Do you want to start a gift basket business but want to go niche? If YES, here are 50 best profitable gift basket business ideas & opportunities for 2020.

A gift basket can easily be called a basket of goodies, but it is a little more than that. A gift basket is a basket that usually contains products of the same type or category, that are aimed at a certain group of people. People send gift baskets in many different occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, and to cheer up a sick person. You can make gift baskets containing flowers, fruit, candies and chocolates, toys or all of the above.

Starting a gift basket business isn’t difficult and doesn’t demand a large outlay of cash. There are many advantages to owning a gift basket business, with the best one being that you can start it out of your home. If you are thinking of starting a gift basket business, you can get inspired by the 50 gift basket business ideas that we have listed here.

50 Best Gift Basket Business ideas & Opportunities for 2020

  1. Make and sell the basket

Before you can have a gift basket, there is always the basket to think of first. With loads of gift basket businesses springing up in the united states, so is the demand for uniquely made baskets that can house the gifts. Baskets for gifts can come in different forms and sizes to accommodate goodies from chocolate to fishing traps.

If you are skilled with making baskets, this is a very good business opportunity for you. You can go round to various businesses that offer gift baskets and custom make gift baskets for them. You can also make and sell them in flea markets and variety stores.

  1. Gourmet Delights basket

If you want to get in on the gift basket rave, one niche that can gain you good customers is gourmet delights gift basket. You can consider creating gift baskets related to local and regional foods, restaurants and gourmet foods. Local and regional favorites work well for general gifts. Advertise your gourmet gift baskets featuring local and regional favorites with visitor centers and tourist attractions.

Gourmet foods, including cheese, crackers and sausage, provide a good option for employee and client gifts. Include various cracker, spread and cheese options for customizable gift baskets. Baskets filled with desserts, such as cookies and brownies, provide customers with a sweet gift choice. Create a gift basket based around a picnic.

Use a picnic basket containing a blanket, wine, wine glasses and a wide selection of fruits and cheeses for a romantic gift choice. Starting a gourmet gift baskets business is one of the easiest businesses to launch from home. You can keep your expenses low and gain a high profit margin if you choose wholesale suppliers with the best prices.

  1. Corporate Takeover basket

Marketing gift baskets to local businesses and regional employers opens up a host of options for sales and gift basket development. Consider packaging gift baskets that include merchandise with company logos, brands and products. This works well for general client gifts and giveaways.

Gift baskets focused on thanking an employee for a job well done, recognizing years of service or congratulating an employee on retirement can help corporations reward their employees and provide you with additional sales. Fill baskets with service award items, including plaques, motivational items and crystal awards. Add snacks such as chocolate, nuts and fruit for filler.

Other corporate ideas include baskets featuring a theme, such as a day at the beach, a golf course or an area attraction. Include gift certificates for attractions and use complementary items to complete the basket. This can include sunglasses, sunscreen, disposable camera and sport items such as a Frisbee or golf tees.

  1. Food Gift Baskets

These are the most common and popular gift baskets that you can see today. Businesses and individuals easily give their friends, clients and family food packed gift baskets. A gift basket can be filled with candies, gourmet foods, coffees, biscuits, snacks, chocolates, wine, etc. depending on the occasion celebrated.

  1. Bath and Body Gift Baskets

This is also a very popular gift basket idea that is commonly shared among friends. The common items of these baskets tend to include towels, toiletries like scented soaps, shampoos, fragrances, oils, lotions, and new candles scents, even aromatherapy products.

If you can put together this kind of basket, you can please your clients with your delightful range of shower gels, bath foams and body lotions all packed into luxury packaging for the perfect gift. This gift basket is also ideal for the person that makes and sells these products.

  1. Shower Gift Baskets

These gift baskets are perfect for either lifestyle changes like weddings or baby showers. Many entrepreneurs focus on a single market. For example, you can find a number of retailers selling exclusively baby gift baskets, weddings and birthdays. You can start a business where you package these beautiful baskets for wedding, a birth, graduation or other big events.

  1. Customized Baskets

A lot of individuals usually want things that are different from what others want. So, in this gift basket niche, you should contact your clients first so they can name what they want in their gift baskets. To make your gift basket unique, look for items that are hard to find, something unique and has a value.

Be sure to properly price your customized gift basket, given the added cost of shopping specially for the basket. Also know that the prices of these baskets differ from the others because of the way the items are sourced and the cost.

