Do you want to start a gutter cleaning company from scratch with no money? Or you need a sample gutter cleaning business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

Most home owners prefer using the services of gutter cleaning companies to clean up the gutters in their homes for a pay instead of doing the cleaning themselves. The gutter cleaning company comes to clean up the gutters, clear debris and dirt from the gutter for a pay.

The gutter cleaning job is not as nasty and dangerous as most people think. You can build a business offering the service and make good money since the services of a gutter cleaning companies are high on demand now. You can charge as much as $200 or more for a cleaning service you offer.

Before going into how to set up a gutter cleaning business, I will mention two easy gutter cleaning system you can adopt to your business, and the final paragraph will focus on tips that will help your gutter cleaning service.

Two Cleaning Systems You Can Adopt

There are many ways to clean up a gutter; but I think these two are the easiest so far, that why am including them in this article;

  • Using a Blowing Machine-: This is the easiest method I know; and it involves using leaf blower to blow off debris and dirt from gutters. You can get the job done in less than 30 minutes with this blowing method. The only disadvantage is that you can’t use this method if the gutter is wet; because you will end up splashing stains on the walls.
  • Scooping Method-: This method involves the use of a gutter scooper to pick up debris and clean the gutters. It is best to use this system if the gutter is wet; this method takes a longer time than the blowing method, but you will do a better job using this method especially if it’s a wet gutter you are working on.

Starting a Gutter Cleaning Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Register a Business Name-: Some individuals offer this service without registering a Business Name; but it is better to run the business as a legal entity because it will make you look more credible to your customers and you can charge them more as a company depending on how you package your deal. Here is a sample cleaning service business plan template you can use for FREE.

2. Order for the Necessary Equipments-: You need the following equipments to carry out your gutter cleaning services better: leaf blower, trash cans, ladder 32 inches, ropes, scooper, bucker, and a means of transportation to get your equipments to your work site, likely a truck.

3. Advertise your Business-: The easiest means of advertising your gutter cleaning business is via door to door; that is going house to house in a neighbourhood to inform people of your gutter cleaning services and to drop your contact information with them.

Depending on your presentation skill and your ability to convince people, you can get a good number of clients this way. Word of mouth adverts to friends and acquaintances can still get you a job or two. As I promised, this last section of the article will focus on tips that will help you successfully run your gutter cleaning services.

5 Tips for Running a Gutter Cleaning Company Successfully

a. Inspect a Job before Billing-: Always inspect the work you have to do before giving your client a price quote. Some people may contact you on phone and insist that you tell them the price range for your services, tell the person that price quote is given after the job is inspected. The normal price for one foot single story gutter is between $1 to $1.50, that is why you need to see the gutter, to enable you calculate the foot measurement and multiple it by the price of a foot.

b. Be Safety Conscious-: Gutter cleaning is a little bit dangerous job and you have to be safety conscious all the time to avoid accidents. You must always put on protective gears when working, including gloves, and eye glass to shield your eyes. Avoid picking dirt up from the gutter with your bare hands; it is not hygienic at all and you can get injured by sharp objects littered inside the gutter.

c. Avoid Working During Bad Weathers-: Gutter cleaning is a seasonal job, and most people prefer to clean up their gutters just before the winter period and you may have to work into the winter period to meet up with orders. Stop working if you notice that the weather is bad; example if it is raining or when snow is falling; to avoid slipping off. You can always reschedule your job to a later date due to bad weather. If that is the case, always call your customer to inform him or her of the situation of things, to maintain your business integrity.

d. Make Every Hour Count-: As I mentioned before now, this gutter cleaning business is a seasonal business. Works start coming in just before the winter period and it may last for a month or less, so you have to make every hour count. Head to your first place of work once it is done and take at least three to five jobs before the end of the day.

This way, you will cover a lot of jobs and make more money before the season is over. If you can get other trustworthy employees on contract bases to handle the extra work load you have, you will cover more jobs when other workers are involved.

e. Offer Additional Services-: You can add other related services to gutter cleaning to make more money. For instance, trimming of tree limbs growing off the roof, repairs and replacement of worn out gutters, installation of gutter guard and helmet to prevent large debris from getting into the gutter.

In conclusion, since the gutter cleaning business is a seasonal business that lasts for a short period of time, you can start the business to make enough money to invest in another business venture which will keep your occupied till the next season for gutter cleaning comes.

Ajaero Tony Martins