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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Centurion

In business, there are different schools of thought; while some would advice you to offer your products at the lowest prices to increase turnover and profit, another school of thought would opine that offering your goods at the lowest prices would raise suspicions of quality. This is just one example of conflicting business advice and it’s very easy to get confused when it’s time to make a choice.

My advice for you is that if you ever find yourself at this point, you should sit down, open your mind, evaluate the situation and choose what is best for your situation because sometimes, following general business advice might harm your business.

Top 10 Small Business Investment opportunities in Centurion

1. Start a Clothing Line

When next you are in public, look around you and try to notice one thing that everybody has; a cloth. No matter how cheap and ugly, people always need cloth and it is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It is for this reason that starting a cloth line which would produce ready- to- wear clothes in centurion is the first business which I would recommend for you.

2. Business plan / Grant writer

Many people may not know it but a lot of business plan, proposals and grantwriters earn six figure sums yearly. If you have good business skills, research skills and have your way with words, it is time to start these skills into profitable use.

3. Micro working Website

Freelancer is an Australian based website and it is a perfect example of a micro working website. And hopefully, it would beat other micro working websites already existing.

4. Health Food Store

Of course, there is countless number of food stores in centurion but a health food store is a good idea. Health food stores sell foods and products that are considered healthier and safer for the body.

5. Music training school

Artistes make millions of dollars yearly and it is not surprising that everyone wants to be a musician this days. However, before they can start earning money as musicians, they need to learn the art of music. Apart from people who want to become professional musicians, there are some others who just love music and wouldn’t mind parting with a couple of dollars to get trained.

6. Online bridal store

You would agree with me that shopping online is a lot more convenient and fun than physical shopping. This is especially true for brides who are totally busy and swamped up with so many duties. Such brides would indeed welcome the idea of being able to shop for bridal supplies within the confines of their home, from behind their computers, where there would be no pressure or rush.

7. Laundry

Starting a laundry is another good business idea. Trending practices in laundry business include mobile laundry services, self-service laundries and convenient pick-up and delivery services. You can also consider introducing subscription programs where people can pay a fixed amount for their monthly laundry services.

8. Car rentals

Car rentals is good business in centurion just like car washing services, auto dealing services and vehicle repair services are viable businesses too. Another viable business is sales of motor vehicle spare parts sales.

9. Mobile pet grooming

Another smart business you could do in centurion is to start a mobile pet grooming business. Pet grooming is good business but mobile pet grooming is even better because of the comfort and convenience it offers pet owners.

10. Medical Waste Recycling

Hospitals and medical centers generate a lot of waste on a daily basis. Items like used needles, syringes, expired drugs and human wastes need to be disposed of safely and recyclable materials of course, need to be recycled. Hospitals spend a lot of money on waste management and you can cash in on this opportunity and set up your own waste management company with focus on the medical industry.

4 Bad Advice to Avoid When Starting a Business in Centurion

a. Avoid Crowded Market

People are usually advised to avoid a market that is already very competitive in order to protect their investments. While this is a good business advice, it is not a smart one. Even if you start a totally fresh business today, in a matter of months, you would already have competitors struggling with you for their own share of the market. Instead of avoiding crowded market, go into the market armed with the right strategies to enable you beat your competitors.

b. If you want something done the right way, do it yourself

Well, except you’re an obsessive- compulsive workaholic, don’t take this advice. You need help; you need diverse advice, help and professionalism injected into your business to succeed.

c. Advertise everywhere

That would only make you a nuisance. You know how you delete ad mails you don’t need unsubscribed and stubborn, persistent ones? That’s how prospective clients feel when you swamp them with too much advertisement. Rather than go with every market strategy you know, choose a few good ones that work for you and bring you the conversions that you need.

d. Make Your Products and Services Cheap

Hey, listen to me; you don’t have to be cheap.In fact being too cheap would raise suspicions; people would start to question the standard and quality of what you’re offering. Instead of dropping your prices all the time to compete with others, find a price that would compensate your efforts and affordable for your clients. Smart business opportunities in centurion include the following-: