Hammer brands, including laundry detergent, toothpaste, and kitty litter, was growing at a sleepy 1 percent per year. In the midst of the recession, the company ramped up advertising for Arm & Hammer products, which has helped deliver double-digit sales gains for the past 12 months.

  1. Silicone Cooking Tools

Silicone cooking tools will keep growing in popularity because they’re high-heat resistant, stain-resistant, non-corrosive, and safe to use. The term “silicone tools” gets about 5,400 monthly searches which isn’t too shabby. According to Google Trends, volume is projected to increase but has been fairly steady making it a reliable kitchen product to sell on your store. This silicone cooking tool set has generated over 3,100 orders in recent

  1. Phone Cases

Phone cases have been growing in popularity since 2009 with no signs of slowing down. The two phone case products that are doing better than usual are the silicone matte phone cases.

Trending products like these on AliExpress have received hundreds if not thousands of orders. The silicone matte phone cases in particular have generated over 17000 orders on a single product. The best thing about phone cases is that new trends and styles are constantly emerging.

  1. Air Diffuser

Air diffusers have been insanely popular for quite some time now. But once again, we expect to see them take over sales in 2021 despite the impending recession.

Home improvement products like this air diffuser have generated tens of thousands in orders. It also acts as a humidifier, which can help clear your sinuses when you’re sick. But the best part is that it keeps your home smelling fresh. Of course, customers will need to buy their own scents to make that happen.

  1. Baby Moccasins

People will keep having babies even during recessions. And when it comes to baby clothes, baby shoes often bring about that “aww” factor more than anything. How can someone’s feet be so small and adorable? Fortunately, with shoes like these baby moccasins that “aww” factor can help you make some sales.

This style comes in thirteen different colours and three sizes to suit every baby. With a price point under $6, store owners can make a profit when selling these baby shoes for $19.99 to $29.99. Searches for “baby shoes” have been seeing a slight increase in volume.

  1. Anti Snoring

Snoring and sleep apnoea can be a big problem for couples, especially after the stress engineered by a contracting economy. A person who snores can keep their partner up at night disrupting their sleep. Enter anti snoring products. They can help minimize a person’s snoring.

You can drop ship anti snoring products. You’ll find chin support straps, anti snoring nose clips, and mouth guards which have had thousands of product orders. Since snoring can be a big problem, you can build a brand around solving the burning problem with your products.

  1. Camping gear

Lavish vacations are back on the wish list, with more people staying close to home. That’s good news for the Jarden Corp., which owns Coleman and more than 40 other everyday brands.

Applications for fishing and camping permits are up about 10 percent over the past year, with some people even fishing more to help lower their grocery bills. That’s helped boost sales of Coleman tents, coolers, stoves, and sleeping bags, along with fishing gear made by Stren and Trilene, two other Jarden brands.

  1. Pacifier Feeder

Silicone baby products have been growing in popularity in recent years. And this silicone pacifier feeder is no exception. Since 2021, it’s witnessed thousands of orders placed. It has a protective outer part to prevent choking, while allowing the baby to feed on the juice of fruits. It’s quite popular with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating and over 3100 reviews. It’s best for babies over four months of age.

  1. Vegetable Cutter

This vegetable cutter allows your customers to grate, shred, or slice their food while cooking. It’s generated hundreds of orders in the past month, making it a popular kitchen item to sell. Since July 2014, there’s been a sharp growth in searches for “vegetable cutter” and they’ve been holding steady ever since making this a reliable kitchen item to sell.

There are approximately 40,500 monthly searches for the term “vegetable cutter” making it a viable product to sell in case of a recession in 2021.

  1. Fabric Steamer

Although it may not be an item everyone has in their home, that doesn’t mean this product doesn’t have potential. Corporate working men often use steamers to keep their suits looking new, and women use steamers to clear out wrinkles in their favourite clothing. So you’ll actually have some flexibility in who you want to target.

  1. Mandoline Slicers

Mandoline slicers are another one of the best kitchen items to sell in this impending 2021 recession. Although it might not be as practical as our multifunctional vegetable cutters, some people prefer having a one-function product that meets their exact needs.

This slicer has generated over 1,300 orders in recent months and over 350 reviews. And with the term “mandoline slicer” generating approximately 49,500 monthly searches, it’s safe to say this kitchen item is popular.

  1. Hyundai automobiles

According to reports, there is a depression in the auto industry, with automakers going bankrupt, dealers shutting their doors, and sales down 27 percent from last year. But Hyundai has the right cars for lean times, and sales are up nearly 3 percent, thanks to an affordable line-up of feature-packed vehicles and spiffy new models like the Genesis sedan and coupe.

Hyundai and its sister company Kia were once lampooned as discount bottom-dwellers with offerings scarcely better than used cars. But a concentrated effort to improve quality has paid off, along with a strategy of offering more features for less than competitors like Toyota, Honda, and General Motors.

