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50 Best Christmas Business ideas You Can Start Today

Christmas Business ideas

Do you want to start a business and make money from Xmas festive seasons? If YES, here are 50 best lucrative Christmas business ideas. 

The Christmas time is a holiday season where most people often think of having fun, going for a holiday and completely relaxing from the stress gotten all year round from school, work and businesses. While most people see this as an opportunity to rest and bond with their families, others see this period as a time to make money that might tide them till after the Christmas break.

These entrepreneurs are often thinking of creative ways that they can make money during the Christmas period. Also, most parts in America often witness now during this period which makes it a good enough reason for any innovative entrepreneur to come up with money making ideas.

There are so many things people like to buy during these periods, so many places people love to visit, and so many recipes plus traditional dishes that people are willing to try out.

Why Start a Business During the Christmas Season?

So, if you are thinking of starting a business during Christmas this year that is lucrative, but are thinking of the right business idea or you do not think your business idea might be lucrative enough, then this list below might give you an insight into some lucrative ideas, but you are implored to carry out your own research as regards the business you are interested in.

If you need a lucrative business idea for this year’s Christmas or other Christmases and you are enterprising enough, then you might do well to consider some of those that will be listed below. Most of the ideas listed below would make you nice cash, you would however, need to look carefully through these lucrative ideas and choose that which suits you.

Best Christmas Business ideas

1. Errand Service for Seniors

Seniors usually have a hard time carrying on with their day-to-day chores such as cleaning, going to the Grocery Store and such other errands like that. The Christmas period can often be a difficult time for them especially as there would be more energetic shoppers, something these seniors cannot handle.

The baby boomer population is expected to continue growing, as statistics as of 2008, put 1 out of 8 Americans at over 65. This goes to show that the business is one that can only bring you good profit.

Start by checking out the seniors in your area, by knocking on their doors and letting them know of your services. Ensure that your contact information is boldly written so that they can call you when they need your services. This is a business that can be an all year round one but will boom especially during Christmas.

2. Christmas Light Installer

Everyone loves a brightly decorated house especially during Christmas, when the lights are expertly hung but not many people enjoy carrying out the chore. Also, even though most businesses are obligated to put up decorations during the Christmas season, it is not an activity that many look forward to.

Becoming a Christmas light installer is such great ways to earn money at Christmas especially if you are one that is good with your hands, are good with decorations and can afford to climb to certain heights.

3. Handcraft Items

Art and Craft Business ideas

If you can craft anything at all and have some design qualities, or are creative with your designs, then this is totally a period where you can create things like stockings, shawls and sell online.

The Christmas period often sees an explosion in the sale of stockings which is mostly used to stock gifts over the fireplace or a shawl or even gloves due to the cold hard weather. Selling your crafts could be a booming business for you this period.

There are so many available marketplaces online where you can sell your crafts, all you need to do is research on that which might gain more popularity for you and your work, and be ready to cater to those that are not within your area or state.

4. Unique Gift Baskets

During the Christmas periods, there are always more people exchanging gifts via gift baskets than in any other season especially as the season is characterized as that of giving. If you are one that can make gift baskets and are quite creative about what to put into each basket, then it is high time you consider going into this business during Christmas to earn some extra bucks.

You can create a niche for yourself and make gift baskets for females only, males only, family-oriented, and so on. This would make it easy for those who do not want to give too much thought into picking a gift for their loved one. Your gift basket could also accommodate unique crafts and items making your business stand out from others.

5. Party Entertainer

During the Christmas season, more people are likely to host parties than usual and half of these are usually parties for children and young ones. Such parties often need someone who can keep the little kids engaged with tricks such as light magic tricks, ball juggling, and other such tricks. Also, it’d be a mighty plus if you can sing or dance.

If you know you have such talents, this is not a period to allow it go to waste. You should check out how many parties are likely to hold in your neighborhood, and how many you would want to attend.

6. Personal Trainer

Most people are always cooped in during the Christmas period, eating delicacies and lazily trying not to get into anything too tedious. This is usually a time people ply on more weight due to less activity than normal and more eating. If you are one into fitness, then it might be time to take your innovativeness another notch.

In putting together an exercise regime, you would need to ensure that they are suitable for the Christmas period as not all regimes are suitable for the period due to most places experiencing winter. You can put up videos on YouTube and have people pay to get one.

