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20 Best Places to Buy a House in Birmingham

Birmingham is without doubt one of the most alluring places to live in the UK. With a flourishing economy, very affordable living, and a friendly atmosphere, the city is known as the West Midlands’ regional center of business, retail, leisure, and culture.

Whether you prefer to be surrounded by opulent green spaces or very lively bars and cafes, there’s something to suit everyone in the UK’s second city. Renowned as UK’s second-largest city after London, Birmingham is becoming a popular location for buy-to-let and investment properties.

According to reports, affordable housing prices, strong yields, consistent demand from renters and high predicted growth are some of the primary reasons more investors are exploring the city and why Birmingham remains one of the top locations in the UK to purchase an investment property.

Far from the industrial city of the past, Birmingham is fast becoming one of Britain’s most popular cities. In addition, as the fastest growing city core in the last four years, it is a valid example of a market built for long-term investment.

A significant factor helping Birmingham grow is that it is one of the most popular destinations for people moving out of London.

Best Places to Buy a House in Birmingham

  1. Digbeth

This is genuinely one of the best places to buy a home in Birmingham. Formerly renowned as the home to the headquarters of Typhoo Tea, Digbeth use to be an industrial hub because of its proximity to both the Grand Union Canal and Digbeth Branch Canal.

However, presently, the area is noted for being the city’s creative centre and attracts a young crowd in the city’s former industrial heartland, with The Custard Factory and Fazeley Studios both known to put together a wide array of digital and cultural businesses.

  • Ease of access to local transport networks
  • More developments are being built as investors snap up the industrial land and properties
  • It is a place of history and culture
  • Many housing blocks are amongst the warehouse and industrial units
  • Heavily industrialized look
  1. Birmingham City Centre

Have it in mind that Birmingham City Centre offers a wide range property options when looking to buy a house in Birmingham. City center postcodes guarantee that landlords will make good returns and strong rental yields, particularly from one and two-bedroom flats.

Owing to development projects such as HS2, the Paradise Development, coupled with The Big City Plan, properties in the City Centre can be a mind blowing investment.

  • The crime rate is low
  • Vibrant, lively, and offering everything you need
  • City life without the price
  • Aren’t that many cities living places in the center of Birmingham because that’s where most of the clubs are
  • Can be very noisy and expensive to live in!
  1. Selly Oak Birmingham

If you are looking to leverage Birmingham’s student rental demographic, this is one of the best places to buy a house. Comprising of terraced houses, most of which are occupied by students, the area is known as the “student village”, where most second and third-year students prefer to live after their first year in university halls.

  • Is an industrial and residential area
  • Fresh and green
  • Selly Oak is the best place to live as a student
  • The highest concentration of student accommodation
  • The quality of the housing is poor
  • Hot spots for crime
  • Streets littered with takeaway boxes
  • Blurry eyed students
  1. Erdington

Located five miles northeast of the city centre, this is genuinely one of the best places to buy a house in and around Birmingham. Erdington boasts of a rich past dating back to the 9th century when it was established after settlers travelled up the River Tame from Tamworth.

It is also well known for its Spaghetti Junction, this is a very well-connected city suburb, with easy motorway access, great bus links, and a railway station on the Cross City Line.

  • It is a great place for children
  • There are loads of parks and play areas
  • Vibrant high street
  • Named as one of the ‘best places to live’ in Birmingham by several of the UK’s national estate agents and property agencies.
  • Street drinkers in Erdington are causing increasing problems
  • Thefts, intimidating behavior, foul language, and littering
  1. Moseley

Moseley remains one of the city’s most popular mid-market residential suburbs. It is known to attract professionals eager to live outside the city center as well as families.

Also note that it has something of a fashionable ‘villagey’ atmosphere and it was ranked by the Sunday Times as one of the best places for city living. Moseley is home to several great schools, including a school for children on the Autistic Spectrum. As long as you can afford it, the average price of a semi-detached property is £402,661.

  • Green spaces
  • One of the more affluent suburbs in Birmingham,
  • The Sunday Times voted Moseley the best place to live in the UK
  • An attractive place to live
  • High house prices
  • It is a place with full pubs and full buses.
  1. Brindleyplace

This is one of Birmingham’s most attractive areas, especially for young professionals. With a wide array of expensive eateries and vibrant bars, its central location has attracted a host of young workers eager to pursue their careers outside of London.

Owing to the city’s fast-growing economy, Brindleyplace has grown to become one of the best places to live in Birmingham.

  • Tree-lined squares
  • International cuisine and an enviable canal side location
  • Everything within walking distance
  • Living in the center
  • Noisy and bustling city life
  • Traffic
  1. Harborne

The alluring suburban village of Harborne remains one of the most popular areas to buy a house in Birmingham. Note that it provides its residents a welcome break from the fast-paced lifestyle offered in Birmingham’s city center.

