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10 Best Crowd Pulling Social Media Contest ideas

Are you thinking of holding a social media contest? If YES, here are 10 Best Crowd Pulling Social Media Contest ideas you can use. If you have ever followed a social media site where a brand is organizing a contest, and if you note the avalanche of folks looking to be a part these contests, then you will realize that there must be more to these contests.

The main driving points of these contests is that the contestants get to receive mouth watering gifts at the end. Consequently, if you have been looking to pull a crowd on your page, site and what have you, then you need to take this article seriously. Today, one great marketing strategy that both small and big businesses adopt is the use of social media platforms.

Social media simply put has to do with the various online platforms where people converge. Some of the most popular social media sites available today include; Facebook, twitter, your website, amongst others. Now, let us look at some of the contests advertisers use to pull crowds to their social media platforms.

10 Best Crowd Pulling Social Media Contest ideas

  1. Photo Contest

Photo contests have become popular in recent times because it is way to get loads of people visiting your website or social media platform. A photo contest is when you have your visitors upload their pictures and allow their friends and family to vote to for the best pictures. At the end of the contest, the winner is given a gift. One of the ideas behind this is to get a crowd of people to visit your site to vote.

  1. ‘Caption This’ Contest

This is one contest that could possibly attract a huge crowd when you have a great incentive up for grabs. You could put up a discourse or have a picture put up and then have people caption it by making a comment. How then does a winner emerge? A winner emerges with the comment that has the optimal number of likes.

  1. Like -to -Win Contest

If your business is looking to get a recommendation for a proposed product, then you may consider using the like to win contest to create a buzz. How would this work? You simply need to talk about the proposed product on Facebook, as well as its importance and then have people like it. Ask that after a like has been made, the entrant could send a comment with an email address and then share with others. The entrant with the most likes gets the winning price.

  1. Fill in the Blank Contest

This contest is pretty easy. Here, you simply write something incomplete and ask that your fans complete it by filling in the blank. This could be lyrics of a popular song, or it could be issues that are of national interest, like politics and what have you. You can also use pictures and then caption the picture with incomplete sentences.

  1. Question and Answer Contest

This contest is as simple as the name suggests. Here, you would need to ask a question and have the answer or answers supplied by the contestants. How do you choose the winner? The winner can either be chosen at random, or they could be the one with the highest number of answers.

  1. Crowd source Contest

This is one great way to have your clients and fans participate in the decision making process of your business, whilst you give them a gift. You can decide to pick a new logo for your business and then ask your fans to be a part of it. You may post a picture of the logo and then ask if it is okay or not. You can also ask that they share with friends. The person who had the most shares may then emerge as the winner.

  1. Fastest Correct Answer Contest

This is one contest that works well on twitter. You too can get this going on your twitter handle by talking about your products or services and thereafter ask some questions regarding to what you talked about. You could then create a hash tag and then ask that the questions be answered with the hash tag. The fastest correct answer is rewarded. You may decide to pick more than one entrant depending on the amount of answers you got.

  1. Hashtag Contests

This would also be a great twitter contest. All you need to do is to tell your followers to use your hash tag in their tweets. You will be amazed at the number of people who will do this. The person who does the most hash tags is then randomly picked to produce a winner.

  1. Retweeting Contest

This is one contest that has a way of creating a great buzz. There are some folks who are already using this medium really wisely and truth is that it works in causing a crowd buzz. How does this work? It works by you tweeting an information about your business, and ask that people retweet the information. The person with the highest number of retweets over a period of time emerges the winner and clinches the gift.

  1. Fans Favorite Quotes Contest

Ask your fans to send in their favorite quotes, and then ask others to like them. The fan with the highest number of likes or comments for their quotes gets to win the price.

There you have it folks. 10 great contests that is able to pull crowds any day. Be sure that you do all the necessary background works so that you do not come across as a rookie in this.