7. Jewelry Maker

If you have always had a penchant for jewelries, then it is high time you make your own jewelries and sell them during the Christmas period. The Christmas period is usually a time when mothers want to get jewelries for their daughters, mothers or friends, or husbands for their wives, daughters, mothers or friend.

The jewelry field is a vast one which means that you can decide to go into making simple jewelries or large pieces that are complicated and expensive. In making this business grow, ensure that you advertise your jewelry pieces in online marketplaces. You can also drop some of your jewelries at local stores.

8. Event Organizer

During the Christmas period, there are often lots of events that are usually put up. The events could range from a casual affair to a serious one that has lots of personalities and celebrities showing up to attend. If you have had any experience about planning events, then the Christmas period should be a time for you to make more money from your abilities.

During the Christmas period, prices of stuffs are always going up and so if you do not have any experience in this field, it might be difficult for you especially as vendors will cater to event organizers they know first. You could start by organizing small events and parties for friends and families and then build your resume from there.

9. Vacation Rental Owner

During the Christmas period, most people are usually traveling to places to either enjoy the sites or be away from the city buzz and so if you have a cabin in such areas, or a spare room, you can let it out during the period for a fee. Sites like Airbnb are places where you could advertise your vacation home or room to those who would be interested.

This is something that would fetch you a nice sum of money. Ensure that you start advertising way before Christmas, that way you would have a chance at picking those you prefer to lease your property to.

 10. Travel Planner

The Christmas period is usually one that sees a lot of people travelling to exotic destinations. These usually require a good amount of planning as most travelers do not know of the places they intend visiting before they do so, which is where you come in as a travel planner.

A travel planner is one that helps those who plan to travel plan their vacation, from flight fares, accommodation, car rentals, and the best places to visit all for a fee. This means that as a travel planner, you must have an idea of major locations and must be quick at researching unknown locations for your clients.

 11. Christmas Tree Farmer

Christmas Tree Farming Business

If you got a small acre and are thinking of ways you might make money from it, then consider becoming a Christmas tree farmer. Christmas trees are a low maintenance crop that can produce steady income for you, especially if you plant a portion of your acre with new trees every year.

Before starting a Christmas tree farm, ensure you carry out a research on the most popular tree species that people likely buy. If you do most of the labor work yourself, then you will get to make most profit from your trees when they are ready for harvest.

 12. Wreath Maker

At Christmas, almost every door has a wreath on it. This is because a wreath is seen as a traditional part of celebrating Christmas. However, even though a wreath might seem so simple, not everyone can make them as some prefer to purchase from stores, and because they are usually so affordable, most people prefer to buy rather than make.

This is a business that could make you some money as an innovative entrepreneur. If you know someone who has a Christmas tree farm or even own one yourself, and you are creative with your hands, then this might be the business for you, especially as you can make up to 8 wreaths an hour if you are experienced.

 13. Design and Sale of Christmas Cards

The Christmas period is usually a time where people give greeting cards. Most of the cards are usually followed by the gifts themselves or a flower and so sale of cards during this period usually booms. Unlike times past, where designing a card might have been difficult, nowadays, with the help of a computer, this is a fairly easy business to go into.

Some designers usually choose a niche for themselves like designing witty Christmas cards, romantic Christmas cards and so on. Whatever niche you feel would be a fit for you in this business is one that you should go with.

 14. Gourmet Bakery

Christmas is often a period where people love to eat hot cookies straight from the oven. If you have been trying out recipes that has had members of your families as well as friends rave about, then it is high time you make money out of your skills at Christmas.

Even though everyone loves cookies, not everyone are willing or able to make some for themselves and so starting this business will mean you earning some quick bucks during Christmas. However, you would need to promote your business especially before Christmas by passing out your handbills and fliers in your target area. Also, ensure that you target businesses too.

 15. Sale of Christmas Souvenirs

Christmas is usually a time when people travel from where they reside to other places usually places that have a tourist attraction. If you reside in such a town that pulls in tourists especially during Christmas period, then this might be your opportunity to kick start a business that would earn you enormous profit.

People are usually looking to take home souvenir items either as a gift for a love one or to remind them of the wonderful time they had. If you have odd stuffs that represent your town then you could sell these stuffs to tourists and make a nice amount of money during this period.