Also note that Harborne has a lively high street that provides a wonderful place to socialize. It also boasts of a vast range of venues and leisure locations including the clock tower which hosts luxury living, restaurants, and cafes.

  • Ideal for young families with education being provided by 5 primary schools
  • Excellent transport links provide access to the city
  • A relaxed village feel with the buzz of the city just a stone’s throw away.
  • Represents the ultimate in high-end city suburb living.
  • One of the more expensive areas of Birmingham.
  • Harborne still considered a proper Sodom, with pubs and everything
  1. Bearwood

Situated very close to Harborne, Bearwood remains another place to consider when looking to buy a house in Birmingham.

Have it in mind that its large high street is home to all the amenities you would expect in a suburb. You will also find some surprises such as a garden centre and a wide range of antique and tea shops. It also boasts of a diverse community with a wide range of eateries including Indian, Greek, and even Austrian.

  • Strong creative community in Bearwood.
  • A community that helps itself
  • Excellent transport links
  • Warley Woods
  • Named as the best place to buy in Birmingham
  • Packed with junkies
  • Shoplifters and beggars
  • Surrounded by swathes of fast food outlets, litter, empty shops, and rats.
  1. Holloway Head

Owing to a vast range of new build properties to pick from, Holloway Head remains a viable location especially since first-time buyers will have plenty of options.

Note that apartments can be located in the city center making this a wonderful area where young professionals can find a place to call home within ten minutes of Birmingham New Street station.

Central but without the noise of some of the other surrounding areas, Holloway Head is a wonderful neighbourhood for anyone eager to climb the property ladder in Birmingham.

  • Holloway Head is the perfect choice for those who want to buy a brand-new property in the bustling heart of Birmingham.
  • Perfect for young professionals
  • Currently receiving some of the largest levels of investment across Birmingham
  • Some of the most expensive apartment
  • Still growing and not fully developed
  1. Jewellery Quarter

This place is renowned as a historic part of the city and is most often associated with commerce. However, in recent years, it is grown to become an up-and-coming residential area.

It has also been a hub for the jewelry trade for hundreds of years and still produces over 40% of all jewelry made in the UK. Also note that it is a flourishing cultural hub – a city-center location with a village community spirit – with a wide range of independent coffee shops, sports facilities, and museums.

  • Everyone seems friendly and it has green spaces for those sunnier days.
  • It is only a 10-15 minute stroll away from the facilities of Birmingham City Centre.
  • Well served by public transport and Snow Hill Station now has its own entrance in the area.
  • It is a great place to live
  • Can be quite expensive
  • A large contingent of middle-aged people
  1. Eastside

Renowned as a major gateway into Birmingham, Eastside is without a doubt home to two of Birmingham’s major educational institutions – Aston University and Birmingham City University.

Although these two universities have over the years attracted waves of students into the city, they’re increasingly also contributing to a growing graduate pool – creating one of the best places to live in Birmingham for young professionals.

  • The sheer scale of the regeneration occurring in Birmingham Eastside means the area will be a hotspot of activity shortly.
  • Owing to its close proximity to the city center, Eastside will also benefit from any commercial occupiers that set up headquarters in the city.
  • Increasing house prices
  • Congestion
  1. Kings Heath

This is one of Birmingham’s fastest up-and-coming areas and is quickly growing into a great place to invest. Also note that the high street comprises all the best shops, some great restaurants, and lively bars. Well renowned for its live music scene, the renowned Hare and Hound pub is the jewel in the Crown.

The area also has a lot on offer for families; various green spaces make it an ideal location. Kings Heath offers the feeling of city living without the hectic lifestyle that can come with being in the centre.

  • Strong community vibe, passion for the neighborhood, some fantastic events, and a wealth of business opportunities.
  • Cool independent shops, bars, restaurants, a bespoke village square, a busy high street, and Green Flag park
  • Good transport links into the city on the bus within about 20–30 minutes depending on traffic
  • Named as one of the best places to live in the Midlands section
  • Heavy traffic
  • Parking is generally a nightmare
  • There’s barely any parking on the high street
  1. Bournville

Noted as a conservation area since the 1970s, Bournville has preserved its historic architecture that dates to the Victorian era. Very popular for its chocolate-making heritage, this area was first founded by the famous Cadbury brothers in the late 19th century.

It is still home to the Cadbury factory as well as Cadbury World. Boasting of such a famous heritage, Bournville is a without doubts a popular area. And this means houses never stay on the market for very long.

