Do you love writing, have good writing skills and want a high paying career? If YES, here are 50 best career ideas that involves writing and pays well. In the pre-internet days, writers were relegated to the background because there wasn’t so much to do. If a writer wasn’t writing and publishing their own books, or working for a newspaper or magazine publishing company, then there wasn’t really anything else to do.

But today, the story has changed. More than 80% of the content on the internet is put together by writers. At the moment, the internet depends on writers for survival. This is why almost every business today needs the services of talented writers at one point or the other. If you have a flair for writing, you can easily convert it into a cash-spinning machine by choosing any of the writing-based careers that are outlined below:

50 Best High Paying Career ideas That Involve Writing

1. E-book Publisher

Gone are the days when you need a publishing company to publish and market your books for you. Nowadays, all you need to do is to write your book, and then head over to indie-publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle Publishing or Createspace where your books would be published and marketed for you without stress.

2. Ghost Writer

There are a lot of people out there who have good story ideas but do not have the writing skills to put them down. As a ghostwriter, you will make money from helping this category of people write their projects so that they can publish it as though they wrote it themselves.

3. Freelance Writer

There are also bloggers, information marketers, and product creators who are great at what they do but do not have the writing talents to pull their ideas off. People like this rely on freelance writers to help them create the necessary content they need for their business.

4. Content Marketer

You can become a content marketer who specializes in advising bloggers and business owners on the best types of contents that would help them sell their businesses faster, and then help them create those contents.

5. Ad Content Creator

Any type of advertisement- whether written or oral, requires a script hence advertisement agencies hire specialized ad content creators to write contents that would be appealing to their target audience and help to sell the product/service faster.

6. Journalist/News Contributor

You can become a journalist, or at least a news contributor who helps to transform some of the latest happenings in the world into written news.

7. Proofreader

All these contents that are being written have to be proofread by someone to ensure that there are no errors and mistakes. Proofreaders are very essential to writers and they get a lot of jobs regularly.

8. Researcher

If you are a curious person who knows how to work your way around the internet, you can work as a researcher. You can help businesses find out some information that they need to improve and promote their businesses. You can also help students with assignments, essays, and other academic material that require research.

9. Speech Writer

You can help business executives, politicians, and public speakers to write their speech for meetings, or any events where they have to address the public.

10. Resume Writer

Resume writers earn a lot of money from helping students and job seekers to write professional-looking resumes that would help them gain the attention of recruitment agencies faster.

11. Business plan/proposal writer

You would agree with me that business plan writing requires a lot of professional writing skills. As a business plan writer, you can earn hundreds of dollars from helping prospective and existing business owners to write business plans, proposals, feasibility study reports, and any other business documents that they need for growing and expanding their businesses.

12. E-course Creator

You don’t necessarily have to be a writer to sell e-courses but you need a writer to put them together for you. E-course creation is very popular right now and you can build a career out of creating courses for other people.

13. Product Review Writer

Most people rely on the reviews and opinions of people who have used a product or service in the past when they need to make buying decisions. This is why companies hire people who can try out their products or services, and then write a genuine review to motivate other people.

14. Affiliate Marketer

As a writer, you stand a better chance of making it as an affiliate marketer. You would be able to cleverly craft articles and contents that would encourage people to buy whatever you are selling.

15. Translator

You can start offering language translation services to translate documents from English to other languages or from other languages to English. This is a great career idea for bilingual or multilingual writers.

16. Transcriber

Another idea is to offer transcription services. Your job would be to transcribe minutes of meetings, conferences, sermons, audio books, and other audio contents into written content.

17. Content Curator

As a content curator, you can help people find out places where they can get information that they are looking for on the internet easily.

18. Technical Writer

You can make a living from helping manufacturing companies, information technology companies, engineering firms, and all other technical companies to write their contents. This is a very lucrative and highly sought after writing career because not very many writers can write on technical topics.

19. Travel Blogger

Another option is to become a travel blogger. As a travel blogger, you can visit various destinations all around the world and let people know about your experiences so that they can be encouraged to visit those places as well.

20. Podcasts Script Writer

Most podcasts are scripted before they are converted into podcasts. You can build a career out of helping people write engaging podcast scripts.

21. Video Script Writers

Another lucrative career you can build out of your writing talent is to become a video scripts writer. Nowadays, videos are gradually taking over from written contents especially in the advertising sector so there’s a lot of opportunity for you if you decide to become a video script writer.

22. Press Release Writer

Companies often need people to write their press releases especially when they have new products, or new information to share with the public so you can easily build a career out of press release writing.

