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50 Best Summer Business ideas You Can Start Today

An Ice Cream Cart is an Example of a Summer Business idea

Do you want to earn extra income this summer but you don’t know what business to start? If YES, here are 50 amazing small business ideas for summer season.

More and more people are considering starting a home based business in the summer and for good reasons too – extra bucks. Starting a home business however even though almost anyone can do it, is really for people who love taking risks and working hard.

Why Start a Business in the Summer Season?

Summer is one of the most popular seasons where seasonal businesses are being run due to the different types of business opportunities that are available during this period.

The garden need work, the children need looking after, families are going for vacations, and almost everyone requires a cold refreshing drink.

The summer is often a time that is filled with sunshine, lots of celebrations and travels, but savvy entrepreneurs just see this period as leading to a variety of new business opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you are going to do the business part time, or if you just want to make extra money

There are many lucrative businesses that can fetch you extra income during the summer months. Most of the businesses except for some don’t usually require huge capital. Below is a list of business ideas and opportunities for the summer, that you can get up and running:

Best Business ideas for Summer Season

1. Pool Maintenance

This is a season which most people like to spend in the pool and because of this usually require someone who can help keep the pool clean and keep the pool up to code. Running this kind of business is quite inexpensive, and only requires a bit of equipment and know-how.

This kind of business can be operated from home; all you need to do is set up appointments at residences, apartment complexes and hotels.

You would need to create publicity so that people could be aware of your services and reach out to you. Ensure you post posters around your target market area, and also pass out fliers, with your cell number printed on it.

2. Lawn and Yard Maintenance

Lawn Mowing Business

The summer is a period, more than the other seasons, where a lot more work than usual goes into maintaining the yard to ensure that it is good looking. Most people do not have the time, mainly due to personal and other reasons to carry out a thorough maintenance on their lawns, so they are always willing to pay someone else the extra to carry out the task for them.

The good thing about this business is that it can keep you busy all over the summer, especially if people are aware of your business. You can also make extra money by offering landscape, weed pulling, or any other yard maintenance services.

3. Child Care

Daycare Business

During the summer most kids are usually out of school, and would need someone to look after them, tutor them, or take them to all their summer activities, as most parents don’t usually have the time. If you are good with children, then you can offer your services during this period.

You can even travel with the kids if they are supposed to, or offer transportation services to help out the busy parents. Because this involves children, parents might need to carry out a security or background check on you, especially as the kids will often be with you for most of this period. Before starting out this business, ensure that you are squeaky clean.

4. Cold Food and Beverage Sales

Snow Cone Business

Summertime for some people denotes cool lemonade stands, but this doesn’t mean that you limit yourself as an entrepreneur to just selling lemonades. You can have a stand that sells ice cream, snow cones, cold bottle of water, and many other such items.

You could take your stand to anywhere there is a local event that is guaranteed to bring in lots of traffic. Ensure you r drinks are hygienic, and since you will be having other competition, make sure your stand is easily distinguishable, either through a unique name or color.

5. Barbecue Catering

BBQ Catering Business

Barbecuing is so much fun especially during the summer and if you are one that loves food. The food service is always a booming industry no matter the season, what matters is that you sell what applies to that season. If you feel you are good at the grill, then maybe this business is for you.

However, you need not limit yourself to the streets or local events, if you’ve got great marketing skills, you could offer your services at outdoor summer gatherings, or special occasions.

6. Water Sports Instructor

Summer time is usually a time for most people to go to their local beaches, or travel to other beaches. Some of this people might not just want to lie on the beach and soak in the sun, some might want learn new water skills such as surfing and waterskiing.

If you possess such skill and also live near the beach, this could be an opportunity for you to provide lessons for tourists in the area. You would need to possess charisma and have a great set of confidence around you, so that people could trust your abilities, or even that parents could allow you teach their children.

7. Home Rentals

Since people love to travel during the summer, some will definitely want a place to stay that isn’t a motel or hotel. If you live in a city that people usually travel to, or you live close to the beach, you could engage in the home rental business.

You would need to know a couple of people in your neighborhood that would be traveling, and wouldn’t mind renting out their homes to incoming tourists.

You could also rent out your home as well. This kind of business requires you being smart, if you would be helping others rent out their homes, you’d have to decide on a commission that will be fair to you.

8. Car Washing

Car Wash Business

Even though car washes abide everywhere, people are always looking for cheap ways their cars can be washed. This is a service for any entrepreneur who doesn’t want an overhead. You just have to let people be aware of your car washing business, especially your neighbors.