  1. Baby baskets

Most first time parents will undeniably be bombarded with new clothes and toys for their little bundle of joy, so why not use a new baby gift basket as inspiration to get them something a little different, that they will undoubtedly use. These baskets should be stocked with things like kid toys, baby blankets, and undershirts, baby lotion, powder, and soap.

  1. Sushi gift basket

Yet another gift basket idea for you to think about is a sushi gift basket. This basket typically contains all the ingredients for a sushi feast except the fresh fish. Since sushi is high end food, you should typically stock your box or basket with expensive items including caviar.

  1. Ice cream Gift Basket

For people with a sweet tooth, an ice cream gift basket would definitely increase their love for you. To be successful with this business, you should be able to put together an ice cream gift basket that so many loved ones would and could enjoy. From birthday gifts to celebratory congratulations, this one will be a hit.

  1. Spring Cleaning Gift Basket

Add a bit of freshness to a neighbor’s house with a spring cleaning gift basket filled with goodies to put a bit of pep in your step. This is another gift basket idea you can start, though you know that this business would be limited by the season. But not to worry, you can combine other niches to your business.

  1. Coffee Lovers’ Gift Basket

A lot of people love coffee and would appreciate any gift that is coffee related. This is why a coffee gift basket business would fly in every city it is started. To get ahead, you should endavour to together a gift basket that all coffee lovers would swoon for. This could be an amazing idea to start with. You can include gourmet beans, mugs, filters, etc.

  1. Snowy Day Gift Basket

On a snowy day, people love to stay indoors tucked in by the fire, so this gift basket should reflect this need and desire. When properly put together, a snowy day gift basket would shin a light on any gloomy day. You could add in your own favorite games, or make it full of baking and hot cocoa themed goodies, everything one need for a good old tummy warming. With good marketing, you’d have no problems with sales.

  1. Breakfast In bed Gift Basket

Breakfast in bed was made to pamper, and you could adapt it to a gift basket of choice. You can add a jar of pancake mix as it is something that anyone would appreciate. Who wouldn’t love easy homemade pancakes? You could definitely adapt it to any breakfast theme you want or your customers would want, like a full cooked breakfast with hash browns and bacon.

  1. Car Care themed Gift Basket

A lot of men treat their cars with the utmost pride and care; this is why a car themed gift basket would become a seller wherever it is started. The smart thing about this as a gift is that the container itself is usually a bucket, perfect for washing one’s car, so there really isn’t one aspect of this gift basket that will go unused.

  1. Spa Gift Basket

Spa gift basket is another very popular gift basket idea that ladies prefer to receive. When running this business, you could adapt this pamper gift basket to the needs of the recipient, like massage oils for someone who is always very tense, or bubble bath for someone who could benefit from just soaking in the warm water for hours.

Relaxation is very important to the health, which is why these spa gift baskets can make a big difference in how someone feels. They also offer an affordable alternative to a spa trip so that someone can take care of themselves at home. Give them to friends and family that really need a break but don’t have time to go to a spa.

  1. New Mom Gift Basket

New mom are always on and on about the baby and totally neglecting themselves in the process. You can piece together a gift basket, not for the new baby this time, but for the new momma! Baby baskets are fun but the mommy needs some goodies when she comes home too. Include some of the basic essentials like a soft nightwear, breast pads, hot water bottle, bath bombs etc.

  1. Perfect Couple Gift Basket

There is something like a perfect couple gift basket. This kind of gift basket finds more sales during valentine and other celebrations. You can arrange a Perfect couple or perfect pair themed Gift Basket for occasions like Bridal Showers etc. and make the day even more special for the bride and groom. Add up things like flowers, champagne, candles, cutleries etc and make it a perfect basket comprising all the functional goodies.

  1. Cuddle for Two Gift Basket

The ‘cuddle for two’ gift basket is great for anniversaries, date nights or even Valentine’s Day surprises. This can be sold in relation to similar niches so that people can be exposed to other gift baskets on your niche.

  1. Summer Time Gift Basket

If we have a snowy gift basket, then we must have a gift basket for when it shines. Summer is bright, so your gifts and packaging needs to be bright and heartwarming, even bringing a bit of a cheer. Try to be unique when putting this basket and try to include some stuff for the beach and going away on holiday, hello sunscreen.

