Do you want to start a profitable jewelry boutique online? If YES, here is a complete sample jewelry store business plan template & FREE feasibility report. Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a jewelry store online. We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample jewelry store marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for jewelry stores. So let’s proceed to the business planning section.

Why Start an Online Jewelry Store?

Jewelry has always played a huge role as a useful accessory to complete the attire of an individual. Almost everyone uses jewelry and for different purposes, some use jewelry to create a statement, while some wear jewelry to show an upgrade in taste.

There are two categories of jewelries, the branded and the unbranded and while high-end customers usually go for branded jewelries, the rest usually go for unbranded jewelry that might be cheap or expensive depending on the budget. Any entrepreneur looking to go into this business will find it very lucrative especially if they take several aspects of the business such as distribution and publicity very importantly.

The entrepreneur going into this business would need to conduct a critical evaluation of the industry so as to better understand what obstacles they are likely to expect. Most entrepreneurs at this stage usually hired a business consultant who has the right and expert knowledge about the industry and therefore knows what the business is likely to face during the course of starting or running the business, and also offer practical strategies accordingly.

Another aspect that needs to be taken seriously before starting the business is a professional business plan which would help the entrepreneur takes the right decisions and actions going forward. While hiring a business plan writer might seem like the easiest option to take, there are several free business plan templates online that can be downloaded and adapted into suiting your own plans. In fact, below is a sample of a jewelry store business plan;

A Sample Online Jewelry Store Business Plan Template

1. Industry Overview

The jewelry store industry in the united states has experienced tremendous growth jumping from 6% in sales to 10.7%. The whole jewelry industry which includes jewelry stores is valued at $71.3 billion and is based on the stability of the economy. This is because during the great recession, sales in the industry fell by 11%. Jewelries are not seen as a necessity and as such the number of jewelry businesses in the United States of America has been on a slow decline.

Even though specialty jewelers generate more than 43% of the total industry revenue in the United States, they are steadily losing their market share to manufacturers, wholesalers as well as retailers. Diamond has had revenue of $27 billion with the United States of America consuming about 40% of the global demand. Globally, the United States ranks third in the markets for luxury jewelry.

Branded jewelry account for about 20% of the global jewelry market and is on the rise as consumers who have recently acquired wealth purchase branded jewelry in order to show off. Also, according to emerging market consumers, the preference for branded jewelries comes from the fact that customers had more trust in the jewelries and also felt that it was a way to show that their tastes had upgraded. Also, most young customers see branded jewelries as a means of expressing themselves.

Even though branded jewelry had come from established jewelers such as Tiffany & Co and Cartier, future growth has been projected to come from players who are non-jewelry players looking to expand their assortment to include jewelry but who had a strong presence in high-end apparel or leather goods.

The rave for branded jewelry is likely to affect smaller and upcoming jewelers who do not have a strong brand presence like their already established competitors. However, options such as seeking distribution through multi-brand jewelry stores exist.

According to IBIS World, the jewelry stores industry is valued at $35 billion and has been pegged to grow at a projected 1.2% rate between the period of 2011 and 2016. Also, there are more than 62,000 jewelry stores in the United States of America employing more than 170,000 people.

The jewelry stores have regained the confidence of consumers which has led to healthy and strong demands that is responsible for the industry’s growth; after a downturn of the economy which saw an increase in poverty as well as unemployment. Asides from the economic downturn, the contraction in the price of gold globally has also affected the industry’s revenue.

The industry is expected to continue to post profit till the year 2022 especially as high-income customers are increasing in number and likely to make more purchases for luxury goods, which will in turn bring in more profits for the industry’s players and also invariably boosting the revenue of the industry.

This industry according to IBIS World is in its mature phase as the industry value added is expected to grow at an average rate of 0.4% annually from 2011 to 2022, which when compared to the GDP that is projected to grow to 2.2% during the same period is doing rather poorly.

2. Executive Summary

Our intention at Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Stores is to become the leading store that is located in Midtown Manhattan – New York City, USA to cater to our various clients both domestic and corporate. We are a jewelry store that intends to deal in branded and unbranded jewelry and retail silver, gold, and platinum jewelry pieces that may or may not have precious stones in them.