  1. Stuffed Toy

Whether it’s a gift for a newborn baby or a gift for you, a stuffed toy or a plush is always a safe bet. According to reports, 7% of adults sleep with a stuffed animal. So if you don’t want to go after the kids market you can aim to target millennial. You can drop ship a popular product like an elephant plush. The trending product has generated tens of thousands of sales. And it’s been pretty stable for quite a few years.

  1. Silicone Gloves

One of best kitchen items to sell during 2021 recession might be the ones that use silicone like these silicone gloves. Silicone kitchen products are one of the hottest trends of 2021. These gloves are multi-function as they can also be used for brushing pet hair or cleaning the car, but it will probably be used as a kitchen accessory the most.

This product has received hundreds of orders in recent months. It has nearly 300 reviews, which proves its popularity. There are roughly 3,600 monthly searches for the term “silicone gloves.”

  1. Plug In Wall Heater

Each season we see the rise of temperature controlling appliances. Even in the face of impending economic shutdown, climate change and the effect of global warming is still a worrying factor. This portable heater is a perfect addition for when the heating is broken or you want heating in a room that is generally colder than others. As a winter product, this item works well in home improvement, general, or seasonal online stores.

  1. Reborn Baby

Although most think kids only want to play with phones and iPads, dolls are starting to become increasingly popular again. Especially the reborn baby dolls. You can sell reborn baby style dolls online. These trending products tend to get hundreds of orders as you can see in the data for each product. You can also drop ship cute baby clothes for the doll at an affordable price.

  1. Mother and Baby Beanie Hats

According to experts, one of the most popular matching sets this year is this mother and baby beanie hat set. In the past 30 days alone, they’ve amassed hundreds of sales. The matching set even comes in five distinct colours: red, beige, black, white, and gray. The set of two beanies cost store owners under $6, though the value appears to be higher since customers get two products with their purchase.

  1. Keurig single-cup coffee

Java giant Starbucks has been struggling, but that doesn’t mean coffee has fallen out of favour. Vermont-based Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has been boiling hot thanks to its Keurig single-cup brewing systems, popular in many offices and increasingly in private homes. Sales from the Keurig division have nearly doubled since last year, and Green Mountain’s overall revenue has increased 86 percent during the recession.

  1. Swimsuits

Although it seems like Google Trends is showing that swimsuit popularity is declining, there are certain styles that are making waves on online stores. While you might not want to dive into creating a swimsuit store, you might want to test it out as a collection on a women’s fashion store, a general store, or an accessories store so that you can build a long-term business.

  1. Milk Carton Water Bottle

Milk carton water bottles are novelty water bottles that are perfect for when you’re camping, climbing, or doing other outdoor activities. In recent months, there’ve been over 3,300 orders of this product.

Searches for “milk carton water bottle” are expected to climb up, though the Google Trends data shows that this product is a bit more unpredictable unlike other kitchen items on this list. The term also gets 2,400 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere so there is some search traffic for this product.

  1. Baby Glove Teeter

One of the biggest milestones in a newborn’s life is when they start growing teeth. Teething often causes discomfort in babies so naturally, they prefer chewing on something. Fortunately, store owners can sell this silicone baby glove teeter to help combat teething pain. In the past month, this teeter’s sales have surpassed 2.1k proving that this product solves a big problem for new parents.

  1. Water Filter

With the break out of high priority diseases like coronavirus, safety is becoming the number word on every lip. Take this Portable Water Filter for instance. It purifies water for you so you’re always drinking the freshest water possible. As an alkaline water ionizer, it capitalizes on the alkaline water trend which is considered a billion-dollar market according to The Washington Post. Alkaline water is considered to be “a performance-enhancing sports drink.”

  1. Monster Energy drinks

At this peril times, America must need a boost. The market for traditional sodas and juices is flat, but California-based Hansen Natural Corp. has been logging record sales and earnings this year thanks largely to its line-up of Monster Energy drinks.

Starbucks has gotten into this trendy business, which has slightly cut into Hansen’s sales. But Hansen has kept the Monster brand fresh with innovations like resalable cans and clever spinoffs like its Anti-Gravity and Killer-B varieties. Overall company revenue is up nearly 20 percent since 2007.

  1. Hair Wig

Most women crave longer hair but struggle to grow it. With the level of stress that comes with economic recession, hair extensions and wigs will become one of the most popular products to sell online. If you look at the order volume for their best sellers, countless trending hair products have received thousands of orders.

  1. Presto cookers

It slices, dices, and makes money during a recession! The unique company that invented the Salad Shooter in 1988 is still turning out kitchen gizmos that appeal to nesting consumers doing more of their own cooking.