  • The area is ideal for families, with excellent education and some fantastic local parks.
  • Bournville is extremely well located.
  • A 15-minute drive will take you into Birmingham city center and the local train station makes country-wide travel easy.
  • No renting without permission from the Trust
  • Any changes to your home’s external appearance’ must be approved
  • No caravans, trailers, or boats on your driveway
  • No hedges, walls, or fences around gardens
  • All residents of the Bournville Village Trust have to pay a fee to the Trust a month towards village upkeep
  1. Coleshill

Note that this market town of Coleshill lies is around 11 miles east of Birmingham, close to the M42 and M6. It is centred on its long High Street that goes through the centre of the town.

There are a wide array of shops and services on the high street, and this entails that residents are only a short walk away from all their local conveniences. Coleshill has a vibrant community spirit in which local clubs and societies provide so many activities to engage in.

  • Commuting into Birmingham is easy with great access to the M42 and M6 making the city a 20-minute drive.
  • Coleshill has a higher rate of home ownership
  • Good local economy
  • Heavy traffic
  • Higher security cost
  1. Solihull

Have it in mind that this area has a desirable blend of city conveniences and country living. A comprehensive list of top schools makes it desirable for families, and 1,500+ acres of parks guarantee the children are never without something to do.

Also, note that movement into the city is easy. Most often considered an upmarket area by locals and those in surrounding areas, Solihull is known to have relatively high house prices, and employment rates in the area are also high.

  • Solihull station allows residents to travel to Birmingham in less than 20 minutes and to London in around 90 minutes.
  • Birmingham Airport and Birmingham International Railway Station are all within a 10-15-minute drive.
  • Solihull is home to some great leisure activities.
  • Location is one of the most expensive
  • You are never too far away from the noise from a bustling city.
  • High unemployment rates
  1. Sutton Coldfield

Note that this location offers residents some fantastic commuter links and is a growing location within the region. Seen as the perfect balance of urban and countryside, Sutton Coldfield is a very popular town. It also has a blend of major high street retailers, excellent independents, and a lively selection of local restaurant.

Well situated 8 miles northeast of Birmingham, commuting is easy via one of the 8 hourly trains. There is also easy access to the motorway network through the M6 and M42.

  • The town is home to several schools
  • Another fantastic commuter hub, ideal for young families.
  • No high-quality, regular street markets
  • Need for regeneration
  1. Mailbox

Although more popularly known as a retail destination, the surrounding area is genuinely a popular place to buy a house, especially for those with a taste for the finer things in life.

A hotspot amongst the city’s biggest spenders, it is also home to high-end brands including Harvey Nichols, Paul Smith and Calvin Klein as well as independent dining. Very close to the New Street and Grand Central, Mailbox is a true city-center district that buttresses the epitome of luxury, making it a popular living destination for the second city.

The numerous residential accommodations around the area have made Mailbox ideal very suitable for both short-term and long-term letting.

  • Safe, secure, and bursting with exclusive eateries and bars
  • It also has the architecturally unique Cube as its neighbour.
  • Connected to the city center’s main neighborhoods and landmarks
  • It is also a 2 minute walk down the canal and Chinatown is also a short distance away.
  • Can be very noisy and expensive to live in!
  • Heavy traffic
  1. Aston and Nechells

According to reports, inner-city districts north of Birmingham city centre boast of some of Birmingham’s cheapest property prices. Note that they are popular with landlords who are eager for budget buy-to-lets and offering shared or HMO accommodation and good yields are possible.

  • A rent yield of 9% is possible – some of the area’s highest yields.
  • Massive workforce
  • High crime rate
  • High poverty rate
  1. Perry Barr and Handsworth

Reports have it that the Athlete’s Village for the 2022 Commonwealth Games will be built at Perry Barr. However, after the games, this village will be used to make available around 1,400 new homes.

In addition, there will also be improvements to public transport, a new railway station, new shops and other regeneration here that will enhance the wider Perry Barr property market. 

  • Community-based support that promotes well-being & better quality of life
  • Home to some outstanding open spaces
  • Cheap housing market
  • One of the least deprived wards in the city.
  • Still developing
  1. Birmingham Airport Area

This is another viable place to keep an eye on when looking to buy a house in Birmingham. Coupled with the airport expansion program, there will be a new HS2 station and transport interchange here.

Also note there are plans for a large scale commercial development with 4,000+ homes known as UK Central Hub. These homes are expected to be developed over 20 years, £900m has already been committed to building new infrastructure to support them.

  • Community Initiatives and Involvement
  • One of Birmingham’s Opportunity Zone
  • Aircraft noise
  • Locations may be affected by arriving and/or departing aircraft
  • Expensive