 16. Sale of Stuffed Toys

More children usually receive more toys during Christmas than usual, especially if these kids grow up in a large family. Toys are stuffs that kids are never tired of and so every now and then especially during the Christmas period, children often demand for toys to add to their toy collection.

This is an easy business for you to go into especially if you are good with your hands and are creative. Sewing stuffed toys for children will mean you would need a huge imagination and might need to make the toys as colorful as possible. Ensure that you approach local shops with your stuffed toys, and also ensure you try to sell them online.

 17. Skiing Instructor

During the Christmas season, most towns usually experience snow and if you live in such a town, are fit and good at skiing, then it is probably time you start this business during that period. Most holiday people looking to ski are often those that are inexperienced or amateurs and so often need someone to teach them.

You can create a package where services will differ according to the fees paid. You would need to partner with a ski rental stores as well as resorts so that they could tell those looking to rent or needing an instructor of you.

 18. Towing Services

In most areas, Christmas is usually heralded by snows and this means an inconvenience for those that own cars most times as cars often get stuck up in snow or refuse to start. Owning a towing gear might be capital intensive as the truck and gears don’t come in cheap but if people know about your towing business, then you would recoup your investment in no time.

Ensure that you carry out an aggressive promotion of your business by handing out handbills and fliers. You might also need to place your fliers in conspicuous areas on the highways so that people easily get your number when they are stuck.

 19. Mobile Coffee Business

Christmas is usually a cold period which results in people at work take in more coffee than they usually would, which helps keep their productivity rate high, and take their mind off the weather. You could start own a little coffee truck, where you drive round target business locations; you could also offer to bring in coffee to those who might not be able to leave their offices.

This business would require ingenuity on your part and extra promotion so that people could know about your services and know when in the mornings to expect you. You could also sell some pastries with your coffee therefore making additional money for yourself.

 20. Snow Business

Everyone wishes for snow during Christmas but not everyone gets snow. In fact some people have not seen snow and do not have the means of traveling to areas where there are snows; but would love to experience the feeling of snow.

The snow business is the best business that can meet this need for those that want the feeling of snow while also ensuring that you make quick money during this period. You can learn how to create fake snow for clients that require such services either for corporate events, social events or during film sets.

 21. Hot Soups

Everyone knows how much hot soups are a welcome idea during the Christmas periods. Coming home from work and having hot soup can bring such a relief to a number of working people as well as seniors who need it but cant prepare one for themselves. Since this is usually a season where the demand for hot liquid – food or drinks – is on the increase; then this is a good time for you to make money.

You might need to promote your hot soup business in offices as this is where most of your clients – busy workers and executives – are likely to be at. You might need to deliver it to them in their offices or at a certain period at home.

 22. Sleigh Rides

If you live in an area where there is usually heavy snow during the Christmas period, and have always fascinated about the sleigh rides business, then it might be time to delve into the business. The sleigh ride business would need to be attractively packaged, perhaps past interesting routes so that you would have enough clients.

Also, you could give different packages and fees so that clients would be able to choose one that they can afford. Ensure that you promote your business by dropping your fliers in hotels and restaurants and places where tourists are likely to frequent.

 23. Eggnog Business

For most people, celebrating Christmas is incomplete without taking eggnog and most times in the city; this tradition might be slowly fading away because of few people engaging in the upholding of the tradition. As an enterprising entrepreneur, this is a good business opportunity for you.

Ensure that you promote your eggnog business well by passing out fliers in apartment buildings and other residential places. You could offer a delivery service or have them come and pick it up at your store if you have one.

 24. Organic Oils

The Christmas period is usually a cold one in most parts, and so usually results in dry and cracked skin. The coldest parts of the body are usually the hands and feet, and so most people would welcome anything that might make these parts of their body feel warm.

This does not have to be an expensive oil mix as you would choose a basic healing and soothing oil and add a dash of fragrance to it. Ensure your oils have been tried out on as many people as possible before looking to sell commercially.

 25. Ski Rental and Repair Store

If you live in a community or town that experiences a large number of tourists probably due to the large number of tourists then you could start a ski rental and repair store.

You would need to check out the popular brands that people prefer. This business is limited to Christmas periods, and so would need an aggressive amount of promotion from you. Before starting this business, find out from your competitors what obstacles you might likely face.

  26. Roller Skating Business

If you have considerable capital and are looking for a business that you can start during the Christmas season, then the roller skating business is one of such businesses. However, this business will require you to be creative, as you might not need to limit the business to just the Christmas holiday crowd.