We are looking to deal in rings, necklaces, earrings and wristwatches as well as other jewelry accessories in addition to other services which we intend to offer to generate more revenue for our store and allow us sustain and grow as a business.

Our vision is to be recognized for our jewelries and be regarded as a leader by our target market for our sale of jewelry inventories that are outstanding as well as other related jewelry related services and in order to achieve this, we intend building an excellent business structure that will work with our already laid down vision.

Our location in Midtown Manhattan – New York City is perfect as a large section of our target market is based here which will allow us with the right promotion strategies gain a large share of the market and grow as a business.

Like any other business, we are in business not only to make profit and grow but to also compete favorably against our competitors in the industry. We have laid down strategies, plans and processes in place that will give us the desired leverage over our competitors and allow us excel as we should in this industry.

We have gone the extra mile in investing in some of the finest employees that the industry has to offer. These employees are competent and have the necessary experience necessary for our business. They have also identified with our core values and principles as a company and are willing to work to enable us achieve our desired goals and objectives by showing the commitment necessary to ensure that we reach our intended goals.

We intend to pay our employees well as we already have the best welfare packages in the industry amongst similar start-ups such as ours. We also will ensure that our employees are continually trained and also remain updated about the trends in the industry so as to make informed decisions at all times on behalf of the company.

Our customer care service is second to none as customers are very pleased with what care they have received so far. All our staffs are well trained to attend to customers’ enquiries, feedbacks, complaints and orders. This is because we take our customers very seriously and know that this is the easiest way to retain a large number of our clients to our jewelry store.

Finally, our owner Ms. Lucy Styles is an entrepreneur who owns 100% of the jewelry store and has more than 15 years experience in the Jewelry industry. Her vast expertise will enable the jewelry store achieve its intended goals and objectives as fast as possible.

3. Our Products and Services

Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store intends to deal in all kinds of jewelries that are silver, gold and platinum and which may or may not contain precious stones from our established location here in Midtown Manhattan – New York City.

In order to ensure that we boost our revenue base and boost our bottom line as well, we intend to create multiple sources of income so as to be able to cater to a large clientele base in our target market. We intend to ensure that we make our profit in accordance with the laws of the United States of America.

Therefore, some of the products and services we intend to offer are;

  • Retail sale of silver, gold and platinum jewelries
  • Sales of watches, rings, earrings and bracelets with precious stones such as diamond, emeralds, rubies, sapphire and other rare stones
  • Jewelry repair and customization services
  • Jewelry resizing and polishing
  • Advisory services

4. Our Mission and Vision Statement

  • Our vision at Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store is to be recognized for our jewelries and be regarded as a leader by our target market for our sale of jewelry inventories that are outstanding as well as other related jewelry related services.
  • In order to achieve our vision, we intend to build a solid business structure that will allow us employ only competent and experienced staff that will work with us towards attaining our desired goal here in New York City.

Our Business Structure

Because we intend to build a standard jewelry store here in Midtown Manhattan – New York City, we have ensured that we perfect our business structure so as to have as less hitches as possible in starting and running the business. This is why we have decided to go the extra mile in ensuring that we have competent and hardworking employees to handle their different responsibilities on behalf of the company.

We are willing to spend the right amount in bringing in the right people to occupy the available positions here in Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store. We know that having the right people means that we are close to achieving our set goals and objectives especially as we intend to ensure that the employees are attuned to our vision and remain committed at helping us achieve this vision.

We intend to offer various services and products and so would employ various employees to man the different positions that will come from offering these services and sale of jewelry and related products at Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store.