You could offer different car washing packages, such as basic washing services, or detailing services for people that really want the insides of their vehicles cleaned out.

9. Face Painting

The summertime is usually a time for events and fairs; this is also a time where creative entrepreneurs can get business opportunities, depending on the skill possessed, to make extra bucks. If you have an artistic flair, you could become a professional face painter at art fairs, and festivals.

You could start this business with your family and friends; painting their faces for festivals, and have them use that to create awareness for your business.

10. Party Entertainer

Become a Professional Clown

The summer is usually a time for parties, from that of the children to that of the young adults and adults. You could offer your services as a party entertainer especially in children’s party by offering to be a clown or a juggler.

You would not only be entertaining the children, but keeping the adults interested as well, and opening up more business opportunities.

You do not have to limit yourself to being a clown or a juggler; you could try out simple magic tricks that would keep your audience engaged. Ensure that you are really good at what you do.

11. Caricature Artist

A caricature is a rendered image that shows the features of its subject in an exaggerated or simplified way. A caricature is usually done through sketches, pencil strokes, or any other artistic drawing. As an entrepreneur you could ply your caricature business at events, children birthday parties, fairs, and carnivals.

You would need to be creative and also artistic. You also have to ensure that your caricatures are unique and that people would be willing to pay for it.

12. Firecracker Stand

There are certain times of the year when firecrackers are usually needed; one time is the fourth of July which falls during the summer period. People often purchase fireworks to celebrate.

However, if you intend to start this business, you would need to be aware of the various laws concerning the use and sale of firecrackers, especially in the city you are operating in. this does not however mean that you won’t make enough profit during this period, once you meet all the regulations.

13. Smoothie Stand

Fruit and Smoothie Shop

Smoothies are drinks that are considered as versatile due to a combination of base ingredients such as yogurt and fruits or veggies and added nutrients.

Smoothies are often served at fitness centers, and at stand-alone shops. As an entrepreneur going into this business, you would need to establish your business structure with a certified accountant that has an experience with the food business.

Before choosing a location for your smoothie business, ensure you know how other smoothie shops operate during the summer. Ensure you check their menus, also noting the prices too.

14. Water Raft Excursions

This is a low cost mini adventure trip that almost anyone can participate in, especially during the summer where people are likely to participate in such kind of adventures.

You can advertise your services to families, and other kinds of clients, and ensure that you offer them packages that will separate you from other competitors.

Apart from summer time, you can still offer your services during other seasons by advertising to schools, corporate organizations as well as the general public.

15. Music Lessons

Summer is usually a time for kids and young adults to learn new skills and stuffs. If you are good in music or any musical instrument, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to ensure that your skills earn you money during this period.

You would need to advertise your services in places where your target market are likely to see it and offer interesting packages that might make them want to sign up. If you also have another entrepreneur who is musically inclined, that you can team up with to offer services, it would help move your business and ensure you both earn good money during the summer.

16. Selling Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the joy for summer gardeners and cooks. This is always a good time to have a tomato stand and sell off some tomatoes.

Now, you might not have grown these tomatoes, but with your skill as an entrepreneur, you should find out what should work for you.

For instance, you could approach various garden farmers with different varieties of tomatoes, and offer to sell for them for a fee.

This would mean that your tomato stand will have different varieties, and will also attract more customers, since you might likely have the variety they would need.

17. Graffiti Removal

Graffiti isn’t decorative art, but an act of vandalism. Looking around, you are likely to see graffiti in a number of places, from homes, building offices, to fences; which makes the reliable removal an in-demand service.

It can be overwhelming when homeowners and business owners try to remove it themselves, and would rather pay someone to do it on their behalf.

Offer your services, as this doesn’t require any prior experience on your part. All you need is to be quick at learning the art of graffiti removal and also the different chemicals involved. This is a low startup cost business.

18. Yard Sale Organizer

Planning a yard sale is like planning for an event, it takes a lot of work in the days leading to the event. However, unlike certain events that might likely drain your pocket, yard sales put money into the pocket.

The key to any yard sale is being an organizer. As an entrepreneur, you go could offer your services by helping people organize their yard sales for a fee.

This would include helping to put up a good signage that would attract people to the yard sales. Ensure that the owner of the yard sales’ home is safe from buyers. If you successfully organize good yard sales, you will likely be called on by more people to offer your services.