National Presto Industries won’t say its products that are the biggest hits, lest the competition catch on, but Capital IQ’s numbers show the company’s revenue up nearly 12 percent since the recession began. Online bestsellers include a pizza oven, hot-air popcorn popper, and several types of pressure cookers.

  1. Reusable Silicone Lids

With over 3,500 orders in recent months, this lid set is a great kitchen product to sell this year. They come in six different sizes so customers have variety in what they can store. Customers can also choose which colour they want the set in: blue, pink, white, or yellow. Searches for “silicone lid” are climbing up. And with 4,400 monthly searches for the term, there’s also some search traffic for the product as well.

  1. Athleisure

Athleisure has popped up on trending products lists for a couple years now, and will continue into the expected recession period. It’s a trend that’s proving to be a staple in the fashion space.

From sports bras to leggings, these comfortable clothing that you can wear lounging at home or working out at the gym are the everyday outfit that more people are wearing. Reports shows strong search growth for the term “athleisure” and more brands are adding athleisure apparel to their stores.

  1. Spill-Proof Bowl

Imagine a house with a young toddler, running around and causing havoc. Things are bound to get messy. Now consider that toddler playing with their food and spilling it all over the floor. This universal spill-proof bowl will solve that problem. It first entered the scene a few years ago but its innovative design is proving to be a must-have bowl for parents with young children.

  1. Winter Clothing

Seasonal clothing is a must for new parents. They don’t want their newborn to freeze in the winter months so selling winter clothing even during recessions can help you capitalize on seasonal sales. This cute animal winter romper has been chomping on sales with thousands of orders in recent months. It’s even got a 4.9 out of 5 star rating and over 1100 reviews to boot.

  1. Abs wheel roller

Losing weight tends to be one of the most common goals people set. Stress in the recession periods could be devastating. The fitness industry is always hopped on a new trend. And right now, we’re seeing that trend revolves around abs workouts. There have been some recent growths within the past couple of months for search terms like “abs workouts for beginners.” But experts are also seeing strong sales growth for several online stores in the fitness space as well.

  1. Private-label salad dressing

Although jar might say Kroger, Safeway, Wal-Mart, or Trader Joe’s, but it’s probably made by a private-label food company based anywhere in the country. Sales of cheaper store brands have will heighten during the recession, but consumers have also gotten used to higher quality.

TreeHouse has capitalized on that trend, since it specializes in upscale dressings, sauces, soup, salsa, pickles, and organic products that top retailers can sell as their own. But you’ll never know you’re eating a TreeHouse product: The Company won’t say which foods it supplies to which stores. The secrecy seems to be good for business.

  1. Swaddle Wrap

Newborn babies have spent months curled into the foetal position in their mum’s belly. The level of closeness they felt is something that new moms want to continue to give their baby. That’s why products like swaddle wraps are a baby product to sell even during recessions.

This swaddle wrap has seen hundreds of orders in the past 30 days and thousands of orders in the past few months. According to reports, the term “swaddle” has been seeing strong growth for a while now and it’s expected to continue growing over the coming year. July tends to be peak season for this product, but don’t worry about getting started on selling them months before or after.

  1. Tupperware

Pinched consumers are saving more of everything, including leftovers, which mean these are boom times for food-storage products like Tupperware. The company has fancy new products tailored to the oxygen levels required by various fruits and vegetables you want to preserve in the fridge, along with old standbys for storing soup or bringing your lunch to work. With strong future prospects, the stock has been trading near 12-year highs.

  1. Head Scarf

Over the past few months we’ve seen categories created on popular fashion websites like ASOS for head scarves. This tends to be most popular in the summer months when women have their hair up. However, it’s been a skyrocketing with the outbreak of coronavirus and much preached safety precautions. According to Keywords Everywhere, the search term “head scarf” gets over 60,000 monthly searches for the phrase proving its popularity.

  1. Universal remotes

Note that one thing we’re not skimping on is TV time, and California-based Universal Electronics has benefited from several trends: the proliferation of TVs and video recorders, the growth of high-definition TV, and the transition from analogy to digital signals.

Universal makes remote control devices for big cable companies like Comcast, Time Warner, and Direct TV, specializing in the technology that allows one gizmo to communicate with multiple types of electronics. When cable subscribers upgrade their service, there’s a good chance they get a new remote furnished by Universal. The company also sells its technology in retail stores under the Audiovox name.

  1. Hand Sanitizers

The breakout of Covid-19 and the need to stay healthy and safe has propelled the demand for efficient hand sanitizers. Although this product line is currently overly competitive, the demands especially at these scary times are growing massively, and it can serve as a product idea for you to sell during this impending recession.

The products and companies that made the above list provide an interesting glimpse into how Americans have adjusted their spending and lifestyle habits in the propensity of recession. Be sure to analyze your distribution and supply channels before investing in any product.

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