Below is the intended business structure we will build at Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store;

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Human Resources and Admin Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Team
  • Cashier
  • Accountant
  • Customer Service Executive
  • Driver
  • Cleaner

5. Job Roles and Responsibilities

Chief Executive Officer

  • Makes strategic decisions that affects the future of the jewelry store
  • Communicates core policies and principles to all staff and ensure that they are implemented
  • Sources for high-end clients on behalf of Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store

Human Resources and Admin Manager

  • Sources for and recruits the right employees for Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store
  • Ensures that employee understands the policies of the jewelry store and implements it
  • Carries out administrative duties to ensure that the jewelry store runs smoothly without hitches

Purchasing Manager

  • Sources for reliable jewelry vendors, distributors and manufacturers on behalf of Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store
  • Prepares and reviews the purchasing contract that is used by Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Stores and ensure that it is to the benefit of the store
  • Continually source for vendors and distributors and always have back-up plans in place

Store Manager

  • In charge of ensuring that the inventory is up-to-date
  • Keeps accurate inventory of the jewelry pieces by ensuring that all jewelries that leave the store and are brought into the store are well documented
  • Ensures that the store is well ventilated and secured for the jewelry pieces

Sales and Marketing Team

  • Conducts direct marketing and sales on behalf of Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store
  • Monitors online website and uses several platforms online to market the jewelry store
  • Conducts continuous market research to ensure that new emerging market are identified o behalf of the Jewelry Store


  • In charge of handling petty cash on behalf of the Jewelry Store
  • Handles in-house vouchers on behalf of accountant
  • Balances daily transactions on behalf of jewelry store


  • Prepares monthly financial statements and information
  • Ensures that the stores books and that of the bank are accurately reconciled monthly
  • Ensure that correct tax information and documents are submitted to the necessary tax authorities

Customer Service Executive

  • Handles all enquiries, orders, and complaints of customers
  • Ensures that Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store have an updated customer database
  • Stays up-to-date regarding industry trends as well as organizational policies


  • Ensures that transported jewelries get to its accurate destination using the authorized route
  • Carries out regular light maintenance on vehicle
  • Maintain a log of routes driven as well as traffic regulations so as not run afoul of traffic laws


  • Ensures that the premise are kept clean always
  • Ensures that depleted cleaning supplies are replenished
  • Carries out any other duty as determined by the human resources and admin manager

6. SWOT Analysis

Due to our intention of running a leading jewelry store, we had to engage the services of a reputable business consultant here in Midtown Manhattan – New York City to look through our business concept and determine if we were best suited to start and run our jewelry store business and also be able to compete favorably against other already established jewelry stores and start-ups here in Midtown Manhattan – New York City as well as in the entire jewelry stores industry in the United States of America.

In view of our request, the business consultant conducted a thorough survey of our jewelry store business taking stock of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and used this analysis to determine how we were likely to fare in the industry here in Midtown Manhattan – New York City as well as round the whole United States of America.

Therefore, below is the result of the SWOT analysis that was critically conducted on our behalf;

  • Strengths

Our strengths lies in the fact that we are retailing jewelries that are of a unique construction and design, an element that is already setting us apart from our competitors. We also have a strong relationship with vendors and suppliers of jewelries. This relationship is invaluable as it has allowed us offer our clients custom pieces that suit their tastes and preferences.

We also have a comprehensive distribution network for our jewelries and a robust website that we use in interacting with our clients. Finally, our CEO, Ms. Lucy Styles is a veteran in the business and has over 15 years experience in the industry that will earn the business great strides.

  • Weaknesses

There are several weaknesses we are facing as a start-up jewelry store and it includes the fact that most of our target market is not yet aware of Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Stores. Also, as a start-up we have limited time and budget in which to promote our jewelry store to a large section of our target market.

  • Opportunities

There are several opportunities that abound to us in this field and this is the fact that a large population of our target market is not yet aware of Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store which means we have a strong possibility of growing our business in order to accommodate new markets and potential clients. Also, the fact that we retail unique and creative designs; we are seen as a breath of fresh air in the industry.

  • Threats

Every business faces threats every now and then and so even though we know that we are likely to face certain threats, we have laid down strategies available to combat any threat that might crop up. Some of the threats we are likely to face are an economic downturn that will decrease discretionary income and allow people to spend less on jewelries. Also, the arrival of a new competitor into our same location is considered another threat to our business.


  • Market Trends

The trend within the jewelry store industry is the fact that more stores are shifting towards retailing custom and unique jewelry pieces. This trend is in response to the mid-nineties in the jewelry stores industry where several stores were retailing thousands of jewelries that were similar, which created a commonality that allowed the start of the custom and unique jewelry trend for several jewelry stores.

