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How to Promote your Business on TV and Radio for FREE

Do you want to learn the secret to promoting your business on TV and radio for free?? If YES, here is a step by step guide to advertising on TV and radio FREE.

A good way to promote your business is through radio jingles and TV adverts; this is because millions of audience can be reached through this medium of advert. The major setback with radio and TV adverts is that the cost of placing an advert on radio or TV is on the high side, and a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs especially new starters cannot afford the high cost of placing these adverts.

The question now is whether there is a means entrepreneurs can leverage on to advertise their businesses without paying the high costs associated with radio and TV adverts? This article will focus on how to take advantage of radio and TV shows and programs to advertise your business for free.

Steps to Promote your Business on TV and Radio for FREE

1. Choose a Program

The first step is to select a program or different set of programs; either a radio or TV Talk Show or both. There are tons of programs hosted by private individuals that are aired on TV and radio stations; these are the types of programs I am talking about.

Remember that any program you decide on has to be related to your business; for instance, you cannot advertise or talk about a weight loss product in a sport analysis show. The proper program to choose is a health or fitness show. As long as the radio or TV Program is a popular program, you are sure to reach out to millions of audience.

2. Prepare Valuable Info on your Niche

After you have chosen a program(s) where you will like to feature and advertise your product, it is time to prepare valuable information on the niche area you want to share with the general public.

Still on the weight loss example; since your product is on weight and the show is a fitness show, you can prepare information like how to drop 5 pounds in 4 weeks; you need to carry out extensive research on the topic to ensure that you are sharing a very valuable topic with the public.

3. Contact the Host

The next step is to contact the host or the organization handling the show; the best way to make the first contact is via email. If it is the host that you are contacting, you can request to feature in the next epistle of the program or to have an On air (for radio program) or live (For TV program) interview on the topic you have researched on.

If the host finds your information interesting, you may be invited for a one on one business discuss. You have to schedule your meeting; and during the meeting, try to be as explicit as you can on the topic your researched, and the impact it will make if you share such info with the general public.

It is a two way thing, you provide valuable info on the show that will keep the audience hooked to the show, while in turn, you are allowed to talk about your product or service in the show. If you can reach this agreement with the host, then you have a deal, if not, you may have to scout for another host to discuss your plan with.

4. Preparation for the Show

Let’s say you were able to get a host that bought into your idea, and a date is picked for you to feature in the show or program, you have to make certain preparations to ensure that the show is a success:

  • Dressing

If the Show is a TV show that will likely be viewed by millions of audience, you have to look your best, formal dressing is the best bet for it. You still need to look your best even if it is a radio program.

  • Facial Expressions

You have to put on a friendly facial expression during the show; for a radio program, you have to train your voice to sound homely.

  • Charisma or Confidence

Even if this is your first time of making an appearance in a TV show, you have to do so with confidence and charisma. You can actually do a rehearsal with the host before the show to make you feel more confident.

5. Add Value to Your Audience

The real purpose for getting featured in the TV show is for you to advertise your business; but first and foremost, you have to gain the trust of your audience by adding value to their lives at first.

Be very explicit when explaining the information or tips you have to share; there may be a question and answer time where the audience can call in to ask for more details on the information you just shared; that is why you need to put more effort into your research.

6. Advertise in Subtle Way

When it’s time for you to talk about your business, you have to do so in a subtle way; don’t just come forward to tell your audience you have this product or services for sale, you can make it like it’s part of the discussion.

For TV shows, you can shoot a 2 to 3 minutes video advert clip that will be shown at intervals during the program; or you may be given a few minutes towards the end of the show to fully introduce your business.

In conclusion,

I have disclosed how you can take advantage of TV shows and advertise your products free of cost on TV and radio; this may sound like a strenuous task, but the impact it will have on your business after the program will be a well deserved reward for you.