Are you an entrepreneur but you lack ideas on what entertainment business to start? If YES, here are 100+ best business ideas in the entertainment industry.

The Entertainment industry encompasses mass media companies that control the distribution and manufacture of mass media entertainment. This industry has long been known to include the fields of theater, film, fine art, dance, opera, music, literary publishing, television, and radio.

On a global scale, the entertainment and media market was worth 1.72 trillion U.S. dollars in 2015 and it is set to rise to 2.14 trillion by 2020. This industry is not just about acting and singing alone, it is huge and a lot of opportunities exist for anyone who is visionary and determined to tap into it and rake in a lot of profits.

Huge business opportunities exist in the entertainment industry for any entrepreneur who has the flair for it. Some of the most lucrative businesses you can start in this industry include;

100+ Best Small Business ideas in the Entertainment Industry

  1. Record Label Business

A record label is a music publishing company that manages brands and trademarks, coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos, while also conducting talent scouting and development of new artists.

If you think you have the knack for fishing out new and budding music talents, then you can turn this into a trade. Do note that in starting this business, you have to be vast in the music business.

  1. Event Planning Business

Event planning is all about helping organizations, groups and individuals plan and execute their events from start to finish. An event planner ensures that they work with the stipulated budget of the organization or individual and deliver a successful event. In some cases, it is the responsibility of the event planner to draw up a budget for the organizer of the event.

One good thing about event planning is that most often than not, events are done during weekends and if you are lucky not to be working during weekends, you can successfully run an event planning business part time. You really do not need any special skills or funding to start apart from your organisational skill.

  1. Party Planning Business

Party planning is a traditional and profitable business globally. As a party planner, you will need to plan the venue, theme, catering, photography, entertainment etc of parties. In this business, you can address both social and corporate clients.

Additionally, you can offer services to a wide range of audience. Some of the events you can plan may include birthdays, wedding receptions, baby showers, and family reunions. You can equally decide to do this business on the side.

  1. Mobile DJ Business

A disc jockey which is popularly called a DJ is a person who mixes recorded music in real time from many sources, including cassettes, CDs, or digital audio files on a digital media player or laptop. Disc Jockeys often perform for a live audience at a club or other venue or for a broadcast audience. Music is one thing that brings delight to the heart of people and that is exactly why there are a lot of DJs doing their thing and making people happy.

The disc jockey business has continued to rake in money to those who know how to play the business game. If you think that starting a DJ business sounds good, then you need to brush up your sill and save up money to buy the needed equipment. There after you can start marketing your business to event organizers.

  1. Music Production Business

Music producers are as important as the musicians themselves – if not more important. The producer is the person (or organization as the case may be) who develops the general concept for a song, comes up with the beats and helps to generally fine-tune the music. The primary function of a production company is to locate artists and facilitate the recording, manufacturing and distribution of musical product.

To start, you need to obtain training and experience by taking classes in music production and related business classes at a music college or specialty school. There are outstanding music producers who now occupy legendary positions in the lives of musicians, and you can be one of those.

  1. Night Club Business

The growing spending power on the continent, its overwhelmingly young population and huge appetite for fun and partying makes the nightclub business an attractive prospect for entrepreneurs and investors.

The nightclub is a large-scale business in the entertainment industry, and if you don’t have the financial backup, you may not be able to start this business. However, it is one of the most profitable businesses that ensures a huge social reputation too. The business demands strategic planning and tremendous dedication to long-term success.

  1. Wedding Planning Business

A wedding planner is just what it is, a person that plans weddings so that couples can rest and enjoy their big day. A wedding planning business may be right for you if you’re organized, driven, and creative. Plus, you’ll need to have people skills to deal with frazzled brides and some business know-how to manage your finances. Luckily, starting a wedding planning business isn’t hugely expensive.

As an independent consultant, can begin by planning at your kitchen table or local coffee shop. However, there are a few startup costs that cannot be overlooked or scrimped on. To excel in this field, you must be passionate about the business and like everything associated with weddings.

  1. Music Publishing Business

Music publishing is the business of acquiring, administering, marketing and promoting musical compositions. In the music industry, a music publisher is responsible for ensuring the songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially.

