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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Bauchi

Bauchi State is part of the 36 States of Nigeria and it is located in the North Eastern Part of the country. The State was created on the 3rd of February 1976, and it is the 5th largest state in Nigeria in terms of the land area it occupies. The population of Bauchi State is well over 4 million people and it is ranked 11th out of the 36 states of the Federation.

Its capital city is Bauchi and the languages generally spoken in the state are English and Hausa language. Bauchi State is one of the states in Nigeria that shares border with the highest number of states; namely Kano, Jigawa, Taraba, Plateau, Gombe, Yobe and Kaduna – 7 states all together.

Bauchi state is one of the states in Nigeria that attracts numerous tourists from both within Nigeria and outside the shores of Nigeria hence it is nicked name ‘the Pearl of Tourism’. The state spans two vegetations namely the Sudan Savannah and the Sahel Savannah and it is highly suitable for both wildlife and agriculture.. The present Governor of Bauchi State is Isa Yuguda.

The major sources of revenue of Bauchi state are Agriculture, and Tourism. Yankari National Park is a major tourist destination in Nigeria and it is located in Bauchi state. As a matter of fact, Yankari national park is West Africa’s richest wildlife oasis. Solid minerals such as zinc, limestone, iron ore and coal are found in Bauchi but they still untapped in commercial quantity.

If you intend relocating to Bauchi for the purpose of starting your business, then you will find the following top 10 business opportunities helpful;

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Bauchi State

1. Tourist Guide

Bauchi state happens to be one of the states in Nigeria that attracts the highest numbers of tourists from within Nigeria and outside Nigeria and Yankari National park is the top destination for this tourist. So, if you live in Bauchi and you understand the terrain pretty well, then you can start your own tourist guide business. If you are well positioned and trusted, you will have loads of tourists seeking for your service.

2. Hotel Business

Hotel business is another business that an investor can start in Bauchi state. Starting and hotel is indeed capital intensive, but it is a lucrative venture if it is well located in the heart of Bauchi. You don’t necessarily need to build a 5 star hotel to attract customers in Bauchi state a smaller hotel or even a motel will be ok for the start.

3. Cab Business

Another very lucrative business that is easy to set up in Bauchi state is cab business. Starting a cab business will require that you obtain your drivers license from the Federal Road Safety Office in Bauchi and then register your taxi with the taxi association in your chosen location. Once you are able to get this done, you can comfortably start your cab business with a cab and then grow it to fleets of cars.

4. Motor Bike and Tricycle Store

If you have ever visited Bauchi state, you will notice that the most common means of transportation are motor bike popularly called ‘okada’ in local parlance and tricycle. If you have the required capital, you can become a major retailer of motor bike and tricycle in Bauchi state. You can as well add the sales of motor bikes and tricycle spare parts and you will indeed make good returns on your investment.

5. Telecommunication Merchandize

The telecommunication industry is one of the biggest industries in Nigeria and it is responsible for employing and creating jobs for a large chunk of the country’s working class. All you need to do to leverage in this industry is to become a merchant for the top telecommunication companies in Nigeria. You can be involved in the selling of products like recharge cards, SIM pack and other accessories of telecommunication giants in Nigeria. The truth is that, once you are able to successfully setup this business in Bauchi, you sure have enough customers patronizing you.

6. Electronics Store

You can choose a good location in the heart of Bauchi to open your electronic store. This business is one of the businesses that an entrepreneur can conveniently start in Bauchi without much stress and make good returns on their investment. The bottom line is to ensure that you stock your shop with popular brands of electronics and also offer after sale service to your clients if you want to make it big in this type of business.

7. Gift Shop

Gift shop is yet another easy to setup business in Bauchi state. All you need to do is to ensure that rent a shop close to areas like hotel or airport where you are likely going to attract tourists. Tourists who visit Bauchi states would appreciate leaving with local crafts from the state and that you should your target.

8. Farming Business

Farming happens to be the occupation of most of the locals in Bauchi state. Bauchi state has a very fertile land for farming and if you are interested in the agric sector, then you should think of starting your own mechanizing farming in Bauchi State. You can start with the cultivation of grains, onions and groundnuts et al.

9. Water Refill Station

One area that the government of Bauchi state has not been able to deliver is in the area supplying pipe borne water to residents of the state. Most people in the state patronize local water supply and in most cases the water are not treated. You can start your own water refill station; once people know that your water is treated, they definitely patronize you. Just ensure that your water refill station is well positioned and you have standby water tanker for home delivery.

10. Petrol and Gas Station

If you have traveled around Bauchi, you will realize that there is need for more petrol and gas station. If you have the capital required, you can setup your own petrol and gas station; it is indeed a very lucrative business.

There you have it; the top 10 business opportunities in Bauchi State.