Business cards say a lot about what we do, our brand and our taste. If you have ever been handed a business card by an intending business partner or just a friend, then you just might want to agree with me that they do really say a lot. This is no wonder that they have existed for long, and all indications are that they just aren’t going to be extinct yet, as more and more business people just cannot do without business cards.

Who should own a business card? Why are business cards important? When is it most appropriate to hand your business cards? These and more is what this read is all about. However, before going into details, it becomes most appropriate to let you know that business cards are an indispensable part of a business, as it says a whole lot about your brand.

If you took time to research on the thousands of companies that exist all around the world, you would find that they make it a point of duty to make business cards readily available to the employees. This is because deals can be struck on behalf of the company off and on working hours, which is why everyone that matters in a company has to be armed with a business card.

Now to the subject at hand; what are the ways to promote your companies with business cards? Here are 10 solid ways you may do this.

10 Smart Ways to Promote your Company with Business Cards

1. Print a Standard One

It isn’t enough that you just ask your printer to put just about anything together, all in the name of a business card. You have got to follow the standard procedure. And what is the standard procedure, you just might ask? Well just in case you didn’t know; a standard business card must be three and a half inches across the top and about two inches at the side. Some folks go ahead to make something a lot bigger than the size stated earlier and this could put off some folks. To be safe, you must adhere to the standards.

2. Determine Your Logo

You have got to determine whether you want your business to have a logo or not. This is because a logo says a whole lot about your business. However on the other hand there isn’t a hard and fast rule whether you must own one or not. Some folks go ahead a logo, whilst others use the initials of their business names to replace a logo. Whatever you decide, you must be clear about the fonts to be used, the choice of colors and other vital things. This is because all these contribute in making your business card attractive to potential clients.

3. Have All Vital Information Listed

It is expedient that for you to have people call and enquire about the products or services you render that you list all the necessary information in your card. This includes: company name, address, your own name, email, phone number, fax, cell phone, website and what have you. Be sure that they do not occupy all the space on the card as this could make your card unattractive.

4. Give out Your Cards

One of the important things to look at when looking to promote your business with your business card is that you must not relent in giving out your cards where necessary. If your company is a real estate for instance; you may want to let a lot of folks see what you are into. Therefore if you have got a real estate magazine for example; you may look at putting your cards in the magazine. Also, whenever you meet a potential client, either in a formal or informal setting.

5. Pin Cards on Event Boards

Whenever you have an event and there are notice boards around, it might do your business a world of good if you pinned your card on it. This is because you might not know when the next business opportunity opens up. For that reason, you must be ready to usurp all the events and opportunities you get to get your company in the faces of people.

6. Challenge People with Your Business Card

One of the ways to make your business card stand out so that your company can get noticed is by challenging the thought process of whoever picks up your card. How can this be achieved? This can be done by adding a simple fact that engages and amuses people. You just might be surprised at the attention you would get.

7. Support a CAUSE

This is yet another way via which your company can stand out. You may consider letting people know what type of cause you stand for. This may be a sports cause, as well as any other form of cause. You can for instance put; [proud supporters of so, so and so. If a potential customer sees this and has a penchant for the same cause you might have a loyal customer.

8. Put a Face to Your Name

Unlike most business cards without pictures, you may go the whole nine yard by adding your face to your card. This would not only cause a high likeability factor, but it would also cause people to get familiar with your company and its brand. It would pay you a great deal if you considered this factor as it has worked for some folks.

9. Strike Conversations before Handing Your Card

If you meet a potential client, and are looking to really seal the deal then you may consider striking a memorable conversation with the person and telling then when next you might want to follow up. This is because doing this might make your brand stick more than mere handing a card without a word.

10. Go to Public Places-: You may consider placing your business cards in public places like; banks, hospitals, as well as other places where candies are placed. Be sure that your cards are visible to all, so that those who might be interested in your business would pick them up.

These are 10 ways you may consider when looking to promote your business with your business card. Do this and you would sure get good turnover.

Ajaero Tony Martins