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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Leeds

After making your decision to go into business, comes the million-dollar question “What business should I start?” This seems like a simple enough question which everyone should be able to answer without searching for external help/advice but when you consider some factors, you will realize that it’s really not that simple. One important factor that makes it difficult to just wake up and make up your mind on a business idea is that we live in a changing world.

The truth is that the top business opportunities in a place 3 years ago may not be the same today because circumstances may have changed and in fact, what would have been considered a good business idea in the past may now be the very worst business you can ever think of going into- maybe because of too much competitors, new innovations, a drop in demand and so many other uncontrollable factors.

This is why we always ensure that we carefully research some of the best business ideas in a place and publish it here for our readers in other to help them make informed decisions. Today, we want to discuss some of the top business ideas in Leeds.

As you already know, Leeds is a very active commercial center with a favorable economy; there are lots of businesses you could do in Leeds but some of the top ones we have identified for you include-:

Top 10 Best Small Business Investment Opportunities in Leeds, UK

1. Car Rentals

Brides and grooms as well love to have what could be considered as the perfect wedding. They want beautiful things that would make good memories and beautiful pictures which is why a large number of people rent cars for their weddings.

Apart from wedding car rentals, a car rentals business can also make money from serving tourists, short-time visitors, business owners or people whose vehicles are currently damaged or under repair. One good thing about car rentals business is that the cars are still yours and you can do a whole lot of other things with it or even sell it off and use the proceeds to start a new business if you ever lose interest in car rentals.

2. Courier Services

Business owners and individuals constantly need to send letters, gifts, parcels and purchased goods from place to place which cannot be done without a courier service. The advent of online shopping has even made courier services an even more profitable business.

You can start one in Leeds and you don’t need to worry about start-up costs because you can’t start small or even start from home; the most important thing is getting customers to patronize your business.

3. Waste Collection and Disposal

You can also become a waste collection and disposal manager in Leeds. The level of waste that people generate from their homes and offices daily is alarming and people always need easy ways to dispose of these wastes easily. This is why people pay waste collection companies to help collect and dispose their waste.

Waste collection and disposal business got even more interesting with the introduction of Waste Management schemes. This means that apart from the money you make from helping people dispose their wastes, you can also make money from selling waste materials to waste management companies who would then convert them into other useful items.

4. Animal Care

This is a good business idea for someone who loves to work with pets. There are a lot of business niches that you could consider under animal care business like starting a mobile pet grooming service, pet training services, pet food manufacturing or sales or pet sitting services. All of these are different businesses under animal care but if you have the resources, you can incorporate all of these businesses into one and offer all of these services.

5. Adult Entertainment Clubs

Young people under 50 years may be able to hop into any entertainment club and just boogie down all night long but when you start to approach the golden ages of 55 and above, there’s this natural inclination to take things slow; you become choosy with the places you hang out and the things you do.

This is why every city needs an adult entertainment Centre, a place that would strictly serve senior citizens. A place where they can feel comfortable and get entertainment and services relevant to their age like massaging, old school music, healthy food and drinks, movies and physical exercises.

6. Virtual Concierge Services

A traditional concierge sits at the lobby of a hotel and tries to help guests in resolving challenges and offering assistance but a virtual concierge works from home, helping his numerous clients run errands and offers assistance on numerous duties like picking and dropping off dry-cleaning, picking up the kids from school, grocery shopping, arranging meetings and dates and a host of other services.

7. Property Locator

A property locator is almost like a real estate agent, only that a real estate agent has a license but a property locator may not. Basically, what a property locator does is to look for people who have houses to rent/lease or sell and look for people who are interested in these properties and then earn commission after the sale is closed.

8. Storage Services

If you have a large space and you are wondering what to do with it, well, I will say “Convert it into a storage space”. There are lots of people out there looking for places to keep items and properties, the same way that there are lots of companies searching for places to store materials and merchandise too.

9. Seminar Brokerage

The human quest for knowledge is insatiable; people always want to learn new things and that gives room for you to make money from seminar brokerage. What a seminar broker does is to search for good seminar topics that people would be interested in and search for a number of facilitators. Your earnings would be from the Seminar fees which people would pay to attend the program.

10. Paper Bag Production

If you are very conversant with environmental news, then you must have noticed the efforts of environmental experts to eliminate the use of plastic bags and bottles because of the dangers it causes to the planet. Paper bags are a better option because they decompose better than plastic. You can make money from starting a paper bag production business and supply to grocery stores and supermarkets in Leeds or even export them to other places for sale.