  1. Sweet Nostalgia Gift Basket

Give them all the sweet they can handle, and take them back to an earlier time with candies that have been around for decades. They’ll certainly remember things that remind them of their childhood like: Pop Rocks, a Clark Bar, a candy necklace, gummy bears, you name it, if its retro candy it’s the best to get more attention.

  1. Fruit basket

With healthy eating being the new craze, a fruit gift basket would sell so well in your area. You can put various categories of fruit in it for people to enjoy. This is a great gift for someone who leads a healthy lifestyle and likes high quality fruit. Succulent pears, crisp apples, and ripe oranges can make up this pack, plenty of fruit to get them through the day.

  1. Bounty of the Sea Gift Basket

Quite a number of people love things that emanate from the sea, like its meats and veggies. This basket should be filled to the gills with all sorts of items pulled from the sea. Fish lovers will love diving into the smoked mackerel, or a nice hot bowl of clam chowder. You can even add smoked salmon and Fisherman’s Stew so they’ll have a ton of seafood treats to work their way through.

  1. Corporate Fruit & Snack Baskets

Give workers a fresh start in the day with the freshest fruit around. To make good sales, you should endeavor to handpick your fruits from the finest orchards all over the world. Your fresh fruit should not just be available in executive gift baskets, you can also add decadent cheesecakes infused with ripe fruit, so you can send them something sweet too.

  1. Dog Gift Basket Business

With dogs being permanent members of more than 45.6 million households, starting a dog gift basket business is an excellent way to earn money in a lucrative market.

It seems as though pet care is a recession-proof business, with a steady stream of revenue going toward dog kennels and spas, pet foods and health care. There are many dog gift basket business ideas that will attract loyal canine customers. Just put together items you know dogs and their owners will love like food, treats, toys, etc.

  1. Dog Valentine’s Day Baskets

Everyone loves their dog, but many people forget them on Valentine’s day. Design dog gift baskets with treats in the shape of conversation hearts, tiny cupids and hearts. Add in a few heart shaped bones and rawhide chew toys. Don’t forget a squeaky heart toy for a fabulous finish.

Make your dog gift basket unique with gifts of “candy” that rival their human counterparts.  Buy wholesale (or make your own) peanut butter and carob truffles and put them in heart shaped boxes. Decorate “cookies” made from liver and peanut butter and give your basket a whimsical look. Market them starting in mid-January near parks, pet stores and veterinary offices.

  1. Fishing Gift Basket

You can take a Fish Gift Basket to a true fisherman on any occasion as Birthday, Christmas and other events. But undoubtedly, the best day for giving a fishing gift basket is on World Fisheries Day that is celebrated on November 21.

Some countries like Russia and Ukraine celebrate this day on the second Sunday in July. Fishing needs a lot of concentration, attentiveness, and calmness. However, how can you be concentrated or calmed when you’re hungry? Fishermen don’t have time for preparing something.

So they’ll be glad to receive a basket of tasty and nourishing snacks. Your gift sets should include high-quality baskets that can be used for transporting fishermen equipment or fish catching. All true fishermen always look for good equipment. You can include hooks, line, jigs, bobbers, sinkers, swivels, floats, stronger and more in this basket.

28. Golfing Gift Basket

When you’re struggling to find something new and fresh as a present or as a prize for an avid golfer, golf gift baskets would be your best bet. You can fill up a very unique gold bag or box with gourmet snacks and treats to give your loved one the energy they need Another idea is to fill a metal golf ball caddy with goodies. You can also add other little things a golfer would need on the field so as to make this gift bag unique.

29. Super Bowl Gift Basket

The super bowl is one match that makes friends gather together to watch, and when there is a gathering and a celebration, there must be a gift basket. Whether you are hosting the party or gathering at a friend’s house great snacks are essential for any super bowl match gathering. In your gift basket, you can include chips, ketchup, popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, caramels, etc.

Not all gift baskets are edible and that is okay. In fact, a hurried host might be thankful for a basket they don’t need to worry about putting in the fridge or storing to avoid spoilage. Non-edible baskets are easier to customize too – such as adding specialty items you know your host enjoys or something that suits the theme of the party.

  1. Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day Gift Basket 

Valentines is another day that gift baskets sell a lot. Lovers would always exchange gifts and a beautiful gift basket would be the center of attraction. Whether you’re going for fun, flirty, or casual this Valentine’s Day, there is always the perfect gift to fit any situation. From deeply romantic to a friendly gesture, there’s something for any circumstance.

