Are you interested in starting a business in the construction industry but you don’t know where or how to start? Then below are the top 20 small business ideas in the construction industry.

The construction industry is one of the best industries to invest in, in the economy today. This is as a result of the growth in real estate investment. A lot of developments are taking place in almost everywhere in the world with new buildings springing up, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, fast food outlets and restaurants as well as recreational centers.

The construction industry is not only limited to building of houses, construction involves a wide spectrum of activities. Construction may refer to real estate development, road and bridges building, setting up of telecommunications infrastructure, repairs and alteration services, security installations, excavations, demolitions and a host of other activities.

The construction industry is not gender-specific. There is a general belief that women cannot invest in the construction industry. This is untrue as there are many women who are currently doing well in the industry.

This is not to say that there are no risks involved but men in the construction industry are exposed to just as many risks as the women. So, being a woman doesn’t stop you from starting a business in the construction industry. So what are the hot businesses you can start in the construction industry?

Top 20 Small Business Ideas in the Construction Industry for 2020

1. Project Management-: As a project manager, you can either work with the government, private individuals or construction companies. Project managers help to manage and monitor construction projects to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness of the project.

2. Construction Site Cleaning-: After a construction job is completed, there would most likely be some waste materials or unused materials that need to be removed before the construction job as fully complete. Most construction companies outsource this very important service to other companies. Starting a construction cleaning company does not require much professional expertise or knowledge and is quite easy to start.

3. Construction Broker-: Construction brokerage business is also known as contract sub-contracting services. It involves recommendation of construction workers to people who are carrying out building projects and earn commission for each deal you are able to broker.

4. Road Construction-: Construction business is not limited to serving private clients. You could work with the government on constructing roads and bridges in your country.

5. Utility line construction-: This involves working with communication companies to install communication mast or telephone lines. You could also be involved in constructing of street lights, gas pipelines, drainage facilities and electricity poles.

6. Selling of materials-: You could also deal on construction materials like blocks, gravel, cement, ceramic tiles, woods, nails and several other materials used in the construction industry. You could also start a building materials importation and exportation business.

7. Roofing services-: Every new building needs a roof. Old buildings also need a regular change of roofing especially when they get old and start leaking. Starting a roof installation service is a very lucrative business in the construction.

8. Interior Designing-: Interior designers help to give homes that special warmth and touch of class and style.

9. Aluminum doors and windows-: Aluminum doors and windows production and installation is another business that is moving market in the construction industry. People love to use aluminum doors and windows in their homes because they are durable and also highly fashionable. With some months of training, you would be able to produce and sell your own aluminum windows and doors.

10. Cement production-: Cement is a very hot item in the construction industry; it is used in production of building bricks and also used as a binding ingredient during construction. Cement is manufactured using Limestone, alumina, calcium carbonate and silica amongst other ingredients. While cement distribution and sales is very competitive, cement manufacturing is a fairly untapped niche in the construction industry.

11. Structural Engineering Design-: Structural designing is a highly professional job in the building and construction industry. It involves helps to analyze and determine structural plans of buildings to ensure that the building is safe and comfortable for users.

12. Security Installations-: You can also help people protect and safeguard their homes from robbery and intrusions by starting a security installations business. Security gadgets you could help install include CCTV, Electric fence, intruder alarms, smoke detectors, pet sensors etc.

13. Electricity and lighting specialists-: You don’t necessarily need a degree in Electrical Engineering to become an electrical and lighting specialist. A few months of training and you are ready to start earning money from installing electrical fittings in new buildings, maintenance of electrical facilities, fault finding and troubleshooting services as well as repairs.

14. Interior and Exterior painting-: Painting is one of the most commonly demanded jobs in the construction industry. Painting helps to beautify the home and make it look more elegant. You can also think of becoming a paint manufacturer.

15. Plumbing services-: You can also consider becoming a plumbing service provider. Plumbers help to install and maintain sewage, drainages, water heaters, taps and showers. Plumbers also help to fix leakages and unclog drains.

16. Landscaping Services-: Landscaping services is another good business opportunity in the construction industry. Landscapers are responsible for construction, planning and development of landscaping sites as well as the planting and management aspects.

17. Energy Auditor-: Energy auditors help to perform a general assessment of buildings to be able to determine energy consumption and suggest on ways to reduce energy costs and achieve energy efficiency in the building. Energy auditors may also offer alternative energy installation services such as solar and wind energy.

18. Scaffolding Rentals-: Another business idea is to start scaffolding and ladders renting business. Scaffolds are used by construction workers whenever they need to do jobs that require elevation.

19. Waterproofing Services-: Water proofing services are also in high demand especially in areas that are prone to floods, Tsunamis and other natural disasters involving water.

20. Childproofing Services-: Childproofing services involves helping involves installing security facilities to make the home safer for babies. For instance, if there’s a swimming pool in the house, it has to be fenced to prevent babies from crawling around the area. Other high risks areas of the house like staircases, kitchens, fireplace and electrical fixtures should also be childproofed.

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