The advent of technology has brought with it a vast range of new concepts and innovations that has genuinely changed the way we carry out business. From online technology that has given room to long-distance communication and alignment, to advanced hardware that consolidates business practices and workflow, the 21st-century has introduced powerful tools and mind-blowing solutions to make dealings in the commercial world much easier. One of the new concepts that have gained popularity in recent times is the virtual business address.

What is  Virtual Business Address?

A virtual office address is a physical business address you can use for receiving mail that also serves as the registered address for your business. Indeed, a good number of businesses in this age do not necessarily need a physical office to carry out their duties and therefore see no need to rent traditional office space. But to register a company in Birmingham, you are expected to register a city address for business correspondence.

Your registered office address is also not expected to be the address you work from. Instead, it is the official address for a Birmingham limited company. The HMRC, Companies House, and UK tax authorities will send all business correspondence to this address, and the Companies House will display this registered office address online.

A virtual business address is not the address of an office or a place you can go and work, instead, it is an address you rent and use solely for official business correspondence. Most often, these addressed are a part of a larger property owned by an organization that rents you only a little part of it.

This practice is completely legal and for some small businesses, it can be a more suitable option than using your home address. However, note that the cost of a virtual business address is not the same everywhere. You can expect to pay around £25 to £75 per month for a virtual business address in Birmingham, with most virtual offices costing around £40 per month.

However, unlike the traditional office, you don’t have to deal with lengthy rental contracts or utility and maintenance fees. A good number of virtual offices in the city allow you to pay a monthly fee with flexibility around the exact services you use.

Steps to Get a Virtual Business Address in Birmingham at an Affordable Rate

One vital benefit of using a virtual business address is that it lets you employ talent from all over the world, and also stay current with the remote working trend. Howbeit, if you are looking to get a virtual business address in Birmingham at an affordable rate, here are steps to guide you through.

  1. Find a Virtual Business Address Solution

Note that the first step towards finding a virtual business address at an affordable price is to find one that best suits your needs. Take your time to shop around to see which ones fit into your budget and the ones that offer all services you require for your business. For instance, some feature a telephone number, while some won’t. Make sure that the one you choose fits your needs and budget. Here are some vital services to look out for;

  • Additional telephone answering services
  • Live, virtual receptionists
  • The ability to access meeting rooms for client meetings
  • Desks and office spaces to rent on an as-and-when basis if you think you will most often need a physical office
  • Proximity to the location so you can easily pick up or ship your mail
  1. Select the Services You Need

After you must have done extensive research and have chosen the best one for you, the next step will be to customize your choice of services to suit you and your business. These services will surely vary from one company to another, and while most will come as part of the package with your virtual business address, you can most often add extra services onto your subscription to make the most of it.

Note that there are virtual business address companies that let you add things such as meeting space passes, weekly mail forwarding, and physical desk space for a specific amount of time each month. Also note that you can always upgrade your subscription later or inculcate things you discover along the line that you need, especially as your business grows.

  1. Check Your Subscription and Pay

After you must have added all the necessary services you need, most often, you only have to click a button on the company’s website or app to confirm your order and make your purchase. Have it in mind that a good number of virtual business address companies charge a one-time setup fee and you will be expected to pay immediately when setting up your virtual business address.

How to Choose a Virtual Business Address Company in Birmingham

When looking to get a virtual business address in Birmingham, it is imperative you consider the exact things you need and then research what different companies have to offer and their prices. To guide you through, here are some things to consider:

  • The Services: You must start by making a good list of your ‘must haves’ and check the companies that provide them. While some services might be wonderful to have, always ensure you’re not paying for services you don’t need.
  • The Address: It is also necessary to ensure that you’re happy with the address. Note that some providers make available a choice of neighborhoods around the city, while others only have one address.
  • Discounts and Bonuses: Most often, you pay monthly for a virtual business address but some companies offer a discount if you choose to pay for the year upfront. If, for instance, you believe your business will be using the service for a long time and you have the budget to pay, then consider this especially since it could be worth it.
  • Additional Fees: Also take time to ensure there are no hidden fees. Note that what might seem like the most affordable virtual business address service might be showing their fees without adding the VAT, or their one-off set-up fee when you’re at the check-out.
  • Customer Reviews: Note that to find a trusted and reliable virtual business address company, and also find out the level of their customer service, take your time to read recent customer comments on independent review websites.

List of Companies That Offer Virtual Business Address Services in Birmingham

  • VirtualHaedquarters
  • VelocityVirtual
  • LandmarkSpace
  • UKPostBox
  • Grosvenor House
  • Rovva
  • Regus
  • Virtual Office Service
  • Virtual HQ


Virtual business addresses are ideal for businesses that need a physical mailing address and office space but don’t have one. Indeed, the process of acquiring a virtual business address in Birmingham is quite simple. Unlike purchasing or renting an actual property, you are only purchasing an address line rather than a building space.

It also entails that you have little or no legal elements and utilities to deal with. Have it in mind that renting a virtual business address is also low cost and low risk, and the whole process is as simple as purchasing a new phone line.