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12 Best Types of Insurance to Sell [Based on Popular Demand]

Do you want to make money fast as an insurance agent but you don’t know what policy to sell? If YES, here are the best type of insurance to sell based on demand.

The competition in the insurance industry is stiff and as an insurance agent, you would want to employ different tricks and techniques to help you stay ahead of the competition and outperform other agents. One of the best ways to achieve this is to take advantage of the principle of demand and supply; give the people what they want and you wouldn’t have to spend so much time and energy trying to convince them to buy, because it is what they need.

Instead of trying to sell everything and anything to anyone out there, you can increase your chances of getting higher commissions by focusing more on selling the insurance products that are most often demanded. Some of these insurance policies are mandatory or required by the law and this is why they are so often demanded. Here are 12 of the most commonly demanded insurance products that you can start selling today:

Best Insurance to Sell Based on Popular Demand

1. Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is designed to pay for full or partial medical expenses of an individual whenever they fall sick. It mostly covers for consultation fees, drug and other prescriptions, hospice care, surgeries, physical therapy, medical checkups and so on.

You should target business owners, especially new business owners with employees as a lot of them would be shopping for health insurance coverage for their employees as part of their employee appreciation or motivation plans or to fulfill the legal requirements for business owners with employees in some states.

You can also target people with preexisting conditions who are seeking for fair health insurance prices. People with preexisting conditions are often slammed with high insurance premiums because they are seen as high risk individuals who would cost the insurance company a lot more money than they would be willing to part with. You can carve a niche out of helping people with preexisting conditions to get affordable health insurance.

2. Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance is another popular insurance product to sell. There are a lot of vehicle owners in the united states and the number of new owners keep growing. It is mandatory for every automobile owner in the country to purchase insurance cover to protect against injuries to other road users while driving their vehicles.

Target college students and parents of high school seniors as most of them would be getting their first vehicles and would typically need automobile insurance coverage. You can also target new and existing business owners and logistics companies as some of them constantly add to their fleet of vehicles or need to renew their auto insurance coverage from time to time.

You can also talk to auto dealerships about referral arrangements where they recommend your services to their clientele in exchange for a little something from you.

3. Professional Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is mostly mandatory for people who offer professional services due to the volatile nature of their jobs.

A medical professional for instance could be sued by a client for negligence and the victim may want some compensation which the professional may be unable to afford out-of-pocket. Professional liability insurance helps to cover for legal costs, cost of damages and loss of income that may arise in some cases.

You should target Medical Professionals, Fitness professionals, IT Professionals, Architects, Engineers, Structural Designers, Graphics and Web Designers, Recruitment agencies, consultants and tutors as these are some of the professionals who commonly require this type of insurance.

4. Worker’s Compensation Insurance

This is another type of insurance product that is very popular because it is mandatory. It covers for injuries sustained by employees during the course of carrying out their duties for their employers. It is mandatory for business owners with more than one employee to get this insurance coverage and these are the people you should be targeting.

5. Life Insurance

No one wants to leave their families and dependents to suffer if something terrible happens to them such that they are not able to take care of them. Life insurance is also very popular because some products allow for the policy owners to take out some cash and use it to start businesses or take care of other pressing needs.

6. Product liability insurance

A lot of businesses that manufacture products or offer services that may expose other people to injuries and damages usually need to take out this type of insurance to protect themselves and their businesses from bankruptcy in case of lawsuits.

Product designers, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors are some of your potential clients for this type of insurance product.

7. Property Insurance

Property insurance is also sometimes called homeowners insurance although there is also commercial property insurance that covers for business premises and assets. Property insurance typically covers for anything that may pose as a risk to property such as flood, theft, fire and weather.

Property insurance may also have some other specialized forms that you can focus on selling depending on your location. If you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes for instance, you can sell earthquake insurance or Peril policies.

If your area is prone to flooding, it will be easier to sell flood insurance; try to figure out what disaster or risks the property owners in your area are most worried about and use that information to carve a niche for yourself so that you would be able to make sales much more easily.

8. Bundle Insurance Policies

People want to spend as little as they can to get the best insurance policies, this is why bundle insurance policies sell like hot dogs. These types of policies only require you to take out one policy, pay a single premium and you get coverage for a number of risks.

For instance, property insurance can be bundled up with home insurance and professional liability insurance. You should consider selling this type of insurance policy because anything that helps people save money is usually easy to sell.

Apart from the money saving benefit, it also helps to simplify insurance for most people who cannot keep up with paying multiple premiums for various individual policies.

9. General Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is also known as Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance. It is designed to protect business owners from any claims of liability by a victim who sustained injuries or damages arising out of the business owners’ premises, products, operations, advertising and procedures.

10. Small Business Insurance

The number of small businesses springing up in the last decade has been very impressive. There are a growing number of small business owners in the United States and they typically need insurance protection for their businesses especially Business Owner’s Policies (BOP), Commercial Auto Insurance and General Liability Insurance.

11. Money Back Plans

Money Back Plans are mainly for investments. The people who take out these policies do so because they expect to earn interests and obtain good financial returns from it in the future. Money Back Plans are like 2-in-1 products; insurance and investment/savings products bundled into one and it is easier to sell because the risks are low and the benefits are high.

12. Travel Insurance

A lot of people travel for work and pleasure on a daily basis and there are chances that they could get sick while they are there. Travel insurance helps to cover their medical costs and ensure that they are well taken care of on the trip.


If you want to stop struggling to close sales as an insurance marketer, you should stop focusing on selling the products that offer you the highest commission and generally stop doing what other marketers are doing.

Instead, you should conduct a general research on your target area and find out which insurance products are in high demand so that you can focus on selling them thereby giving yourself a competitive advantage and setting yourself up to earn more commission.