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10 Best Opportunities for Starting a Business in Gombe

Gombe state is part of the 36 states in Nigeria and it is located in the North – Eastern part of the country. The state was created on the 1st of October, 1996. The capital of Gombe state is Gombe. Gombe state is nicked name the Jewel of Excellence and it shares border with Yobe state, Taraba state, Borno state, Bauchi state and Adamawa state.

Fulani, Bolewa, Hausa, Kanuri, Tera, Tangale and Waja are part of the ethnic groups that made up Gombe state. The major religion practiced in Gombe state is Islam and a few indigenes of the start are Christians. Hausa, Fulfulde, Kanuri and English are the languages generally spoken in Gombe state.

Gombe state is considered to be a civil service state because the state government is the major employer of labor and another key employer of labor in the state is Ashaka cement PLC. Loads of people in Gombe state engage in farming, cattle rearing and trade and commerce as a means of earning a living for themselves and their family.

Gombe state is notable for the cultivation of Soghum, soya beans, pepper, onion, ginger, gum Arabic, melon et al. The state also boasts of having the following mineral resources in commercial quantity; limestone, uranium and gypsum.

Below are the top 10 business opportunities available for investors in Gombe state;

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Gombe State

1. Mechanized Farming

Gombe state is blessed with massive farm lands, but the challenge with most farmers in the state is that they have not embraced mechanized farming simply because it is capital intensive. If you have the financial muscles to go into mechanized farming, then you should consider Gombe state as one of your destinations.

There are varieties of crops that you can cultivate on a commercial level in Gombe state; you can choose to cultivate soya beans, fruits, onion, pepper, ginger melon, soghum, rice, groundnuts or any farm produce of your choice. The bottom line is that it is cost effective to farm in Gombe state.

2. Wholesale Cement Business

Gombe state host one of the key cement production companies in Nigeria; Ashaka Cement PLC. If you live in Gombe state and you are looking towards starting your business there, you can negotiate with Ashaka cement PLC to become one of their merchant. All you need to do is to network with construction companies in Nigeria and other West African countries to be their supplier of cement. If you have the right network, you are sure going to make a great deal of money from this business.

3. Hospital and Pharmacy

Hospital and Pharmacy is one line of business that is not well spread around Gombe state even in the state capital Gombe. If you are a Medical Doctor or a Pharmacist looking for where to establish your hospital or pharmaceutical store, then you can consider Gombe state. Just ensure that you start with a nice location in the state capital and if need be, you can spread to other key local government areas. The good thing about this type of business in Gombe state is that you won’t be facing serious competition.

4. Provision Store

Provision store is yet another business that an entrepreneur can establish in Gombe state. The truth is that there are loads of kiosk where provisions are retailed all around the state, what you need to do is to open a big wholesale store where people who deal in provisions can come buy from. You are sure going to make huge profits from this type of business if you are able to secure a nice location in Gombe the state capital.

5. Consignment Shop

The truth is that majority of the population of Gombe state live below poverty line and they can’t afford some of the basic stuffs that they need hence they patronize consignment shops. So, if you are looking for a business to start in Gombe state, then you can open your consignment shop where people can come get stuffs ranging from electronics, to clothes and shoes et al.

6. Transportation Business

Transportation business is yet another business an entrepreneur can start in Gombe state. You can choose to operate interstate or intrastate transport business, but just ensure that the business is well managed and you will have good returns on your investment.

7. Auto Repair Workshop

If you are a trained mechanic, you can consider opening your own auto repair workshop in Gombe state. Although you might not have enough clients like in other big states, but the truth is that the services of mechanics are needed in Gombe state especially in the state capital. In other to maximize this business, you can add the sale of auto spare parts to your repair work.

8. Furniture Making Business

Furniture business is another business an entrepreneur can successfully start in Gombe state. In order to make huge returns from this type of business, you should ensure that you are good with what you do and you are well position

9. Block Making

The presence of Ashaka cement PLC is a great boost for the block making industry in Gombe state. If you are looking for a business to start in Gombe state, you can consider starting your own Block making factory. Just ensure that your block making factory is located in an area that is visible to your potential clients and you won’t struggle to make sales. You can also network with building contractors to be their supplier of blocks.

10. Construction Business

Construction business is another thriving business an entrepreneur can establish in Gombe state. If you are a civil engineer, a building engineer, architect or structural engineer, you can look towards starting your own construction company in Gombe state. The state is still very much open for massive construction work. Just ensure that you secure construction contract with the government and you will always smile to the bank.

There you have it; the top 10 business opportunities available for investors in Gombe state.