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How to Write a Letter to UK Visa and Immigration Properly

First and foremost, a cover letter is not required when applying for a UK visa. It’s not even a document in the documents checklist for a UK visa. However, if you are looking to sponsor someone to visit the United Kingdom, you may have to write a letter to UK Visa and Immigration.

UK Visas and Immigration is tasked with evaluating who gets permitted to visit or stay in the country. According to reports, they make these decisions with a precise emphasis on national security and a culture of equal satisfaction for people who come to the United Kingdom.

If you have friends or family members planning to visit you in the UK, they will need to apply for a standard visitor visa before they can travel. Also, note that Visitor visa applicants will first have to fill out an online form and submit supporting documentation to show proof of their eligibility to visit the UK as a tourist.

It is generally advisable for visitor visa applicants to also submit a visa sponsorship letter in support of their application. Note that for a visa sponsorship letter to be considered by the consular officer in support of the application, it will have to be written by a UK citizen or a UK lawful permanent resident.

The sponsor will be expected to have a relationship with the visa applicant, such as being a relative, friend, or partner. The individual should also have a registered place of residence in the UK and adequate room to accommodate the visitor for the entire period of their stay unless either they or the applicant can show clear proof of alternative accommodation.

Writing an invitation letter can seem quite tasking, especially for someone who isn’t conversant with UK immigration templates and requests, but it is actually a very simple thing to do. If you are the sponsor, you only need to let them know why you are willing to admit this person into your house and how long they intend on staying.

Steps to Write a Letter to UK Visa and Immigration Properly

If you are looking to write a letter to UK visa and immigration, here are steps to help guide you.

  • You will first have to decide the exact person you will be addressing the letter: your guest or the consular officer. Although making this choice can be quite confusing, note that who it is addressed to may not matter as it will still be read by the UK visas and Immigration. The most vital thing is the contents of the letter and not to whom it is addressed.
  • To make the writing process easier, write the following information in a list:
    • Your full name.
    • Your date of birth.
    • Your full address and telephone number in the United Kingdom.
    • Your occupation.
    • Your status in the United Kingdom.
    • Visitor’s full name.
    • Visitor’s date of birth.
    • Visitor’s address and telephone number.
    • Visitor’s relationship to the host.
    • Visitor’s purpose of the trip.
    • How long the guest intends to stay in the UK (specific dates).
    • Details on accommodation and living expenses.
    • Your signature.
  • Have it in mind that every sponsorship letter for a UK visa is expected to contain the above-listed information. Once you have noted all of this information in a paper, you can then go ahead to arrange them into the form of a letter.

Documents to Accompany the Visa Sponsorship Letter

There are no rules that stipulate what documents you are expected to provide when sponsoring someone to come to the UK. However, you should consider providing any of the following:

  1. A scanned copy of your passport or ID to validate your identification
  2. Evidence of your immigration status in the UK, like a valid visa
  3. Proof of your residence in the UK, such as a mortgage statement or tenancy agreement
  4. Proof of funds you intend to use to financially support the applicant during their stay in the UK, such as bank statements or pay slips
  5. If you are making arrangements for accommodation for the applicant, then you will also need to show proof of this in the form of a letter from the landlord/agent, or confirmation of a bed and breakfast/hotel booking
  6. If the visit is for a special family occasion, for example, celebrating a wedding, birth, or important anniversary, you should include an invitation that shows details of the event, coupled with when and where it is scheduled to take place
  7. Any other document that you believe will prove your intentions and also help the applicant in getting their visa, for instance, a short travel itinerary of the places you intend to visit together in the UK.

Tips To Write a Letter of Invitation for A UK Visitor Visa

Just as was noted above, there are no available templates or formats for writing a sponsorship invitation letter for a UK visa. However, to help you to structure a letter that will impact positively the outcome of the application, here are tips to consider;

  1. Make sure the letter is duly signed by you (the sponsor) and dated.
  2. Also, make sure the letter includes up-to-date contact details to guarantee that the UK consular officer can reach you in case clarification is needed.
  3. Remember to make available documentation in support, referencing these documents within the contents of the letter. Avoid giving information that you cannot support with documents.
  4. Ensure you are plain and straight to the point in what you need to say, avoiding any unnecessary information.
  5. Always remember that the sponsor letter does not need to be legally certified to be valid.

Sample Letter of Invitation for a UK Visitor Visa

[Your name]

[Your address]

Entry Clearance Officer

[Embassy name]

{Embassy address]


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to confirm that I intend to invite my [relationship to you, father or friend including their full name – e.g. my Father, John Michael Smith], date of birth [e.g. 01/01/1999], nationality [e.g. British] to visit me in Liverpool/Merseyside from [e.g. 01/10/2022] until [e.g. 01/12/2022]. The aim of their visit is [to attend my wedding ceremony/specify other reason].

I am currently a Medical Receptionist with Broadgreen Hospital and I have enclosed a letter confirming my wedding date, and the payment slip for the venue.

If you intend to fund your visitor/s during their stay, include the paragraph below:

I want to verify that I will be funding [full name of visitor/s] during their stay in Liverpool/Merseyside. I have also attached evidence of this in the form of [type of evidence, e.g. bank statements/sponsor letter].

If your visitor/s will be staying with you within the period of their stay, including the paragraph below:

I also want to note that I will be accommodating [full name of visitor/s] at my house during their stay in Liverpool/Merseyside. I have also attached evidence of my accommodation in the form of [type of evidence, e.g. tenancy agreement/letter from landlord]. My address is: [Your address].

If your visitor/s will be staying in a hostel or hotel within the period of their stay, including the paragraph below:

I also want to confirm that [full name of visitor/s] will be staying at [hostel/hotel name] within the period of their stay in Liverpool/Merseyside. I have also attached evidence of the booking. The address of the hostel/hotel is: [Hostel/hotel address]

I have also enclosed the following supporting documents:

  • A copy of my passport;
  • A copy of my visa;
  • A letter confirming my employment with Broadgreen Hospital
  • Evidence of my accommodation (if applicable);
  • Evidence of my hostel/hotel booking (if applicable);
  • My proof of funds (if applicable).

If you need any additional information, please endeavor to reach out to me.

Yours faithfully,

[Your signature]

[Print your full name]


Once you are done writing your invitation letter, you should send it together with any supporting documents, to the applicant so that they can add it to their visa application. Although you can send your sponsor letter directly to the Embassy, it is not always recommended. Also, note that coupled with a visa sponsorship letter, the applicant will also need to submit documents that substantiate their eligibility for a UK visitor visa.