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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Imo State

Imo state is one of the states that make up the thirty six states in Nigeria. It occupies the south eastern part of the country and it has Owerri as its capital city. The state came into existence in the year 1976 under the leadership of late military head of state called Muritala Mohammed.

The name Imo state was derived from the popular Imo River. In 1991 part of Imo state was split into Abia state and Ebonyi state and till date these states have continued to record remarkable developments like Imo. Imo state has some main cities namely; Owerri, Orlu, as well as Okigwe. The local language here is Igbo and its religion is predominantly Christianity.

The state is rich in natural resources like; the crude oil, natural gas, lead as well as zinc. Other economically exploitable resources include; mahogany, Iroko, oil palm, amongst others. Those who reside in this state have had tales of success to tell, as there are loads of business opportunities that can be tapped here.

Therefore, if you are looking to relocate to this state, then you may consider the following tips that are given in this read.

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Imo State

1. Palm Oil Production

Imo state just like other south eastern states in Nigeria isn’t left out of the palm oil production. As a matter of fact, palm oil is one of the staple businesses which an average Imo state indigene engages in. You too may start this line of business, as there are loads of people who would be willing to buy your oil when all is set. Be sure to know where to get your supplies of oil palm.

2. Consignment Business

In Nigeria as a whole, you would find that the consignment business popularly called the ‘Okrika’ business has come to stay. It is for that reason that it also thrives in Imo state. You too may look to start this type of business, but you have got to figure the line you want to deal in. It could be shoes, clothes, and what have you.

3. Sales of Gadget

It might interest you to know that folks in Imo state are really crazy about gadgets. Therefore, this is one business that thrives a great deal. You too may want to cue in on this. You have got to be sure that you get the best deals by identifying who you get your supplies from. You also need to strategically site your shop in a location where profit may be sure.

4. Repair and Sales of Phones

Nearly everyone in Nigeria has phones; and Imo state isn’t left out. You too may consider starting to sell phones, as well as get in the line of repairs. Be sure that you get the adequate training in phone repairs, so that you can serve your clients well. There is the need to also locate your shop in a place that has vehicular movement.

5. Raw Food Business

Whilst there are farmers who see to it that food crops are being produced, yet others have to see to it that sales of these food stuff is ongoing. If you have a passion for foods, then you can start the business of food stuff, by getting supplies straight from farmers and then selling at a very fair price.

6. Farming Business

Since most of the lands in Imo state are lush for the production of food, then it becomes even more important to start this type of business. You do not have to be directly involved with the farming processes. This is because there are a thousand and one farmers in Imo state who look to get hired.

7. Pharmacy Business

The need for good drugs cannot be overemphasized, that is why Imo state can boast of some standard chemists. You too can start this type of venture even if you are not a pharmacist. If you are one; then that is fine. On the other hand, if you can afford to pay to hire the license of a pharmacist, then you can do so. However, be sure to meet all the requirements by the appropriate authority.

8. Boutique Business

There are some people who can never be caught wearing second hand clothes. It is for this reason that some boutiques that sell brand new clothes operate. If you have a penchant for fashion and you love to see people look good, then you may consider this type of business. You have got to first determine if you want to deal in female clothes, male, or for both.

9. Restaurant Business

In Imo state canteens and restaurant spring up at an amazing rate. You too may join the competition to see that the problem of hunger is alleviated in the state. You can make local dishes or continental dishes your niche. Be sure that your business is properly sited and that your shop is such that is attractive to people.

10. Fast Food Business

There are lots of fast food restaurants in Nigeria and Imo state can also boast of loads of them too. If you have a penchant for solving the hunger problem, then you may look to start a fast food business. This is one business that has continued to thrive in Imo state. However, you have got to make it a point of duty to

There you have it. 10 business opportunities that you can decide to start in Imo state. However, you have to have at the back of your mind that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’; as such you have to be patient and hopeful that your business would grow with consistency.