Do you run an insurance agency and you are in need of marketing ideas and tactics that will help increase your clients base? Then below are ten result oriented marketing ideas for insurance agents and agencies.

The insurance market is constantly changing, and agents need to branch out and get with the times. As an agent, you need to be everywhere in order to be able to successfully compete with direct insurance carriers.

Most of the time, insurance agents don’t work on a fixed monthly pay because their source of income is “commissions from the insurance company.” This means how much they will pocket at the end of each month depends on how much they help the insurance company realize that month through new deals.

So, to earn more as an insurance agent, you will need to attract more customers. This does not necessarily have to be expensive or mean additional stress. It’s all down to your smartness. Here are 10 easy-to-implement and low-cost marketing ideas that can help you win more clients and earn more income:

Top 10 Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents & Companies

1. Always have a list

As an insurance agent, you must always have a shortlist of people around you who are likely to be interested in buying an insurance policy. Look around you and search for people who have expensive property or those who are millionaires.

List the names of these individuals in your notebook, checking each name after marketing your insurance policy to them. Having a list will help you remember everyone you need to approach, so you won’t miss any commission by leaving out potential clients.

2. Network with property dealers

Build a strong relationship with property dealers inside and around your locality. Ask them to introduce your business to their customers or simply ask them to distribute your business cards or fliers to their customers. Chances are that anyone who buys new property will be interested in insurance.

3. Send thank you cards

Show some appreciation to your clients by sending them a big and beautiful thank you card. Taking this extra step will put a personal touch on your services and send signals that you truly value your clients. This tactic is very powerful, since most direct insurance carriers are unable to adopt it.

4. Set up your website

In today’s marketplace, not having a website for your business is like not having a business card. It looks quite unprofessional and makes you miss out on lots of potential clients and commissions.

If you are on a tight budget, then you should consider setting up a cheap one-page website that features information about your services and prices as well as your contact details. Better yet, you should start an insurance blog. This requires little or no technical know-how, and it takes just minutes.

5. Social media

Social media is now widely used for attracting potential clients and creating brand awareness. Set up business profiles on the major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn), and share helpful and relevant updates that potential clients will find very interesting. This way, you will quickly build a large audience of potential clients, and you can then start pitching them your services.

6. Use your email signature

The email signature is another often overlooked but effective marketing tool. So, if you haven’t already customized yours, do that right now. Include every bit of contact information, such as your phone number, website address, social media IDs, and so on. Include as many as possible communication options, since everyone has a favorite.

7. Pay-per-click advertising

This involves paying to have your business advertised in search engine results when internet users looking for insurance services use queries related to your business. Pay-per-click advertising can be very effective because it drives traffic to your website only from people who are very much interested in insurance. And you can choose who will see your ads as well as where and when you want your ads to be seen.

8. Stage seminars

One reason why many people aren’t using insurance is that they don’t know much about it and they don’t understand its benefits. A good way to enlighten people about insurance and its benefits is to host a seminar that will have many potential clients in attendance. Enlighten them on the benefits of insurance as well as how to save money on insurance. This will increase their interest in insurance, and they will most likely buy insurance through you.

9. Publish email newsletters

You must find a way to capture emails of potential clients and develop an insurance marketing email newsletter. Share relevant information with your newsletter, as this will build credibility and establish you as an expert. Aweber and Mailchimp are examples of good email marketing service providers.

10. Encourage referrals

Ask your clients (or other people) to refer clients to you in return for a reward, which could be a gift or a cash commission. This will encourage them to market your business through word of mouth (and other means they can adopt).