Do you run an Online business in Nigeria and you want to know how to get a free virtual Visa credit card in Nigeria? Do you need a credit card that you can use to purchase goods online and also pay for services? If YES, then this article is for you. Nigeria as a country is blessed with human, natural and mineral resources and Nigerians by nature are hard working and resilient to challenges.

The ICT industry in Nigeria is one of the fastest growing and many internet entrepreneurs are springing up. But as expected with every business, there are several challenges militating against web entrepreneurs in Nigeria and one of such challenges is that of making and receiving payments online.

So in this article, I will be helping you solve the problem of making payments online by telling you how to get a credit card in Nigeria that won’t get rejected by online merchants. After reading this article, you will be able to buy and make payments on websites such as Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc.

Why Do You Need a Virtual Credit Card in Nigeria?

  • To shop online at an more affordable rate
  • To buy from foreign sellers effortlessly like Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc.
  • To gain access to digital products from Clickbank
  • To pay for domain names and web hosting
  • To buy websites from Flippa

A list of Credit Card Providers in Nigeria

  • WorldPay
  • GTB MasterCard
  • Zenith Web Surfer card
  • UBA Visa Africard

How to Get a Free Virtual Credit Card in Nigeria (Visa or MasterCard)

Over time, I have used several web payments services such as Graphcard but the transaction and funding fees are quite expensive. GTB MasterCard is the most popular debit card that can also serve as a credit card, but there have been a lot of complains lately about its rejection by online merchants like Hostgator, GoDaddy and Clickbank.

Secondly, the protocol involved in getting and activating your GTB Naira or Dollar MasterCard is expensive and stressful (Activation fee, which is needed just to get your token is about N3,000 excluding transaction charges).

As at the time of writing this, I have now fully switched to using UBA Africard and I can tell you that it is the best decision I have made. Even though I dislike the UBA’s customer relationship management, I will continue using their card until a better option comes up.

Why I Prefer UBA Africard

Disclaimer: I want to clearly state that I am not affiliated with UBA in any capacity, neither was I paid to endorse their product. I am only recommending UBA Africard because I have used it and I am contented with their services.

  • UBA Africard is a Visa Card, so it has a wide acceptance rate by online merchants
  • Since I switched to UBA Africard, I have never had any rejection or problem
  • You will get your own online portal where you can monitor your transactions
  • UBA Africard is also a physical Visa card which you can also use to withdraw through ATMs and POS worldwide
  • You will get a dedicated personal account number which you can use to fund your account easily
  • You can also use this account number to receive cash deposits from other people
  • You have a choice of applying for either a personalized card with your name on it or a generic card
  • The personalized card is very cheap and easy to apply for. Just walk into any branch with an I.D card and N1,000 and you are good to go.
  • I have used the card on Flippa, Hostgator, Amazon, Namecheap, 2CheckOut, etc with no problem.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the challenge of making payments online is now a thing of the past. So go ahead and get your virtual credit card today and I will see you at the top.