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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Niger

Niger state is one of the 36 states in Nigeria, it is located in the North Central part of the country and it was created on the 3rd of February, 1976. The capital of Niger state is Minna and it is nicknamed ‘The Power State’. Other main cities in Niger state are; Suleja, Kontagora and Bida. The languages that are generally spoken in Niger state are English, Nupe and general Hausa.

In terms of land mass, Niger state is the biggest state in Nigeria and it shares border with Kebbi state, Zamfara state, Kaduna state, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Kwara state, Kogi state and international border with the Republic of Benin. The major ethnic groups in Niger state are Nupe , Gbagyi people and Hausa. Islam is the major religion of the people in Niger state with few indigene of the state practicing Christianity and Traditional religion.

Niger state is indeed the power state because the state is home to two of Nigeria’s biggest hydroelectric power station; the Kainji Dam and the Shiroro Dam. Niger state is one of the states that attract tourists from within and outside Nigeria. Places like Guara Falls, Kainji National Park (The largest national park in Nigeria), Kainji Lake, Zugurma Game Reserve and Borgu Game Reserve. Other key industries that generate revenue for the state are the agric sector, service industry and hospitality industry.

Now let us quickly consider the top ten business opportunities available to investors in Niger state;

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Niger State

1. Tourist Guide Business

Niger state has key tourist sites that attract people from within Nigeria and outside Nigeria, most of the tourists especially those from non English speaking countries might find it difficult communicating to locals. If you can speak one or two international languages and you live in Niger state, then you can start your business as a tourist guide. This type of business is a cool way of making money in Niger state; you can combine the business with other source of income or with your studies if you are a student in any of the higher institutions in Niger state.

2. Photography and Video Coverage Business

One of the business opportunities that have not being fully tapped into in Niger state is photography and video coverage business. The truth is that there are numerous events organized in Niger state that may require the services of a photographer to cover. Instead of allowing event planners to go as far as Abuja to get photographers to cover their events, you can setup this type of business in Minna or Bida and you will sure attract customers. All you need to do to get started is to acquire the skills and then rent a good facility for your photo studio.

3. Taxi Business

Taxi business is one of the businesses that an entrepreneur who knows the state pretty well can venture into. Niger state is very big in terms of land mass, so if you intend starting your own taxi business in Niger state, then you should just concentrate on key cities like Minna, Bida or Suleja. One good thing about taxi business is that you can start out with a taxi and then grow the business to fleet of taxis spread across the state.

4. Hotel Business

The numbers of visitors who come into Niger state either for business, tourism, studies or research work makes hotel business a profitable venture to invest in Niger state. So if you are looking towards starting a business in Niger state, then you can consider starting your own hotel business. The truth is that you stand the chance of making good returns on your investment if you build your hotel close to tourist sites, higher institutions and Abuja. The fact that Suleja is one of the closest cities to Abuja makes it a good location to build hotel.

5. Auto Repair Workshop

Auto repair workshop is another business that an entrepreneur can start in Abuja. The volume of cars in Niger state is relatively high when compared to other states in the Northern part of Nigeria. If you intend opening your auto repair workshop, ensure that it is located where people can easily access.

6. Real Estate Business

If you intend to own a business portfolio in Niger state that will benefit you now and also in the nearest future, then you should consider investing in real estate. You can start with building private hostels around universities and polytechnics campuses in Niger start and you can also build decent apartments in Suleja.

7. Restaurant Business

Restaurant business is yet another thriving business an entrepreneur can start in Niger state. In other to attract customers, your food must be good, your restaurant must be neat and the location must be visible.

8. Car Wash Business

Car wash business is one of the easy to setup business an entrepreneur can successfully start in Niger state especially in cities like Minna, Bida or even Suleja. Although, it is a small scale business, but it is highly profitable if well positioned and managed.

9. Business Centre

If you are looking for a business to establish in Niger state that won’t require your presence all through your opening hours, is a business centre. You can open a business centre where people can type and print their documents, bind their documents and also scan and make photocopies. If you just want to run the business independent of you, then you can employ someone who can operate the machines you have available in the business centre.

10. Fashion Design Business

Another business that an entrepreneur can start in Niger state, a business with the potential of making great gain is a fashion house. The truth is that if you are good with sewing, you will attract big clients that will pay you more for your service. You can also talk to schools around to help in producing their school uniforms.

There you have it; the top ten business opportunities in Niger state.