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Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Johannesburg

One of the best places to start a business in South Africa is Johannesburg. This is due to its high population ratio and the fact that it is the capital of South Africa. So if you are relocating to South Africa or you currently residing in South Africa and you are wondering what businesses are worth investing in, you can take a look at any of the businesses listed below.

Top 20 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Johannesburg

1. Vegetable and Meat Delivery

Vegetables are very healthy for the body and meats are a very good source of protein. A lot of people consume vegetables and meat on a daily basis but people are always careful about how and where they get their meat and vegetables from to avoid food poisoning.

With a good van and some neatly packaged meat and vegetables, you can start a food delivery business brings meat and vegetables to people’s door steps.

2. Procurement Services

You can start a procurement business that helps people for source for goods and raw materials at the best prices in South Africa and abroad.

3. Newspapers & Magazine Production

Online magazines are now becoming more popular as the world is going digital. Just choose a niche that you are very good at and start writing interesting topics on them. Your profit would come from subscriptions and advertisements placed on your website.

4. Security Outfit

Another smart business idea for people interested in investing in Johannesburg is to start a security outfit. This business would sell, owing to the rapidly increasing crime rate in South Africa. Many companies in Jo’burg outsource their security services to other companies to handle for them. You can also start selling security equipment and installing security devices like CCTV in business premises.

5. E-Library

Students and people carrying out research have one major place where they turn to for information and that is the internet, but sometimes the search engines do not provide all the answers. Some answers may lie in the pages of a text book, journal or newspapers. A lot of people would love an opportunity where they could gain access to thousands of materials for just a small price and that’s what an e-library supplies.

6. Real Estate

You can never go wrong with investing in real estate in Johannesburg. A lot of people regularly need accommodation or office spaces. You can either become a real estate developer or a real estate agent. Either way, you will still make good profit.

7. Alternative Energy Provision

You can start a business that focuses on providing people with alternative and cheaper sources of energy like solar energy or bio-fuel.

8. Stock Photo Sales

This is another trending business you can invest in. As a photographer, you can go out and take pictures of beautiful sights and scenery, develop your photos and sell them on the internet for good money.

9. Advertising Outfit

You can start teaching people how to advertise and beyond. Advertising goes beyond television, radio and bill boards. There are now thousands of other ways to advertise such as e-mail marketing, Google advertising services, social media advertising among others. You can help businesses promote their services using any of these mediums.

10. Guest House

Thousands of tourists from around Africa and the rest of the world visit Jo’burg monthly. These guests would definitely need a good place to stay. Although, there are already several guest houses in Jo’burg, you can start your own guest house and try to add a few contemporary services to make it stand out from others.

11. Airport Pick-up Services

Another idea in the tourism/transportation industry is to start an airport pick-up/drop-off services for people who are visiting South Africa and would like assistance with moving around.

12. Restaurant

Everybody loves food. Even people that are anorexic still eat from time to time. Residents of Jo’burg love food and having that food in a very lovely restaurant is simply amazing. When you want to start your restaurant, you should focus on decorating the place to look exquisite and lovely and don’t forget to come up with a mouth-watering menu too.

13. Ticketing services

Movie tickets, bus tickets, airline tickets. People always need to purchase tickets for one service or the other. You can focus on selling out such tickets to people. This can be done either online or offline.

14. Food processing

There are countless numbers of food items you can start making even from your kitchen. Jam, fruit juice, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato puree and dairy products are some of the easy to make food items you can make for sale within and outside Johannesburg.

15. Fish Farming-: People have made thousands from fish farming and fish processing. It is not too late to make money too.

16. Online store-: There are thousands of products and even services that you can sell online. You can sell clothing items, cosmetics, household appliances and several other things in your online store.

17. Waste Management

Yes, Waste Management is a dirty business and that is why people are making clean money from it. Many people shy away from this money spinner but you can be that smart investor who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty to get what he wants.

18. Furniture refurbishing

Furniture have a very long life span and the good thing is that when they eventually get old or damaged, they may be made into something even more beautiful and trendy. You can start buying old or damaged furniture and refurbishing them for sale.

19. Tour Guide-: Tourists usually need someone to guide them and show them around Johannesburg, you can make money from providing this important service to tourists.

20. Multi-level Marketing-: There are also lots of marketing opportunities for people who are marketing inclined. You can sell several products like cosmetics, healthcare products or even services.