You can create shareable gift baskets packed with wine, chocolate, and other gourmet snacks that friends will love for Galentine’s. Filled with delightful champagnes, decadent chocolates, and a variety of exquisite treats, a swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day gift baskets are sure to make your sweetheart weak in the knees or will make your bestie’s day.

  1. Beer Basket

Next to water and tea, you know what the most popular beverage is? Beer. So, why not create a gift basket around this favorite brew? You can hunt down some of the world’s best brews to offer your beer gift basket.

From the tastiest craft beers to the most popular brews in the world – your beer basket gifts should have it all. Besides being loaded with tasty brews, each of your beer gifts should be paired with tasty gourmet treats so no matter where the gift is headed, they’re sure to be greeted with a bit of a party.

  1. Christmas Gift Baskets

The majority of gift baskets are sold during the Christmas period, as gift baskets are the easiest things to gift bosses, friends, colleagues, family, acquaintances, etc. Your Christmas Gift Baskets should be filled with savory foods, gourmet coffees, Christmas chocolates and more.

You can even create your own custom Christmas Baskets. The holiday season brings to mind the scent of fresh pine, the bright colors of poinsettias, and the sweet taste of chocolates, candy canes and gingerbread men, get creative with all these and you can come out with something unique.

  1. Dog Gift Basket for Christmas

Dogs are usually not left out at Christmas when it comes to giving gifts. You can create attractive Dog Gift Baskets that include treats and chewing toy sets. You may also toss in a dog bowl and tennis balls. That way, you have everything that you need to give a dog a great day. Of course it would be easy for you to market this gift idea, you just need to locate where dog owners frequent.

  1. Hostess Favorites Gift Basket

For people that love to entertain, you can create a gift basket specially tailored to them. In this, you can include a breadboard, tea towels, some fresh bread, and specialty marmalade or preserves or other kinds of special dressing. Put everything in a pretty basket and you’re good to go. What’s special about this gift idea is that you can make this as minimal or as elaborate as you like.

  1. Car Wash Gift Basket

Men adore their cars and take special care while washing them. You would not make a mistake if you create a gift basket around this special love. This is a gift that generally goes to men and their friends. It is so easy to put together this kind of gift basket. Simply fill a bucket with popular car washing supplies. You can also toss in wipes, sponges, rags, auto glass cleaner, car washing soaps and liquids, etc.

  1. Halloween Gift Baskets

Adults and children alike delight in the Halloween tradition of pumpkin carving. A classic Halloween gift basket idea is to find a nice sized pumpkin and then gather together all the tools you need for carving: knives, stencils or templates, markers, candles, etc.

You can tie the bundle together with fabric such as a small tablecloth. If you are looking for gift basket ideas for Halloween for children, specifically, you may want to make the pumpkin carving easier. Cut the top off and scoop out the seeds thoroughly. You can even wrap the utensils you’ll need later in a Halloween-themed dish towel and put it inside the pumpkin so that in essence, the pumpkin becomes its own basket.

37. College survival baskets

Going away to college can be a hard and stressful time for both parents and students. College Survival gift basket is the college gift that is essential for high school graduates moving into college dorms. To create this gift, you should fill the basket with things that a college student might need beyond the things that they already think about taking.

You can add a pack of 3-in-1 laundry sheets, but any kind of laundry detergent could be put in the kit. You can also add different kinds of tape into the basket: masking tape, duct tape and transparent tape. They can be used for anything from school projects to hanging things in a dorm. Of course do not forget the chocolates and candies, and you can equally toss in other odds and ends.

38. Baker’s Favorites

For people that loves to bake,  you can create bakers gift basket. Here, you can add an adorable mixing bowl stuffed with some favorite baking items like silicone whisks, measuring spoons, cookie cutters, and sprinkles.

You should make sure to pick colors that mixed well together because packaging matters a lot. You could also include an apron, oven mitts, and gourmet baking mixes. What makes this gift basket idea special is that it contains items that people would use and enjoy but may not purchase on their own.

  1. Wine Gift Basket

The only thing better than giving a great bottle of wine is a selection of foods that help augment the flavor. Wine and cheese gift baskets showcase a large array of gourmet wine treats.

A few items you might fill your gift basket with is white wines, champagne, spirits, fresh fruit and gourmet snacks, shelf stable cheese, crackers, a couple of wine glasses and if you like some cheese knives or small condiment knives. It also comes with a pair of funny socks that wine drinkers will appreciate.