These unique and custom jewelries have is a way of letting customers stand out. This trend has led to many jewelry stores become multi-brand retail instead of mono-brand retail so as to be able to offer consumers different styles that will suit their tastes and preferences.

Another trend is the blending of art and jewelry which is becoming different from traditional jewelries were where the pieces were made out of precious metals. These traditional jewelry pieces represented status, wealth or both. As more value was attributed to the precious metals regardless of the design and construction.

However, the trends have changed as millenials who have more appreciation for art work are demanding that jewelries have artistic elements and this has helped the industry grow.

Finally having a website is critical to the success of a jewelry store as this allows customers build an interest about the store and eventually visit or purchase from the website. The website also offers customers the ability to carry out research and compare prices which allows jewelry stores to put more effort in having an online presence that not only offers the best in terms of prices and products but also allow stores maintain a presence that will help it become more responsive to customers.

The use of the internet has not only been of immense help to the customers but also to the jewelry stores as well as it has forced them to make vast use of the internet in reaching and creating awareness to its target market in order to reach potential clients.

8. Our Target Market

Even though almost everyone uses jewelries, we as a jewelry store still need to determine exactly who our target market is. This will allow us know exactly what strategies to draft that will be effective on our target market. In view of this, we have had to conduct a market survey in order to determine our target market.

The market research that we have conducted will allow us understand what it is our target market will require from us and how we can suitably predict their buying patterns and other characteristics. From the result of our market survey, we are in business to retail our jewelries to the following set of clients;

  • Young adults
  • Celebrities
  • Business people
  • Corporate executives
  • Tourists
  • Couples
  • Religious institutions

Our competitive advantage

In starting Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store, we intend to build a business that will become the preferred retail jewelry store for our target market here in Midtown Manhattan – New York City through our sale of jewelry inventories that are outstanding as well as other related jewelry related services, as well as all around the United States of America. Our intention is to be able to compete favorably with our competitors through several laid down strategies.

Our first competitive strategy lies in the fact that we are retailing jewelries that are of a unique design and construction as well as offering jewelry-related services to our various customers.

Our promotion strategies has allowed us penetrate the market and allow those not aware of us to become aware as we hired a reputable brand consultant who not only studied the market well but used his knowledge and experience garnered in the industry to develop effective promotion strategies that has given us more awareness in the market and an edge over our competitors.

Another competitive edge that we have over our competitors is the fact that we have built an excellent business structure where we hired competent and professional employees who not only understand the industry but also have identified with our core values and principles and are committed to ensuring that they help us achieve our intended goals and objectives at Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store.

We also are paying our employees very well and have the best welfare packages to be gotten in similar start-ups across the jewelry store industry.

Finally, we have the best customer care executives that not only understand how to handle the customers appropriately but also are able to handle all enquiries, orders and complaints in record time and to the benefit of our company.


  • Sources of Income

Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store has been established with the intention of generating and making profit in the jewelry store industry cum jewelry industry here in Midtown Manhattan – New York City, as well as all over the United States of America by retailing jewelry pieces that are unique in design for its various customers.

Therefore, we intend to generate income by retailing the following products and offering the services below;

  • Retail sale of silver, gold and platinum jewelries
  • Sales of watches, rings, earrings and bracelets with precious stones such as diamond, emeralds, rubies, sapphire and other rare stones
  • Jewelry repair and customization services
  • Jewelry resizing and polishing
  • Advisory services

10. Sales Forecast

The jewelry store industry is one that has been experiencing strong growth as the economy has improved to allow an increase in demand from different types of customers.

With our strategic position in Midtown Manhattan – New York City, we expect a very strong growth at the start of and during the course of operations to allow us remain optimistic as regards our revenue generation and profit as well as growing and sustaining our business within a period of one year.

This projection is due to the fact that we have carried out a critical examination of the Jewelry Store Industry and having analyzed our chances using information gathered here in Midtown Manhattan amongst similar start-ups such as ours have been able to come up with an accurate projected sales forecast.

