The major reason why people go into business is to sell their products or services to their customers and as such they will want to do all they can to keep their existing customers and also to continue to work hard to add new customers to their clientele base.

In recent time, organizations all over the globe are investing in researching on how best to handle their esteem customers because they know that their customers are the main reason why they are in business and they are the people who pay their bills. As a matter of fact, customer’s service is not only restricted to those who work in the customer’s service department but across board – everybody in an organization including the chief executive officer of the organization has a role to play as far as customer’s service is concern.

There are no better ways to fine tune your service to suite your esteem customers other than to get their feedback from them and then tailor your products or services in line with the information you are able to get from them. One of the ways you can achieve this is to dedicate a toll free number for your customers to give you their feedback.

Although there are other cheaper ways to get feedback from your customers, but a toll free number (line) seems to be the most efficient means of getting feedback. This is so because it affords your customers the freedom to express themselves from any part of town or from any part of the country, and at no cost to them. A client can choose to be an anonymous caller to give their frank and unbiased feedback. Now let us quickly consider how you can increase your customer feedback by offering a toll free number;

How to Increase Customer Feedback By Offering a Toll Free Number

1. When you offer toll free number as a means to receive feedback it makes it easier for your customers to air their views

One advantage of making use of toll free numbers as a means of getting feedback from your customers is that it makes it easier for them to air their views without restraint unlike if they had to fill a form or give their feedback via the internet. The fact that they can lodge complaints or make suggestion as an anonymous caller makes it easier for them say it as it is.

2. Since a Toll Free Line is at no Cost to Your Customers, They will Be Willing to Give Their Feedbacks As Soon As Possible

Another advantage of offering a toll free number as a way of increasing the feedback you get from your customers is that, since it is at no cost to caller, they will be willing to give their feedbacks as soon as possible. Once they have complains or they want to make suggestions on how best to handle any aspect of your business, they will give you the feedback by just dialing the toll free number without any stress. Unlike if they had to email you or follow other known process of getting feedbacks from customers.

3. Ensure That Your Toll Free Number is Always Available

It is one thing to have a toll free number dedicated to your esteem customers; it is another thing for the toll free line to be available when your customers call. The truth is that, most toll free lines are not always available and they seem not to serve the purpose they were meant to serve.

Although one of the reason why they might not be available could be because of the numbers of customers who are trying to put their calls through at the same time, but all the same, it is very important to do all you can to ensure that your toll free numbers are always available. No doubt, if your toll free numbers are always available when your customers call, it will make it easier for you to increase the numbers of the feedback you get from them simply because they will keep the calls coming in.

4. Clearly State Your Toll Free Numbers in All Your Promotional Materials, Products and On Your Website

In order to increase the numbers of feedback that you get from your customers by offering toll free number is to ensure that your toll free number is clearly stated in all your promotional materials, your products and on your website. As a matter of fact, your toll free number should be easily remembered and you can achieve this by placing your toll free numbers in places where your customers can easily see it.

5. Create a Feedback Processing Unit in Your Organization

What is the use of receiving feedback from your customers without processing the feedback? In order to increase the feedback you receive from your customers via your dedicated toll free line, you should create feedback processing unit in your organization; a unit where all the feedback are processed. The truth is that, once your customers noticed that their feedback translate to changes in your products or services, they will be willing to always offer their feedback and this will in turn increase the numbers of feedback you receive from your customers.

Investing in your customers is an investment that will help you increase your business revenue, so ensure that you invest in toll free line as a way of getting feedback from your customers. Part of the investment you would need to make in the bid to increasing the numbers of feedback you get from your customers is to train and re – train your customer’s services executives on how to handle customers when they call to give their feedback.

Lastly, when you are choosing a toll free line, make sure you choose a number that can easily be memorized by your customers without stress.

You might want to ask, will this point help? You sure bet it will help any organization increase the numbers of feedbacks they receive via their toll free number.