What does it take to open a PC maintenance company at home? Are you interested in starting a computer repair business from home? Then below is a sample computer repair business plan template.

It is no longer news that the world has gone digital, it is not strange to notice computers everywhere you walk into. All computerized systems work with computers like ATM machines, offices use computers, schools do too and almost everyone in modern cities have access to computers.

From time to time, these systems need slight or major repairs ranging from upgrades to software repair and hardware fixing. Almost everyone now owns a computer but not everyone knows how to fix his or her own computer when it breaks down. This is the reason why setting up a computer repair center is a vital business which is very lucrative and has so much potential to create wealth.

Now if you are the person everyone goes to when their computer fails, maybe because you have the basic knowledge about computer maintenance or repair; then you may want to read this guide on how to start a computer repair business from home. Getting paid to fix someone else’s computer can be a lucrative business but your skill may not be enough to run a full blown money-making endeavour.

Computer repair as a business is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. You can make up to $50,000 annually depending on how and where you operate. However, one positive signal about the PC repair business is that you can start it with little or no money.

Computer repair business requires dedication and hard work so you must be prepared. Apart from the joy of raking in cash, the passion to fix problems is needed to drive you to successful heights in this business.

Starting a Computer Repair Business from Home – Sample Business Plan Template

1. You need a Feasibility Study and a Business Plan

A feasibility study and business plan helps you to know how profitable the business is in your location, how you can make more profit, the pricing strategies competitors around you use, the challenges existing computer repair operators are facing or have faced and how they solved them.

Your business plan helps you plan towards your target market and determine prices. It also helps you to know how you can offer incentives and how to promote your services. You must check the price list of competitors to know how they charge for different types of computers.

You may also hire experts to carry out your feasibility study and write your business plan. Another cost-effective idea to get your business plan professionally written is to download useful business plan writing software on the internet. You should draw up your business plan to cover at least the first three to five years of business.

2. Get the Necessary Training

Training is one of the first steps you have to take. You need to get for yourself, the in-depth knowledge required to succeed in the business. Training gives you on-the-job experience. It also gives you a level of confidence that prepares you for when you start running your own business alone.

Training helps you to know and understand all the tools, equipment and gadgets used in the trade. You would also understand what to do in cases of emergency and how to advise your customers and gain their trust and confidence.

So many new innovations come up in the technology industry daily and after you must have completed training and started your own repair center, you need to constantly keep yourself updated as computers and software’s keep evolving. You should stay current so you would be capable of handling any gadget and solving any problem a customer brings to you.

3. Register Your Business Name

Next, you should register your business. You can start by choosing a name that will help you stay well known for the services you render. Licensing and insurance is the next step you should take.

You will need to find out the licensing requirements for your state. A license is a proof that you are competent and your customers can trust you with their computers. Taking up liability insurance in-case of damages or any unforeseen circumstance is good for your business.

4. Do your Budgeting

Budgeting is another aspect that you should consider when setting up your computer repair center. This has to do with proper planning of the equipment you would need to purchase, staff salaries and every other running cost including, cost of rent, transportation and advertisement.

When budgeting has been done, then you can proceed to acquire an office space. You can rent or lease an office space or even work from home if you cannot afford to rent your own place yet.

5. Handle Staffing Issues

The next factor to consider is staffing. You would need to hire highly skilled technicians and computer engineers. Your staff must work with you as a team and be ready to work with your vision and be determined to help you achieve your business goals.

Your staff must be experienced and they must also bring something to the table. It would help if they have some skills and knowledge that you don’t already have. Your staff must always be polite to customers and be willing to go extra lengths to solve computer problems and ensure that your business stands out from the pack.

Conclusively, you mustn’t relegate adverts and publicity to the background as they help create awareness for your business. There are various ways you can advertise your computer repair center. You can print posters, flyers and hand bills. You could also make use of branded promotional materials. This helps people remember your center when they need a computer repair job done.

One on one advertisements via word of mouth goes a long way too. Customer referrals also help you get customers, and more customers mean more business. You should also ensure that you get a functioning website promote your services online.

Remote computer repair services are another trending aspect of computer repair services that you should look into. It involves helping people solve computer problems online. Remote computer repair gives you access to more customers and reduce your cost of operation.

Ajaero Tony Martins