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List of Customer Service Skills a Customer Service Agent Need

What customer service skills list does a rep need? What has customer service skills got to do with running a business successfully? What skills should a customer service representative possess to be effective? As an entrepreneur, what customer service skills must I be on the look out for when hiring a customer service rep? Well, I will advice you read on to find the answers you seek.

In this article, I am going to highlight a list of customer services skills you need to be effective. Whether you are customer service rep, corporate manager, entrepreneur or business owner; you are going to find this article very useful.

For the customer service agent reading this article, you can use this list of customer services skills to develop or improve yourself and increase your career value. If you are an entrepreneur or a corporate manager reading this article, you can use this list of customer service skills as leverage when screening or hiring employees. Now what are the customer service skills a rep must possess to be effective?

8 Excellent Customer Service Skills for a Representative Must Possess to be Effective

1. Personal Skills

The first thing I look out for in a customer service rep is the personal skills. A customer service agent must have good intra-personal skills to be able to effectively discharge his/her duty. Patience, discipline, humility, team spirit and a good sense of humor are intra-personal skills a customer service rep must possess for effectiveness. Aside the intra-personal skills listed above, a good customer service rep must have good appearance; display confidence, always wear a charming smile and speak with a clear voice.

2. Communication Skills

The second customer service skill a rep must possess is good communication skill. A good customer service agent must be able to communicate fluently in the language of the people. This is where bilingual customer service representatives come in handy.

A good customer service rep must be able to send a message across to a customer or client and that message must be clearly understood by the customer. Body language is also essential in this case.

3. Negotiation Skills

A good customer service rep must be good in negotiating and striking deals with the customer. Since a rep has direct contact or access with the customers; he/she must be a good negotiator.

4. Listening Skills

A good customer service rep must be able to listen with rapt attention and clearly understand the needs, concerns or complaints of the customer before proffering a solution. Customers hate being ignored; and nothing annoys a customer more than talking to a less concerned staff.

Sometimes, customers find it difficult to express themselves clearly; but remember that the customer is always right. It’s your duty as a customer service rep to clearly decode the customer’s message before passing it across to the appropriate quarters and you can’t achieve that if you lack good listening skills.

5. Sales Skills

Sales skill is something I don’t joke with when hiring an employee. Customer service agents are always in touch with the customers, so there is a high tendency that they can instigate a sale; that’s if they are good at the game. Sales skill is an essential customer service skill. A customer service rep with a good knowledge of selling will outperform a rep that lacks sales skills. So work on improving your sales skills; it may become an asset in the long run.

6. Retentive Memory

Retentive memory is a must have for every customer service rep. A good customer service rep must be able to remember loyal customers and address them by their names. A good customer service rep must also be able to recall past discussions and important transactions made. Nothing annoys a customer other than repeating what has already been said; it’s a waste of precious time.

7. Adequate Understanding of the Company products or services

A good customer service rep must have adequate understanding of the business products or services; as this may be the major subject of discussions with customers. If a rep is new on board; the ability to learn quickly is highly essential. You must understand the company’s product and services; its benefits and features like the palm of your hand.

8. Persuasion Skills

The last but not the customer service skill list that a good rep must possess is persuasion skill. A good customer service rep must be able to sense a customer’s soft spot and touch that spot. A good customer service rep must be able to win back the heart of lost customers and calm the nerves of aggrieved customers. This cannot be achieved without mastering the art of persuasion. Persuasion skill is essential for getting the sale and winning negotiations.

As a final note, these are the eight customer service skills a good rep must possess to be effective. But possession of these customer service skills is not restricted to reps alone. Even entrepreneurs, corporate managers and employees need such skills. So if you are lacking any of the customer service skills listed above, it’s advisable you work on strengthening it.