19. Produce Stand

Fruit Vegetable Store in an Open Market

A produce stand is a great way at selling produce from your garden or small farm. Your produce could be fruits and vegetables.

A produce stand is often a direct link to the customers without the middlemen. The location of any produce stand is very important as it would be bad for you to place your stand on a turnpike, where people might not want to slow down due to the fear of being struck from the rear.

Also, find out which direction has the heaviest traffic, so that it will be convenient for the drivers and they do not have to cross the oncoming lane to reach your stand. Also place signs on both sides of the road.

20. Fishing Guide

Being a fishing guide is the greatest summer job for any entrepreneur. However, this business requires that you become the best fisherman by learning all you can about fishing tactics and techniques, and also by studying the biology and behavior of the species that you want to fish for.

As a fishing guide, you won’t be required to fish, but teach paying clients how to fish, by taking them out on the water, being an instructor, and sometimes helping with the basics like choosing the fly, tying the necessary knots, teaching the client how to cast, and also pointing to where the fish is.

21. Balloon Animal Creator

Balloon animal creator or balloon twisters are a great form of entertainment to kids and adults at any event either at kids’ parties, festivals or at fairs.

Balloon twisters have to be creative at what they do, and might double as other acts, such as magician or juggler, to provide more entertainment.

You would have to be smart to do this business, and will often have to think of creative ways of twisting the balloon to keep the audience entertained. This is a low cost business that you can start anytime during the summer.

22. Fresh Cut Flowers

Many offices and homes like to have fresh cut flowers and would not mind paying for a floral arrangement delivery each week.

This is a great market for any entrepreneur as it will provide a consistent revenue stream. Additionally it exposes you to more clients.

You can also build relationships with local florists and supermarkets who can buy your plants. The key in this kind of business is to establish your specialty.

You would have to decide if you want to be fresh cutting only certain plants, or if you prefer to showcase your skills in designing the flowers.

23. Snorkeling Lessons

Snorkeling is a great way of earning extra bucks during the summer, especially if you live around or close to the beach, where locals and tourists are likely to flock to during the summer. You would have to be qualified and also passionate about your skills to be able to offer your services.

As an entrepreneur starting out, you do not need much equipment or to exhaust all your funds to start this business. All you need are a few compressors, one or two boats, and few sets of scuba gear.

24. Backpacking Business

The backpacking business is a good business for any lover of nature entrepreneur. There are always a series of nature lovers who sign up to be guided on vacations through the mountains, from vacation crowd, juvenile courts to corporations. Some corporations use backpacking weekends to bring their teams closer together.

This business is not only good for an entrepreneur; it is guaranteed to bring in money not only at summers but at certain – not all – seasons of the year. You would need to know about trails, nature, plants, and animals.

25. Photography

During the summer, more people are likely to want their shots taken as a memory for the kind of summer they had. As a smart entrepreneur you could offer your services to tourists and locals during this period. You do not even have to limit yourself to certain places; you could be at occasions and events too, offering your services.

You would need a good camera and be aware of settings that would be required for each shot, as you might be required to take some shots at dusk, or night. You would have to be proficient to pull this kind of business off, but it is likely to bring in big bucks for you.

26. Tailoring

Sewing Business

During the summer, most young people usually want trendy wears that they could wear at the beach or summer parties, if you are skilled and creative, you could go into this business of stitching together pieces that will ensure you make a steady stream of income.

The good thing about this business is that you can make income all year round from this kind of business. You could also offer to stitch up torn clothes as part of your services. You would have to be proficient in the use of needles, and sewing machines.

27. Used Book Sales

The summer is a time for people to engage in whatever activity they like, some like to stay holed up somewhere reading. If you go into the business of selling or renting used books, you could make extra money for yourself this season.

All you need to do is ensure that you source for your books at places like the public library, where you are guaranteed to get the books cheap. You also have to source for books that are likely to be demanded for. Ensure people know about your business, by pasting posters at the appropriate places and hang-outs.

28. Tour Guide

Tour Guide Business

If you like being around people and imparting trivia to them, you can as well be a tour guide. Becoming a tour guide means that you would have to know about the areas you intend to offer your services in, and research on facts that are likely to keep your audience entertained and informed.

However, you should be aware that not all areas are suited for this kind of business, so you would have to carry out a research on spots where people like to frequent more, and ply your trade there for extra money.

29. Picnic Baskets

The summer time is a time for families, friends, and lovers to go on a picnic. The picnic can be anywhere, and is not usually for a short duration, that is it can take the whole day. Due to this, most people usually go with a picnic basket so as to have something to nibble on when hungry. A picnic basket usually contains an assortment of food and liquids.