They also secure commissions for music and promote existing compositions to recording artists, film and television. Their basic functions are to make deals with songwriters, promote the songs their songwriters compose to musicians and anyone else who may need a song for whatever reason, issue licenses for the use of the songs they represent and collect licensing fees.

  1. Dance Studio Business

A dance studio is a space in which dancers learn or rehearse. Many dance studios earn just enough to keep them alive in the entertainment industry. However, adding some flair of showmanship will make the difference and spell your success.

Hire good choreographers who are knowledgeable on the new dance styles and are innovative enough for your studio to produce professional dancers. Dancers nowadays are also using effects like lights and chroma presentations so you may want to invest on them as well.

  1. Social Club Business

If you are sociable, and good with networking and organizing events, then you should consider starting a social club in your area. There are various areas of interest you can choose if you desire to start your own social club. You can choose to start a social club that gathers sport lovers or the fans of a football club, you can choose to start a one that accommodates rock music lovers, jazz lovers or reggae lovers etc. You can also start a social club that accommodates artists or even entrepreneurs.

  1. Party Rental Business

Party rental business is one of the many entertainment related business ideas that can thrive just about anywhere as long as the people there have a knack for partying. The truth is that anyone who intends to organize a party would need to rent party supplies because people don’t usually go around piling up large quantities of plates, spoons, tents and other stuffs used in parties. A party supply rental business requires reasonable startup capital, but it is a money spinning business if it is well located and if you are able to purchase large quantities of party supplies.

  1. Lottery Business

The lottery business is one where there are huge odds to get massive profits if planned right. Due to the massive profits that are made in this business, many entrepreneurs are making the decision of going into the business. However, some have failed in the business because there was no due diligence carried out before starting the business.

Even though there are huge profits to be made from this business, it is also a high risk business. One important aspect of this lottery business to note is the technology platform you intend to use. It must be a platform that is simple and secure for both employees and customers. You would need to carry out a thorough research on the best technology platforms available and choose the one that would be best for your business.

  1. Strip Club Business

A strip club is a venue where strippers provide adult entertainment, predominantly in the form of striptease or other erotic or exotic dances. In the USA and other countries, the strip clubs are getting immense popularity day-by-day. Though the business is capital intensive, it is profitable too. Additionally, you must check the local rules and regulations before initiating a strip club business in your locality.

  1. Casino Business

Gambling is good business, or at least a profitable one. According to the American Gaming Association, in 2012 the 464 commercial casinos in the U.S. served 76.1 million patrons and grossed $37.34 billion. Gambling is not just common, it’s also accepted.

Starting a casino business demands significant investment, accurate planning, and good business management. Gambling, including charitable and online gambling, are legal in most areas within the United States. However, you must check the local laws and regulations before initiating a casino business in your area.

  1. Video Game Development Business

A video game development company is usually involved in the creation of digital and interactive games that can be played on a variety of platforms from personal computers, video game platforms to cellular phones. The video game industry has been in a state of evolution, giving room for more innovative players since it came into being in the 20th century. If you have conducted extensive research on what you will need to start this business and if you also have the relevant skill, you might consider starting your own video game development business.

  1. Music Management Business

A Music Management Company is a company that takes care of the affairs of music artistes. The company is in charge of planning and executing all the steps needed for an artiste to succeed and grow. A music management company decides how far an artiste can go in his or her career.

Music Management Companies are known to earn 15% to 25% of the royalties their artistes make, so they will do everything possible to ensure that their music artistes succeed. Before starting a Music Management Business, you should note that the duties of your company will include recording and production, licensing, crowd funding, as well as sealing endorsement deals.

  1. Recording Studio Business

The investment required to start a sound recording studio is gigantic. However, the profits that the business can potentially generate are even larger. Starting a sound recording studio is much easier than it was at one time, simply because of the advancement in technology.

Many recording studios that specialize in voiceovers for radio advertising, CD recording and DVD recording are even homebased operations. Although a bit expensive with all the equipment and the construction of the studio itself, the Return-of-Income (ROI) is also high due to the naturally expensive service you can offer. For $10,000-50,000, you can have all the equipment you need, down to the high-tech-mixers for additional services.

