Are you interested in starting an ambulance service but you don’t know to go about it? If YES, here is a sample ambulance service business plan template for you. An ambulance service company provides ambulance to convey sick people or injured persons as quickly as possible to a hospital for medical attention. Some time back it was the duty and responsibility of the government or hospital owners to make provision for ambulance services; but nowadays private individuals are now keying in to start companies that offer ambulance services.

The pros in starting an ambulance service company is that you will help to save lives and you will also earn money doing so. For this article, I will discuss three types of services you can offer as an ambulance company and how you can start an ambulance service company.

3 Services you can Offer as An Ambulance Service company:

1. Emergency Ambulance Services

Offering an emergency ambulance service means that you have a standby ambulance system to convey persons with emergency health issues or accident victims to the hospital in the soonest possible time. This type of ambulance service requires skilled medical personnel and customized ambulance vehicles. The medical personnel will help to stabilize the victim or patient before they can get him to the hospital.

2. Non Emergency Ambulance Services

This is easier to start and does not require special skills or customized vehicles to get started; it may include conveying patients to the hospital for their doctor’s appointments.

3. Cross Ambulance Services

This will offer both emergency and non emergency ambulance services.

Starting an Ambulance Service – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Write up a Business Plan

The first step you need to take before you start an ambulance service is to draw up a business plan; you can use a  business plan software to develop your business plan. The plan has to contain major details of your business including; licenses and permits you need to start your business; capital requirements needed to start the business, how you intend to market your services; the business structure and the services you will offer; business goals for the next 3 years and how you intend to achieve the business goals.

2. Register Your Business

After you have written down your business plan, you have to register your Business Name with the Company Registration Bureau. If you are going to operate the business with more than one partner, then you will have to register the business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

3. Apply for Business License

A business license is different from business registration; the license is a permit from the State to operate your business in that State and every business owner is expected to apply for and obtain a business license to enable them operate their business. You need to visit the Town County or any of the agencies that have the responsibility of issuing business permits to apply for a business license.

4. Get a HIPAA permit

Before you can start an ambulance business, you have to go through the requirements provided by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountant Act (HIPAA) to ensure that you meet up to the standards provided by the Association.

5. Raise Capital

starting an ambulance service business is quite capital intensive especially if you wish to offer the emergency ambulance service. You can visit the website for Small Business Administration in your State and apply for a small business loan for your business as long as you have an initial deposit for the total amount you need and also a collateral for the loan.

You can also use your personal savings and finances to start off the business if you have enough savings; or finally, you can apply for a loan from the bank to help you run the business. Consider the interest that comes with the bank loan and the repayment period before you apply for the loan to enable you workout a repayment plan to meet up with the payment of both the principal and the interest.

6. Order For Vehicles

You need to order for the ambulance that will be used to run this business; for a non emergency ambulance service, any ambulance can serve the purpose but for the emergency ambulance service, you have to order for a customized ambulance that will have room for both a stretcher, and few medical personnel that will work to stabilize the patient before the ambulance gets to the hospital.

7. Hire Workers

This business is not a one man business; you need to hire several persons to work for the company; you need a professional driver and certified EMT staff.

8. Maintenance Team

Ambulance services is a very sensitive work that has to do with life and death; that is why you need to have a maintenance team to make ensure that all your vehicles are in good form and ready to be used at any time it is needed. Having a maintenance team may be an added cost that will cut down on your profits, but they are vital to the success of your company.

9. Advertise Your Services

in this business, you will work closely with hospitals, fire departments and medical practitioners; a good way to advertise your services is to network with hospital workers and practitioners to enable them recommend your services to any person that requires it. You can also print and share fliers to people or place them in strategic places in the town and also have an emergency number where anybody that needs an ambulance service can reach your company.

So far, I have written all the steps required to start an ambulance business. I mentioned three services you can offer as an ambulance service company and concluded on tips to advertise your ambulance services.

Finally, you need to check out for competition in your location before you start out your ambulance service company, because it may be difficult for your company to break through in an area where there is stiff competition on ambulance service companies. You can check up with the fire department in the area to get information on the level of competition, to know if you have to look after another location for your business.

Ajaero Tony Martins