Going into this business, you can decide to offer your customers various kinds of picnic baskets especially now that more people are becoming vegetarians. You could have different picnic baskets for children, adults, families, vegetarians, and so on.

30. CSA Farm

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct farm business and a method of growing and distributing food where the farmer sells the season’s crops in advance of the growing season to individuals who are called shareholders. Once production begins, the shareholders receive a portion of the harvest on a weekly basis throughout the growing period.

If you’ve got a farmer and you are an entrepreneur, you could go into this business, and earn extra bucks whilst doing so.

31. Vendor of Handmade Goods

If you are skilled in marketing, then this is a business for you. Not every creative person, or those skilled in crafts have the ability to market their own creations and this is where you come in. you can help sell off this handmade goods and get your commission at the end of every sales.

This is a business that doesn’t need any amount for you to start up with. All you need is to be able to convince tourists and locals to buy the products.

32. Selling Sweet Corn

Sweet corn booms during the summer period, especially as it is a favorite for barbecues and other favorite dishes during this period. This means that if you want something to be able to being in the extra income during the summer period, and you have a large acre of land, then you should consider planting sweet corn, for sales during the summer.

You would need to let people be aware of your sweet corn business, and offer discounts to those who refer people as a way of carving out a share of the market for your business.

33. Sports Equipment Rentals

Proving an opportunity for customers to rent out sporting equipment during the summer period can allow you make some extra money during this period.

However, prior to starting this business, you would need to carry out a research on how other sporting rentals are making it, and what their niche is.

Ensure that you have a good business plan from this business, and that you are located in an attractive and accessible spot. This kind of business is one that can be done in all kinds of seasons; which is why you would need to be thorough before starting out.

34. Food Truck

Start a Food Truck Business

According to a research report from IBISWorld, the street food business which includes mobile food trucks and non-mechanized carts is a $1 billion industry that has seen an 8.4 percent growth rate from 2007 to 2012. It is regarded as a business that is very entrepreneurial.

People patronize food trucks because it is inexpensive compared to restaurants. However, before you decide on what food to sell, you would need to consider how you want to sell them and the types of food you will want to sell. You would also need to carry out a research to start this business.

35. Rug Cleaning

Before starting a rug cleaning business, you would need to have gained experience as an apprentice or one that has worked for a cleaning company.

The experience will likely provide you with customer skill service, and also with the knowledge how to clean different kinds of rugs, as well as run your own business.

This will also let you know of the equipment that you would need in cleaning the rugs, before attempting to offer your services to potential customers.

36. Organizing Sports Clinics

Every year thousands of people inclusive of children all attend numerous sport camps across North America. This means that if you decide to start a sports camp, it has the potential to be a very profitable business venture, and be a whole lot of fun too.

The theme of your sports camp can vary from baseball to gymnastics, basketball, and just about any sports. There are many requirements to starting this kind of business, which includes safety and liability issues, special skills, equipment and location, and experience.

This is not to deter any determined entrepreneur but to encourage them to carry out a feasibility study on this kind of business.

37. Errand Service

Serious errand runners can make good extra income from this kind of business if they are serious. People that usually require errand runners are seniors, bed ridden individuals, and busy people who are not able to carry out the errand as at when they want to.

You are likely to run a number of errands during the summer period. To get started, you will have to decide on the legal structure and name of your business. You will also need insurance, a cell phone and a reliable means of transport to get you and your customers to whatever errands you might need to run.

38. Swimming Lessons

Swim School Business

The swimming lessons business can be a bit complicated and costly to start, but if you limit yourself to just the summer, you are likely not to invest a lot of money, while making some money as well.

During the summer, there are children and kids of toddler age that you might be required to teach. If you are careful with your overhead and have good publicity, you can generate good income during the summer.

39. House Sitting

House sitting services are ones that offer security and confidence to those that will be traveling out of town for a short or extended period, either for business or pleasure.

There are usually many people who travel out for summer, and some of these people usually require someone that would house sit for them, which could include a lot of activities such as bringing in the newspapers, mails, taking care of pets, or simply providing a presence that will deter criminal activity.

Before starting this service, ensure you get insurance, before starting to market your services. Also ensure that, you partner with travel agents and veterinarians for networking opportunities.