Therefore below are the sales projections for Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store here in Midtown Manhattan – New York City and dependent on several factors and assumptions;

  • First Fiscal Year-: $280,000
  • Second Fiscal Year-: $560,000
  • Third Fiscal Year-: $1,120,000

N.B: It should be noted that the above sales projections were carried out based on the information and data gathered from the industry as well as certain assumptions such as the economy remains in the same state and that there won’t be an arrival of any major competitor during the stated period. However, should there be a change in the assumptions; this will invariably lead to a decrease or an increase in the stated figures

  • Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy

Marketing is a very important aspect of any business as this is where revenue is generated for a business. To draft effective marketing strategies, one needs to understand that the location plays a huge role as this will determine what caliber of clients visit the store.

We intend to conduct a marketing survey so that this will allow us penetrate the available market and position our business in such a way as to attract the right customers, gain a huge share of the market and also compete favorably against competitors.

For this reason, we hired a reputable marketing consultant here in Midtown Manhattan – New York who not only understands the industry but knows how best we would be able to manipulate the market and gain a huge share for the benefit of our business. The business consultant also helped us draft strategies that are tested and effective and will work for Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store.

We also empowered our marketing and sales team to draft effective marketing strategies that are in line with our core values and principles as a company. This will ensure that any strategy drafted and implemented will positively communicate our brand.

Therefore, the marketing strategies that will be adopted for Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store are;

  • Advertising our store in relevant magazines, local newspapers as well as on radio and television stations
  • Ensure that we throw a grand opening party in order to generate interest and create awareness for our jewelry store
  • Deploy direct marketing and sales strategies
  • Ensure that our jewelry store is listed on online and offline directories
  • Introduce our jewelry store to designers, photographers, magazine editors and other stakeholders in the jewelry industry
  • Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market our jewelry store

11. Publicity and Advertising Strategy

Our jewelry store business is a standard one and as such we intend to ensure that we draft the right promotion strategies that will not only create awareness for us in our target market but also effectively advertise our business and bring in the needed revenue that would boost our business as well.

For this purpose, we intend to hire a brand consultant who is reputable and understands the industry thoroughly to help us draft the right publicity and advertising strategies that will not only allow us penetrate the market but ensure that we can suitably compete against our competitors as well.

Therefore some of the publicity strategies we intend to leverage on in promoting Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store are;

  • Ensure that we place adverts in local newspapers, magazines as well as on radio and television stations
  • Use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to vigorously promote our business
  • Create an interactive website that is attractive and user-friendly and use this in promoting our business
  • Sponsor relevant programs such as beauty pageants, catwalks and fashion shows in the community
  • Distribute our handbills and fliers in strategic areas
  • Ensure that our flexi banners are positioned in strategic and conspicuous locations

12. Our Pricing Strategy

Determining the prices for our jewelry pieces will mean taking several factors into consideration, especially as we would be offering jewelry pieces that are of a unique design and shape.

We do not intend to run into a loss and so we would consider factors such as what our competitors were offering for jewelries that we are selling, the value of the metals used in making the jewelry, we would also consider shipping and freight bills as well as what overhead and running expenses we have incurred in the process of running our jewelry store. These factors and more would determine our pricing strategy.

However, in order to get a huge share of the market and increase awareness about our business for clients here in Midtown Manhattan – New York City, USA; we intend to offer a discount in the prices of our jewelries for 3 months of operation. We however have carried out a detailed analysis to know that we would not run at a loss during this period.

  • Payment Options

Since we understand that our customers have diverse styles and payment options, we intend to ensure that we come up with payment options that are not only convenient for our customers but to the survival of our business as well. Below are the payment options we intend to offer our various clients;

  • Payment via Credit Card
  • Payment via Point of Sale (POS) Machine
  • Payment via cash
  • Payment via online payment portal
  • Payment via check

The above payment options were carefully chosen and will work for our clients no matter their tastes and preferences. The payment options will also enable us have a hitch free transaction from our end.