  1. Sugar-Free Diabetic Gift Basket

Most people are not allowed to indulge their sweet sides anymore because of their health conditions, and any edible gift they can appreciate should be something that has little or no sugar. When creating a Sugar-Free Diabetic Gift Basket, you should include many sugar-free options like summer sausage, chips, nuts and snack mixes. You can also choose a beautiful basket that will make a great addition to house decorations.

41. Cheese Gift basket

Yet another great gift basket idea you can put together is a cheese gift basket. A lot of people love cheese, so you should stock your basket with gourmet cheeses of various types. Cheese usually does not go alone, so you can toss in a bottle of wine, crackers, meat or whatever else you think your clients will love.

  1. Spooky basket

A spooky basket is a gift basket full of candy, pumpkin carving tools, fuzzy socks, and all the goodies to give to your significant other or to lovers. This gift basket idea for Halloween will please revelers of any age. Perfect to send to a family if you can’t be with them for the holiday. In this basket, you can pack cookies, ghost effigies, black cats, and maybe with an eerie chocolate haunted house beside them.

  1. Chocolate gift basket

Chocolate gift baskets are a great way to send numerous chocolate gifts in one sweet chocolate basket. You can use as many chocolate items as you like. You can make your basket with all chocolate items or mix in a few non-chocolate items.

You can start with chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered strawberries, Hershey chocolates, dark chocolates, white chocolates, chocolate bars, chocolate covered cherries, Belgian chocolates, chocolate mints, and chocolate covered pretzels.

You can equally add miniature or giant-size chocolate animals, gourmet chocolate candies, Tootsie Rolls, nuts, homemade chocolate-based cookies, pre-packaged chocolate food items, brownie mixes, and chocolate chip cookie mixes. Your options are endless.

44. Crackers gift basket

There are cracker lovers out there who would definitely appreciate a cracker-filled gift basket. But in a bid not to make this gift basket boring, you can add some good cheese and a bottle of wine to it.

45. Cookie Gift basket

One great gift basket idea that is good enough for the whole family is a cookie inspired gift basket. Cookie gift baskets are a fun and cost-effective way to legitimately practice your baking addiction and share the fruits of your labor with others.

You don’t have to know someone really well to give them a cookie gift basket, so it makes an ideal present to show your gratitude to people like teachers, hair stylists, the postman, and the newspaper carrier. However, it’s also easy to personalize a cookie basket for someone close to you, by choosing certain cookies and presenting them thoughtfully. Either way, you’re sure to make someone smile.

46. Jams and preserves gift basket

Homemade bread is a delight to enjoy, to give, and to receive. Combine that homemade bread with some homemade jam and jellies and that is a care package fit for a king and sure to inspire all kinds of good emotions. If you don’t make jam or jelly, choose something locally made from natural ingredients whenever possible. A jar or two will usually suffice in most baskets.

When giving jams and jellies from your own creations, pick jars with homegrown or foraged ingredients first. Include notes on the gift tag so that the recipient knows that not only did you make the jam but you grew the apples or foraged the berries yourself. It adds a special touch that almost everyone can appreciate.

47. Holiday Nuts Gift Basket

Holiday Nuts Gift Basket is a great option for anyone that likes to snack on nuts. It Should contain more than two pounds of nuts in different varieties including pistachios and walnuts. You can use any nuts you like or can lay your hands on for that matter. Just ensure to list them all out and properly label them so people would know what they are getting.

  1. Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket

Enjoying a can of beer (or two!) while watching the Super Bowl is a must, but instead of going for the big brands, you can try putting together some microbrews. Inside your gift basket, you should include different varieties of microbrew beer as well as some delicious snacks such as gourmet popcorn and beef jerky to go with it.

  1. Traditional Gourmet Popcorn Tin

It’s traditional to eat popcorn while watching a movie so why shouldn’t you package some for movie lovers during a date night? You can gift a popcorn tin in the same way as a gift basket. You can include as much flavors as you want your tin to carry.

  1. Baked Goods Sampler Gift Basket

If you are a good baker, now is the time to show your skills. You can start making baked goods sampler gift baskets for people. First, you get to make some money off it, and second, you get to market yourself. If you are just starting out with this business, you can start with your family and friends first so as to perfect your skills. By adding different types of cookies, brownies, blondies, cakes, etc. to the basket, your clients will be happy.