23. Company Secretary

Company secretaries are often well paid and get to be involved in a lot of interesting corporate activities. You can work as a company secretary for one company, or work as a general company secretary where several companies can enjoy your services.

24. Niche Blogger

You can earn a living as a blogger if you have good writing skills. You only need to pick a niche that you are passionate about, write as many contents as possible and promote your blog so that you can get a lot of audience after which you can now start making money from advert placements, or affiliate marketing on your blog.

25. Newsletter Writer

You can specialize in writing newsletters on behalf of businessmen, internet marketers, and other corporate organizations.

26. Copywriter

Copywriting is about the most lucrative career you can build out of your writing talent. There’s no limit to what you can earn as a copywriter because companies are ready to pay thousands of dollars to copywriters so that their products can sell.

27. Social Media Manager

You can work as a social media manager. Your job would be to help businesses manage their social media accounts and you need to be a good writer to be able to achieve this because a good number of the contents you would have to create would be written.

28. Magazine Publisher

Magazines still sell fast all over the world, and there are now online versions that sell even faster. You can become a magazine publisher, choose a very lucrative niche, and start publishing your own magazines for sale.

29. Email Marketing Writer

You can build a career from email marketing by helping people write creative and engaging content for their email marketing campaigns.

30. Editor

The services of editors, just like proofreaders are heavily required by writers, magazine publishers, and book publishing companies. If you love reading and you are also a creative writer, you can easily earn a living as an editor.

31. Blog/Magazine Columnist

You can get paid for contributing articles and interesting contents to blogs and magazines.

32. Grant Writer

Another writing-related career is to become a grant writer. Grants are usually very competitive and people who need to apply for grants understand that they need the services of professional grant writers if they really want to stay ahead of the competition.

33. Screen/Script Writer

You can earn a living from writing movie scripts, scripts for television shows and other scripted programs.

34. Writing Tutor

There are many people who would love to learn how to become good writers; you can build a career out of teaching such people how to achieve just that.

35. Product Description Writer

Another lucrative idea is to start writing product descriptions. This service is very hot right now because almost everyone is taking their business online so they need people who can help the write apt, and engaging descriptions for their products and services.

36. Song Writer

If you have a music writing talent, you can earn a living from writing scripts, and then selling them to musicians. Many popular musicians have, and still hire song writers to produce great songs for them.

37. Business Letter Writer

Not every corporate organization has a secretary or someone who can help them write business letters, or emails. You can build a career out of providing freelance business writing services to such people.

38. Video Sales Letter Writer

This is a niche within the copywriting industry that you can choose to specialize on. Video sales letters are simply the video versions of sales copies, and they are becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool.

39. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Writer

Another career idea is to start helping bloggers, website owners, and people who sell products and services online to craft their contents in such a way that their products/services would become more visible to people online.

40. Sports Writer

Sports writing, just like technical writing, requires a lot of talent and passion for the sporting industry. If you have this talent, you can earn a living from writing for sports magazines, sports blogs, TV shows, and other sports-related companies.

41. Academic Writer

Another idea is to become an academic writer. You can earn a living from helping students write their thesis, research reports, and other academic content.

42. Brand Consultant

Working as a brand consultant requires a bit of writing talent as well because you have to be able to come up with brilliant slogans, tag lines, and other promotional contents that would sell a brand better.

43. Powerpoint/Slideshare Creator

You can earn a living from helping business executives create powerpoint slides to use for their presentations.

44. Teacher

This is one of the oldest and most worthwhile careers that you can do as someone with a writing talent because to be able to teach, you also have to be able to write well.

45. Historian

You can earn a living from curating, writing, and being a custodian of history.

46. Public Relations Manager

Another writing related career that would earn you a lot of money is public relations management. You can earn a living from helping companies and individuals build a good reputation for their businesses or personality.

47. Lexicographer

Lexicographers are people who help to compile dictionaries. You can create your own dictionary, or work for companies that create and compile dictionaries.

48. Professional Scrabble Player

Since you have your way with words, you stand a very good chance of making it in the scrabble playing industry. You can start playing scrabble professionally and represent your country, state, or county in scrabble games all over the world.

49. Librarian

Librarians sometimes have to do a lot of writing and record keeping too. If you are a writer who also loves reading, this is a perfect career idea to explore.

50. Scientist

Another career idea is to become a scientist. In addition to the research work that they do, scientists also have to write a lot. They need to write research reports, study reports, case studies, and so on. You would find it easier to earn a living as a scientist if you also have a writing talent.