40. Boat Rentals

Boat Rental Business

Some people like to go out on the water during the summer, either to fish or just to have a quiet time on the boat, and most of these people don’t usually have their own boats, and will be required to rent one for any water activity they want to indulge in.

You could go into this business, and make money for yourself. Ensure that you print colorful brochures and distribute them to motels, hotels, and tourist attractions. The brochures should contain information such as your rates and size of boats.

41. Bake Sales

Even though the term is always associated with charity works, you can still indulge in selling some baked goods and making money over the summer.

Not all bake sales are for charity purposes. Before starting this business, ensure that you carry out a research to know what kind of baked food, people will usually prefer during this period. Also, ensure that your goods are displayed where there is a high amount of traffic.

42. Growing Watermelon

Watermelons are such a cool fruit for the summer weather, and so there are usually a lot of people trying to buy the fruit or the juice. Whether you are a grower or just one who is into sales, this is a period where you can make money off watermelon.

Ensure that you have a stand for your watermelons, and that it is placed in a place filled with high traffic, and where people might see the fruits.

43. Summer Camp

Summer Camp Business

Running a summer camp is regarded as a noble endeavor. Summer camps usually impart skills and values to all types of children. Well run summer camps are usually effective in executing their missions – religious, sports, boot camp etc running a summer camp requires the same talent and skills that will be used for any other type of business.

If you are starting this business, you would need to think of activities and qualified personnel that will engage the campers, and have insurance as well, especially as you will be handling a large number of children.

44. Boat Cleaning

Boating is a popular part time hobby  for those that live close to a body of water, and also have the income to own and operate a boat. Even though most cleaning services are usually considered competitive, the boat cleaning service is a niche area. The boat cleaning is usually divided into two major categories, preventative maintenance and detailing.

As an entrepreneur, you would need to decide if you can offer both services, as preventative measures often require scuba diving qualification, while detailing requires no qualification at all. Both kinds of cleaning are usually in high demand.

45. Selling Tourist Gifts

During the summer, people are more likely to purchase accessories for fun sake or for memories. You could engage in this business by having a lot of keepsake that relates to your town that you feel tourists wouldn’t mind paying for and taking back with them.

This could range from hand made goods to rocks, seashells to bracelets. It all depends on how strong your marketing skills are, and if your products are unique enough.

46. Freelance Services

Freelance services could range from anything such as writing, editing, copy marketing, graphics designer, photography and so many others. You could engage in whichever of the business you are skilled at. Ensure that people know of your services and that your number is printed on all fliers and posters, so that they would be able to reach out to you.

47. House Cleaning

House Cleaning Business

This is a task that most people hate carrying out, and so would usually prefer one who can do it for them while they concentrate on other things.

As a smart entrepreneur, you could offer your services to these kinds of clients, and help them keep their houses clean. The good thing about this kind of business is that it can be operated all year round and is not just limited to the summer.

Ensure that you are aware of several chemicals that can be used when home cleaning, ones that clean away stains on the floors and walls. Market your services aggressively, and ensure that your clients refer your services to their own friends.

48. Trail Rides

A trail riding business can be operated in several ways; you can either supply the horses or allow clients to bring their own. The rides can be supervised if the terrain is treacherous or the clients can be allowed to roam freely in safe areas. The approaches can be mixed depending on the client’s requirement and experience.

No formal training is required to start a trail riding business; however, starting an extensive riding background and experience caring for horses would be very beneficial.

49. House Painting

House painting business is a cheap and easy business to start up. Before you start this business, you will have to ensure that you create a business plan,, determine what you will specialize in, and create a company image that not only sets you apart from your competitors but also attract your target market.

You will also need equipment and supplies such as ladder, paint trays, drop clothes, sprayer, face mask, scaffolding, amongst other items.

Once you have started this business, build a portfolio and share it with prospective clients, and if you have no portfolio, start with friends and families, and work your way up from there.

50. Pet Sitting

For entrepreneurs that love anything furry, finned, and feathered, this is a profession they will totally love. A professional pet sitter cares for the pets of other people while they are away for a fee. This could be for a short period, like in a day; or a longer period, like during the holidays or during a business trip.

There will always be plenty of pets who need sitting especially for those who would be traveling away during the summer and will not take their pet with them. This is a business you can make fast bucks from during the summer. This business can also be done in other seasons too, so you can make money all year round.

In conclusion, starting a summer business is a great way to earn some quality passive income, and might even turn into a full time business, if you focus on growing it. Moreover, if you choose a business you are interested in, it can become a ton of fun for you as well.