However, you can position the business to make more money during this period by creating different packages targeted at different kind of clients. Ensure you carry out a thorough research before starting this business. Approach those who are into the business too, and ask vital questions about the business.

 27. Makeup Artist

The fact that it is Christmas shouldn’t make you worry about losing clients, as a good makeup artists can always get clients regardless of the weather. Also, the Christmas period is one that deals with the complexion of many women especially as this period is also characterized by different events, some of which must be attended.

good makeup artist is usually needed during this period, and so if you can get a client satisfied, you are likely to be referred to other clients during this period.

 28. Snow Shoveling Business

Christmas might be a time to build a snow man due to the large amount of snow that might have fallen but it is also a period that can be tasking for adults who would usually have their residences or business places piled with snow that usually takes hours to pack so they could go about their businesses.

There are also others like the senior citizens and the sick people, who might not be able to pack the snow from their doorsteps. This is a business opportunity for you, but you would need to ensure that people are aware of your services by going round houses and offices before the snow starts or when it gets heavy to advertise tour services.

 29. Holiday Shopper

The Christmas holiday can be such a difficult period to shop especially for those who rarely get time off work or who are sick. Also, some people who do not like having to shove around crowds might just prefer to have someone else do their shopping for a fee.

If you are someone who loves shopping, then this is totally a business for you. You would need to promote your services so that others are aware of your services. Most of your satisfied clients would usually refer you to their busy friends and colleagues as well.

 30. Furnace Repair

The furnace is a place that people would not want to go bad during the Christmas period especially if it is a cold Christmas. Most proactive home owners usually have people to come and look over their furnaces before the winter period.

However, there are some that would discover during Christmas that they have a spoilt furnace. If you know about furnaces and have repaired such, then this is totally a business that you can do. Ensure that you pass out your business cards to home owners telling them of your furnace repair skills.

 31. Winter Auto Mechanic Services

Due to the harsh weather conditions during the Christmas period, most automobiles usually develop problems, which might cause undue frustration to its owners. If you are one who is good with repairing cars and other types of automobiles, this is the time for you to make money for yourself.

Ensure that you market your services thoroughly by places notices along highways and in popular joints in your local neighborhood.

 32. Christmas Musical Show

The Christmas period is usually one where people often want to attend musical shows that have to do with carols and other musicals. If you are gifted with making music, then this period is when you can make extra money for yourself. You can either do a solo act, or pair up with a band to perform shows.

You would need to ensure that you aggressively promote your shows so that people would attend. You could also approach clubs and other hang-outs and tell them of your services so that you could be on standby for when they need acts.

 33. Snow Plowing Business

Unlike the snow shoveling business, you would need to own a snow plow for this kind of business. There are levels of snow that those with a shovel cannot handle and so for this they would usually require heavier equipment that is more effective and efficient.

If you are business savvy and determined, you would see that a number of people would require your services especially businesses that are privately owned.

 34. Special Drinks

During the Christmas season, there are usually those to whom special drinks such as mulled cider are a must have. To these kind of people, such drinks bring forth certain nostalgia for them. A mulled cider is a drink usually taken during winter, with some of the drinks containing spices or flavors dependent on the taste of the client.

You could start advertising your special drinks for Christmas online and if you’ve got a pub, in there as well long before the season so clients could look forward to it.

 35. Ventless Fireplace

Not everyone has the joy of owning a fireplace especially if you live in apartment buildings in the city, and yet some still love that feeling of having a fireplace for Christmas probably due to the memories it holds for them.

If you are creative and enterprising, then this is a business for you. You can carry out the installation yourself if you know how or get someone to do it for you. You would need to check with regulated authorities for any special licenses or permits that might be required before you start the business.

 36. Storage Facility Service

Storage Unit Business

Christmas is usually a time when people might want to clear away the clutter in their home in anticipation for the stuffs they might be expecting. This usually means clearing stuffs from the attics or basements and moving them into a storage facility to hold them for a while.

If you own a lot where you can have enough containers where people can store their stuffs then you can start this business.

 37. Sale of Used Snowboards

Snowboards are mostly used during the Christmas period and though it might be a dying sport, there are certain people that are still interested in using the boards during Christmas. Going into this business, would require that you are located in a strategic spot where clients are likely to see and come and patronize you.