  1. Video Game Store Business

Starting a video game store business is very easy especially if you have great passion for video games. Having passion for video games is very essential because you need to keep up with industry trends as regards new video games and be able to speak authoritatively about the products in your store.

If you are convinced that this is the kind of business you want to go into, then there are several factors which you will need to take into consideration before you can successfully start and run your video game business.

  1. Talent Management Company

Talent management refers to the anticipation of required human capital for an organization and the planning to meet those needs. A talent managers work with writers, actors, singers, models, or other entertainers and they connect them with the right people who might need their services. This could be producers, production companies, photographers, night clubs and what have you.

If you know ways to make celebrities out of ordinary talented people, then one way to commercialize this gift is to start a talent management company. You do not need any special experience or education, though in some states, cities or locales, licensing is required. You are advised to check out local and state laws for requirements when beginning this business.

  1. Bounce House Rental Business

If you enjoy working with event and party planners, then consider learning how to start a bounce house rental business. Because just about every kid loves to bounce, they are so popular at birthday parties, corporate events and fundraisers.

Opening a bounce house in an area with the right demographic composition; an area with loads of children but fewer open fields and recreational centers can be very lucrative. The truth is that one of the easiest ways for parents to get their children active and happy during holidays or even at weekends is to take them to bounce houses. You can easily run this business part-time since events usually happen in the evenings and weekends.

  1. Hip Hop Record Label Business

Are you a music lover? Do you know that even if you do not have an appealing voice to sing that you can still make money from the industry? If you are an entrepreneur and you love music, one of the easiest ways of making money from the music industry is to start your own hip hop record label.

By owning a hip hop record label, you will help recording artists release their music album to the general public. This process starts with agreeing on a deal or contract and then writing out the music lyrics before entering the studio to start work.

  1. Drive-In Movie Theater Business

Businesses in this industry let people watch movies on a large screen but the difference is that they watch it outside, while sitting in their cars. The movie screens are put up on a semi-private area and since many couples are still willing to pay, this can be a lucrative business. If you plan to start this business, you will need working capital and of course, a solid plan.

You will need to start by getting a good location because without it, you will find it hard to attract customers. Drive-in theatres are enjoying resurgence in the United States, but these theatre supplies and equipment aren’t exactly easy to find. Starting this business will cost a good deal, so you need position it in a location with the right demography and weather.

  1. Paintball Game Center Business

There are some games and amusement related business opportunities that an aspiring entrepreneur who lives in the United States can efficaciously start. One of such businesses is a paintball game center. This is one business that has continued to yield profits because of the lucrative nature of the business and the legislature that still favors it.

Hence, it wouldn’t be an over statement to say that the paintball or any gun and ammunition sports related business is a money spinner. Paintball is a game developed in the 1980s in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with dye-filled, breakable, oil and gelatin paintballs or pellets.

  1. Amusement Park Business

An amusement park is a place that has lots of attractions for kids and adults, such as roller coasters, water rides, and all kinds of entertainment. When establishing an amusement park, you will need to have a large amount of area. Additionally, you will need to invest a substantial amount of money in procuring and establishing the park infrastructure.

However, the business is highly profitable and self-rewarding. Almost all amusement parks make money by charging an admission fee. You can make additional revenue from the sale of food and souvenirs.

  1. Dance Competition Business

If you love dancing, have the passion for the arts and feel that you can put together a dance team that can compete with other dance teams, then you can start your own dance team competition business. However, like several other forms of businesses, you will need to take certain factors into consideration before starting your own dance team competition.

Once you have put together the team that you feel will help you attain your goals and objectives, you need to start preparing by setting schedules and traveling for competitions so that your team can get well organized.

  1. Party Supply Business

Party rental business is one of the many business ideas that can possibly thrive all across the globe. The truth is that anyone who intends to organize a party would need to rent party supplies because it is not the norm for people to stock up large quantities of plates, spoons, tents and other stuffs used in parties.

A party supply rental business requires reasonable startup capital, but it is indeed a money spinning business if it is well located and if you are able to purchase large quantities of party supplies.

