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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Nasarawa

Nasarawa state is one of the 36 states in Nigeria, it is located in the North Central part of the country and the state was created in 1996. The capital of Nasarawa state is Lafia and the name of the governor of the state is Umaru Tanko Al – Makun of APC. The state is nick named the ‘Home of Solid Minerals’ and the languages that are commonly spoken in the state are English language and general Hausa.

Nasarawa state shares boundaries with Kogi state, Benue state, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Taraba state, Plateau state, and Kaduna state. Nasarawa state is home to the highest water falls in Africa; the Farin Ruwa Falls in Wamba local Government area.

The major source of income for people in Nasarawa state is Agriculture and the state government also accounts for the employment of the lion share of labor in the state and as such, Nasarawa state can be classified as a civil service state. Nasarawa state is notable for the farming of Yam, maize, potatoes, grains and other cash crops. The state also has large deposits of solid minerals such as bauxite, emerald, uranium, tantalite, silica, sapphire, gemstone, topaz, mica, columbite, iron and lots more. The state also has a large deposit of salt.

These are the top ten business opportunities available in Nasarawa state;

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Nasarawa

1. Mechanized Farming

The demand for food in Nigeria and other parts of Africa can’t be met by local farmers. More investors need to come into the industry to be able to meet the demand for farm produce. One of the ways to make it big as a farmer is to go into mechanized farming. Nasarawa state just like most states in Nigeria is highly suitable for mechanized farming especially the cultivation of cash crops that are exported from Nigeria to other countries.

2. Mining Business

Nasarawa state is known as the home of solid minerals simply because it is the state in Nigeria that has the highest deposits of various solid minerals in commercial quantities. If you are interested in the mining industry, then you should consider opening your own mining company in Nasarawa state.

It is important to state that you would need operating license from both the Federal and State government to be able to mine any solid mineral in Nigeria. Illegal mining is seriously frowned at in Nigeria; it is indeed a punishable offence in Nigeria. So, ensure you follow due process to establish your own mining company if you don’t want to have any problem with the authority.

3. Real Estate Business

The real estate industry in Nasarawa state is one of the industries that is leveraging on the proximity of Abuja to make gains. The truth is that accommodation is expensive in Abuja and loads of workers and business owners in Abuja would prefer to stay in neighboring Nyanya in Nasarawa state because accommodation is far cheaper compared to what they can get in Abuja.

Consequently, if you have the financial capacity, then you should consider building accommodations in various parts of Nyanya and environs and you wouldn’t struggle to get people to rent or lease them.

4. Hotel Business

Hotel business is yet another business that is viable and thriving in Nasarawa state. Most people who can’t afford the high cost of hotel accommodation in Abuja would prefer lodging in hotels in Nasarawa state. If you have a solid financial base, you can consider going into hotel business in Nasarawa state and you will sure make good returns on your investment.

5. Salt Packaging Business

Nasarawa state has a large deposit of salt and if you are looking for a business to establish in Nasarawa state, then you can consider going into salt processing and packaging business. It is cost effective to locate this type of business in Nasarawa state because of the closeness to the main raw material – large deposit of salt. Once your salt is well packaged, you can sell it anywhere in Nigeria and West Africa.

6. Computer Sale and Repair Shop

Computer sales and repair business is yet another highly profitable business an entrepreneur can start in Nasarawa state. If you have interest in this type of business, then you can consider opening a shop in Nasarawa state. Just make sure you rent a shop in a busy business district.

7. Transport Business

Another business that an entrepreneur can setup in any part of Nigeria and still make good returns on their investment if well managed is transportation business. If you have the financial capacity to purchase a good number of brand new buses, then you can successfully launch your own transport business in Nasarawa state.

8. Wholesale Foodstuffs Business

Wholesale foodstuffs business is yet another highly profitable business an entrepreneur can setup in Nasarawa state. This type of business doesn’t require any technical skills, all you need to do is to rent a shop in a busy market and you won’t struggle to make daily sales.

9. Unisex Hair Salon and Beauty Shop

Keffi, Lafia, and Nyanya are nice locations to setup a Unisex Hair Salon and Beauty shop. This type of business is highly profitable especially if you locate the business in a location that is prone to both human and vehicular traffic. So, if you are a barber or a hair stylist looking towards starting your own unisex hair salon and beauty shop, then you should consider Nasarawa state. The competition for this type of business in Nasarawa state is not much.

10. Consignment Shop

The average person in Nasarawa state lives below poverty line; and the fact that they must survive makes it compulsory to patronize consignment shop. The truth is that second hand stuff is cheap in Nigeria and the market for such goods is large. So, if you are looking for a cool way to make cash in Nasarawa state, then you should consider opening a consignment shop.

There you have it; the top 10 business opportunities in Nasarawa state.