  38. Winter Accessories for Women

Even though everyone wants to get warm during the cold Christmas, not all want to lose their fashion sense while staying warm. Fashion conscious women are those that always need to appear fashionable always, whether they have on a muffler or gloves.

This business opportunity is bound to make you wealthy as almost every woman is vain and would prefer to look fashionable even during uncomfortable periods. You could decide on the kind of accessories you intend going into.

 39. Cold Weather Apparel

The clothing business is a huge one that can never go out of business especially as clothing is regarded as a necessity especially certain types of wares during the winter. If your apparel business is one that caters to all sexes and ages, then you would be making so much money during Christmas.

 40. Catering Services

Catering Business

Because the Christmas period is usually characterized by events and parties, there is usually a lot of work for caterers during this period.

If you are sure of your catering skills and can cook both indigenous and intercontinental dishes then you should consider starting this kind of business. You might need to start off with little events for friends and family members till you are sure you can handle events on a larger scale.

 41. Christmas Tree Delivery

Not everyone has the time, due to business or other reasons to go to a Christmas tree farm to pick a tree they are considering buying or renting and so they would usually prefer the tree delivered to their homes and even brought into their homes for a fee as that is a more convenient option. Also, not all Christmas tree farmers have the home delivery option for their customers.

You can go into the Christmas tree delivery business if you pick the right strategies to promote your business. You would also need to partner with Christmas tree farmers so that once they get a purchase, they contact you for delivery.

  42. Cleaning Service

Most people who travel out for Christmas usually dread coming home because they would need to clean up and tidy up, which can really be disheartening. If you are one who sees the huge opportunity in cashing in on this type of business especially if you don’t mind cleaning as many houses as you can.

If you are quick and meticulous with your services, you could get as many clients per day whose houses need cleaning pending when they will return for a nice fee.

 43. Chimney Sweeper

Most people use their chimneys during the winter to make their homes feel warm especially during the winter period, and as a result make the fireplace dirty from soot usually from the ash. This means that the place has to be cleaned regularly to avoid health problems.

Most homeowners will welcome one who can do this task for them for a fee. Ensure you knock on doors and leave a business card with them after intimating them of your services.

 44. Winterizing Business

Just like people prepare their homes for natural disasters and such, so do they also prepare their homes for the Christmas period, especially if their homes are in zones that are likely to experience snow during the time. Preparing the home for winter would mean that all precautions have to be taken such as closing up open spots, wrapping up pipes and so on.

Most people might not be aware of the fact that they can get such a service, and so you would need to carry out a massive promotion of your work, by passing out your fliers in popular joints and cafes, and also placing your notices where there is high foot traffic.

 45. Christmas Tree Rental Business

Just as there are those who prefer to buy their Christmas trees, there are those who feel awful at allowing these trees die, and so they prefer to rent out their Christmas trees that can be returned after the festivities is over. The business is still brand new and so it’s an opportunity for you to tap into this business opportunity.

You would need to market your services to environmentalists and nature lovers. Ensure you visit sites such as this and drop comments about your services.

 46. Gift Wrapping Service

Christmas is a season of giving and as such many people usually give out gifts – small, medium or large – during this period. However, not everyone who gives out these gifts is good, patient or even creative at wrapping the gifts and giving it that beautiful packaged style that would make the gifts presentable.

If you are good with your hands and are also creative, then you can offer this service to those who would need it. You can stay around gift stores so that you help harried customers wrap their gifts. You would need to tell the gift store of your services.

 47. Liquor Delivery

More spirits are drunk during this period than in any other period. Most people drink liquor during this period to keep warm, others to celebrate with friends and loved ones; while some might need it for a party that they are hosting. There are various reasons why people might need liquor delivered to them.

Even though this might be a business that is guaranteed to bring in quick bucks for you during this period, it is a business that is strictly regulated as well. Find out the necessary requirements from the authorities before starting this business. Also, you would need to be careful as regards the clients you deliver liquor to.

 48. Winter Camp

Not everyone wants to spend their Christmases alone and so some folks during this period would not mind spending the holiday in a camp where they can bond with others. The holiday season does not mean one has to be indoors all day long, there are activities that are safe that can be done outside.

If you have a large land, you could build several cabins and keep an open camp during the Christmas period. You would need to have several features that would make people want to visit, and would need to promote these online. The camp could also cater to families who are looking to getaway for the period too.