  1. Laser Tag Game Center Business

If you have flair for video games and the likes and you are looking for a business to establish, you should think towards starting a laser tag center business. Starting a laser tag business in an area that has loads of laser tag cum games lovers but fewer laser tag and video game centers can be very lucrative.

Laser tag is a global sport and people who love the game will always look for ways to play the game much more than watching people play it. The real deal in starting a laser tag arena whether outdoor or indoor is securing a big facility that would include spectators’ stand, changing room, and enough parking space.

  1. Music Distribution Business

Distribution in the music industry or rather digital distribution (also called content delivery, online distribution, or electronic software distribution (ESD), among others) is the delivery or distribution of media content such as audio, video, software and video games.

A music distribution company signs deals with record labels or artists which then gives them the right to sell their music to shops. A distributor can only sell to shops that have an account with the distributor. Put simply, the distributing company act as a middleman between the artist/record label and the store.

  1. Songwriting Business

Do not be deceived, it is not every musician that churns out hits that knows how to write the songs; even the ones that know how to write sometimes have people write songs for them. So if you do not know how to sing, but can write, that in itself is a business idea that could become another stream of income for you. And the more hit songs you write, the more your clientele will increase and the more you can charge and earn.

  1. Baby Shower Chair Rental Business

Baby showers have come to stay and loads of couples and expectant mothers are embracing this trend. This goes to show that this is indeed a thriving business. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you should consider starting a baby shower chair rental business if indeed you need a business that won’t take much of your time.

One good thing about baby shower chair rental business is that most often than not, your presence may not be needed as long as you have a competent team handling the business for you. Besides a good percent of baby showers are done during weekends and if you are lucky to keep a 9 to 5 job that you only work Mondays to Fridays, you can successfully run a baby shower chair rental business.

  1. Tent Rental Business

There are several business opportunities that an aspiring entrepreneur who is still keeping a paid employment can run without leaving their jobs and one of such opportunities is starting a tent rental business. One good thing about the tent rental business is that your presence may not be needed as long as you have a competent team handling the business for you.

Besides, a good percentage of events such as wedding ceremonies, parties and most social events are done during weekends and if you are lucky not to be working during weekends, you can successfully start a tent rental business. The truth is that most of the basic skills needed to effectively run a tent rental business are some of the soft skills you are likely going to acquire in your work place.

  1. Music Streaming Business

The advent of computer and the internet has made a lot of things easy to accomplish from the comfort of your home. Many can now shop online, book appointments online, open bank accounts online, and do a host of other things. One innovation which a lot of folks have begun to cash in on recently is music streaming services (Spotify). If you fall amongst the folks described earlier who are passionate about making money online, then you just might want to consider starting your own music streaming service business.

  1. Water Park Business

Creating a business that targets children and adults is one sure way of making money especially if the business is laced with all that is required for them to have fun. The real deal in starting a water park business is securing a facility that is large enough to contain water play facilities and other outdoor games for children, and also a place where parents/guardians can hangout while their wards play.

It should be in a location that can attract the kind of clients that would pay to make use of your water park. It might take you months to get an ideal facility, so it is better you inform your real estate agent well in advance to help you with the search.

  1. Music Blog Business

Blogging business is a mega bucks business, because it generates a lot of followership and brings traction to your blog site- which is what advertisers are looking for. As a result of this huge traffic, advertisers would be willing to pay millions just to have their products and services listed on your blog. Mind you, if you know your onions, you will be doing this at a very minimal overhead cost.

It also does take patience and time to reach the very zenith of the journey when it comes to music blogging. As such, you must be ready to be devoted to this course. When you do all that that is expected of you, then you can be assured of success.

  1. Escape Room Business

If you are passionate about solving boredom problems among young adults and even older people, then you should think towards starting your own escape room business. Your aim of starting this business should be geared towards taking the stress off people, getting them to socialize and make them happy.

Since escape rooms came into the limelight, tons of unique and interesting games have been designed and more will still be designed. In case you don’t know, most escape rooms cum gaming centers start making profits within few months of establishment. This goes to show you how profitable the business can be.