13. Startup Expenditure (Budget)

In setting up and starting a standard jewelry store, there are certain aspects that one is expected to spend the bulk of their capital on which includes procuring the jewelries, paying employee salaries and paying utility bills. Therefore, below are the areas we intend to spend our start-up capital on;

  • Total fee for registering and incorporating the business in the United States of America – $750
  • Obtaining of licenses and permits as well as accounting software – $1,250
  • Cost of hiring a business consultant – $2,000
  • Marketing promotion expenses (general marketing promotion and promotion for grand opening ceremony) – $5,000
  • Insurance coverage (general liability, property liability and Workers Compensation) – $5,000
  • Operational cost for the first 3 months (employee salaries and payment of utility bills) – $100,000
  • Cost of start-up inventory (jewelries and packaging materials) – $100,000
  • Cost of store equipment (display cases, racks, security, cash register) – $5,000
  • Other start-up expenses (stationery, furniture, phones, computers and printers) – $5,000
  • Cost of purchasing a fairly used vehicle – $15,000
  • Cost of launching a website – $1,000
  • Cost of throwing a grand opening party – $3,000
  • Miscellaneous – $7,000

From the above analysis, we would need a total of $250,000 to successfully start and run a jewelry store business in Midtown Manhattan – New York City. It should be noted that the bulk of the amount will go into paying employee salaries and purchasing inventory.

Generating Funding / Startup Capital for Sparkles and Stones Jewelers Business

Sparkles and Stones Jewelry Store is a business owned 100% and financed for now by Ms Lucy Styles. Ms Lucy Styles does not intend to part with any of her equity and so would not be seeking for external investors for her business. She has therefore decided to restrict the sourcing of her start-up capital to these 3 major sources.

The 3 major sources where Ms Lucy Styles intends to generate her start-up capital include;

  • Generating part of the start-up capital from personal savings and sale of stocks
  • Sourcing for soft loans from family members and friends
  • Apply for loan from bank

N.B: Ms. Lucy Styles was able to generate the sum of $30,000 from personal savings. She borrowed the sum of $20,000 from friends. She approached the bank for the sum of $200,000 repayable in 5 years at an interest rate of 2%. All the approving documents have been signed and the amount will be credited to the business account by the end of the week.

14. Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

Every business established to make profit intends to be in existence for a long time through suitable sustainability and expansion strategies and so in deciding the future of our jewelry store, we know how important factors such as business structure, customer loyalty as well as promotion strategies are in ensuring that we are sustained for a long time.

We believe that in having the right business, we not only are able to start our business with as less hitches as possible but we also will be able to sustain our businesses for a long time to come. This is why we are willing to go the extra mile in ensuring that we hire competent and experienced employees who not only understand the industry and the jewelry store business but also have identified with our core principles and values as a company.

Knowing how important our customers are to us, we intend to ensure that we retain customer loyalty because we find that this is less expensive than having to attract new customers to our business. We will encourage our loyal customers with discounts and referral loyalty programs for every customer they refer to us or every purchase of jewelry worth a certain amount that they procure from us.

Finally, we know how important having publicity is to a business and so we intend to draft promotion strategies that would allow us effectively penetrate the market while getting new customers that would boost our revenue and increase our bottom line as well. We know that if we are serious with these measures we would be able to sustain and expand our business.

Check List / Milestone

  • Business Name Availability Check: Completed
  • Business Registration: Completed
  • Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts: Completed
  • Securing Point of Sales (POS) Machines: Completed
  • Opening Mobile Money Accounts: Completed
  • Opening Online Payment Platforms: Completed
  • Application and Obtaining Tax Payer’s ID: In Progress
  • Application for business license and permit: Completed
  • Purchase of Insurance for the Business: Completed
  • Conducting feasibility studies: Completed
  • Generating capital from family members: Completed
  • Applications for Loan from the bank: In Progress
  • Writing of Business Plan: Completed
  • Drafting of Employee’s Handbook: Completed
  • Drafting of Contract Documents and other relevant Legal Documents: In Progress
  • Design of The Company’s Logo: Completed
  • Graphic Designs and Printing of Packaging Marketing / Promotional Materials: In Progress
  • Recruitment of employees: In Progress
  • Creating Official Website for the Company: In Progress
  • Creating Awareness for the business both online and around the community: In Progress
  • Health and Safety and Fire Safety Arrangement (License): Secured
  • Opening party / launching party planning: In Progress
  • Establishing business relationship with vendors – wholesale suppliers / merchants: In Progress
  • Purchase of trucks: Completed