 49. Christmas Retail Store

Everyone loves a store that they can go to during Christmas and they are sure will have almost anything they want. You can run one of such stores especially if you live in an area that is local with few stores available. This does not however mean that you cannot stock your store with other related items during other seasons.

If your store always has what customers need, then that alone will help promote the store as satisfied customers will give referrals to new people as well as tourists.

 50. Organic Lip Balm

The winter period is one that is characterized with chapped lips and so most people, from adult to children, often look for relief for their lips. Due to the fact that there are many lip balms out there, it would do well if you ensure that the ingredients in your organic lip balm are ones that are safe.

You should ensure that your clients are aware that your product has been tested and is certified safe. Ensure you have as many flavors as possible and promote your organic lip balm business both online and offline. Bear in mind that starting a Christmas business might just turn out into a full-growing business if you are quite focused on it, especially if you choose a business that you have a great passion for.

Starting a business might seem difficult, but it is meant to be fun as well. Ensure that you carry out a thorough research on the business you intend going into by writing at least a draft of your intended plans out.

More Christmas Holiday ideas

  1. Build a Christmas Village

Christmas village is no doubt one of the best Christmas holiday business ideas that an entrepreneur should consider. A Christmas village (or putz) is a decorative, miniature-scale village often set up during the Christmas season. These villages are rooted in the elaborate Christmas traditions of the Moravian church, a Protestant denomination.

During the Christmas holiday, people hire professionals to help them build Christmas villages either in their community, church, or homes.

  1. Christmas Boutique

Another highly thriving Christmas holiday business idea that You Can Start Today is a Christmas boutique. A Christmas boutique is a small shop or small specialty department within a larger store that sells Christmas-related fashionable clothes and accessories or a special selection of other merchandise with a Christmas theme.

  1. Sell Themed Christmas Cards

If there is anything that people give out the most during the Christmas season, themed Christmas cards should be part of it. So, if you are looking towards starting a Christmas holiday business, then you should consider selling themed Christmas cards. Interestingly, you can make handmade themed Christmas cards or you can sell mass-produced cards.

  1. Sell Homemade Santa Costume

If you are a costume maker and you are creative, one of the thriving Christmas holiday business ideas you should consider starting is the sale of homemade Santa costumes. Trust me, during the Christmas holidays, loads of people purchase Santa costumes for various reasons.

The bottom line is that homemade Santa costumes are worn by loads of people either for fun or for acting and those that are involved in selling these costumes usually rake in good money during the season.

  1. Sell Themed Wreaths

Another Christmas holiday business idea that an entrepreneur can start is the sale of Christmas-themed wreaths. Of course, you know that Christmas-themed wreaths come in green, gold, red, and silver colors. Just make sure you sell the types of wreath frames that people are willing to buy.

The most popular types of wreath frames are extruded foam, grapevine, wire, straw, and hoop. Each type of wreath form is conducive to different types of greenery or flowers.

  1. Sell Reindeer Costumes

Similar to Santa costumes, if you are a costume maker and you are creative, one of the thriving Christmas holiday business ideas you should consider starting is the sale of reindeer costumes. Trust me, during the Christmas holidays, loads of people purchase reindeer costumes for fun or acting, and those that are involved in selling these costumes usually rake in good money during the Christmas holiday season.

  1. Sell Vacation Hats

During the Christmas holidays, another item that sells like wildfire is vacation hats. Interestingly, vacation hats that come in Christmas colors are part of the fashion items that people wear during the Christmas season hence you will find loads of people retailing Christmas hats for both adults and children.

So, if you are looking towards starting a Christmas holiday business idea, then you should consider selling Christmas-themed vacation hats.

  1. Sell Themed Gift Baskets

Another Christmas holiday business idea that is popular is the sale of Christmas-themed gift baskets. You can package different Christmas-related gift items in a basket and put them up for sale during the season.

Just like every other business that can be started on a small, medium, or large scale, a Christmas-themed gift basket business can be a profitable business as long as all other factors that will aid the profitability of the business are put in place and enforced while running the business.

  1. Santa Sleigh Decoration Business

If you are an interior décorator and you want to leverage the Christmas holiday season to make money, then you should consider starting a Santa sleigh decoration business. Interestingly, there is a large market for Santa sleighs during the Christmas holiday season and anyone who has eyes for decoration can start this type of business.

Designing a Santa sleigh is simple, you can start by putting a sleigh vertically on your porch and decorate it with ribbons, bells, fir branches, wreaths, and pinecones. You can use an old sleigh as a base for your Christmas tree.

  1. Do Ice Sculptures for Sale

If you are a sculptor and you want to leverage the Christmas holiday season to make money, then one of your best options is to go into the production of Christmas-themed sculptures and put them up for sale. Ice sculpture is a form of sculpture that uses ice as the raw material.

Sculptures from ice can be abstract or realistic and can be functional or purely decorative. Ice sculptures are generally associated with special or extravagant events such as the Christmas holidays because of their limited life span. Although creating ice sculptures can be time-consuming (three to twelve hours is the average time to create a high-quality ice sculpture), it is worth the money you can make from just one ice sculpture.

  1. Sell Collapsible Christmas Trees with Lights

During the Christmas holiday season, the decoration of homes, offices, churches, business facilities, and even streets won’t be complete if there are no Christmas trees with lights. Collapsible Christmas trees with lights are one of the most sold items during the Christmas season.

So, if you are looking to start a Christmas-themed business, then you should consider selling different designs and sizes of collapsible Christmas trees with lights.

  1. Open a Christmas Store

Another Christmas holiday business idea that an entrepreneur can start is to open a Christmas store. A Christmas store is a retail store specializing in Christmas supplies, especially decorations. Many Christmas stores operate only seasonally in the month or two before Christmas.

Examples of items that feature prominently in Christmas stores include nutcrackers, angel figures, and holiday-related stuffed animals.

  1. Start a Christmas Tree Farming Business

One of the businesses that you can start while still keeping your paid employment is to start a Christmas tree farming business.

Although the market for Christmas tree farming is considered seasonal, but it is indeed a business that can fetch you additional income. This kind of business is suitable for those who are looking towards building multiple strings of income.

  1. Start Christmas Tree Installation Business

If you are good with the installation of electronics and gadgets, then one of the ways you can make money during the Christmas season is to start a Christmas tree installation business. Trust me, you are going to make cool cash if you are good at what you do and know how to reach out to your target market.

Interestingly, Christmas tree installation and other seasonal decorations have become the norm for winter holidays, and this business generates an annual revenue of 53.6 percent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When Should A Business Start Advertising For Christmas?

Early September remains the best time for a business to start advertising for Christmas! However, to have adequate time to come up with ideas, create assets, and prepare media plans, it is vital to start planning in July.

  1. Where to Sell Christmas Products or Services?

Aside from owning a traditional brick and mortar store or having a business website, here are 6 ways to sell your products or services:

  • Shopify
  • Sell on marketplaces.
  • Amazon
  • Nextdoor
  • Newegg
  • Ruby Lane
  • Bonanza
  • Chairish
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace
  1. Why Start A New Business During This Christmas Season?

The economics of Christmas makes it an ideal time to start a new business if you don’t already have one. Christmas is more or less a peak selling season for businesses in many places around the world. Within this period, sales increase massively as people acquire gifts, decorations, and supplies to celebrate.

  1. What Are The Best Christmas Businesses To Start?
  • Artificial flower
  • Balloons making
  • Catering service
  • Sell clothes
  • Sell toys
  • Offer gift wrapping services
  • Make gift baskets
  • Make Christmas cards
  1. What Are Some Creative Christmas Gift Ideas Under $30?
  • Office Mouse Pad
  • Monogram Water Bottle
  • Fleece Blanket
  • Therapy Dough
  • Block Daily Calendar
  • Bed Side Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket
  • Bad Plant Mom Tote.
6. What Is Christmas without a Christmas tree?

Although a Christmas tree is a major part of Christmas and it’s even more fun for kids, there is no rule stating that a Christmas without a Christmas tree isn’t Christmas. However, with a little creativity, you can still create pretty, tree-like décor—without actually bringing a Christmas tree home. Things to consider include;

  • Create Mini-Arrangements with Greenery
  • Decorate Your Windows
  • Improvise with A Message Board or Shelf
  • Make a Book Tree
  • Add Amaryllis
  • Have Fun with Wreaths
  • Tabletop Trees
  • Traditional Upholstery
  • Stacked Planks
  • DIY Advent Calendar Ladder
  • Tree-Shaped Window Dowels
  • Felt Mini Trees
  • Make a Festive Place Setting