Are you tired of your job as a carpenter and want a fresh job with free time? If YES, here are 50 best high paying career change ideas for carpenters in 2022. The job of a carpenter is a very interesting one and it comes with limitless possibilities but it can sometimes take its toll on your bones and muscles. Years spent lifting and working with heavy woods and planks or climbing lofty heights can lead to muscle, bone and joint problems. It is therefore not uncommon to see carpenters changing their careers midway for something less exerting or strenuous.

Here, we have outlined 50 different alternative careers that you can pursue as a carpenter. Most of them are within the construction industry so you can always use the skills and experiences that you acquired from working in the construction industry to qualify for the jobs and build a career there. Some of them would however require that you go for some training or obtain professional certification before you can proceed.

50 Best High Paying Career Change ideas for Carpenters in 2022

1. Machine Setter

You can leave yours physically exerting job as a carpenter to work as a machine setter instead. Machine setters mostly work in the manufacturing industry and their job involves setting up and test running machines before production as well as adjusting the machines during use and performing minor repairs on the machines whenever necessary.

2. Real Estate Agent

As a carpenter, you must have worked on several construction jobs, or worked with many homeowners and other service providers in the construction industry. These networks and experiences you have acquired can be put to good use because you’ll be privy to information about which homes are being constructed, are up for sale or available for renting or leasing. Your knowledge and network as a carpenter can be put to good use as a real estate agent.

3. Security Guard

Carpenters are very agile and brave; skills that are highly coveted in the security industry. If you want a job that will help you meet more people instead of working from a secluded workshop all the time, you should consider becoming a security guard.

4. Facility Manager

If you don’t have the required qualifications and experience to practice as a real estate agent in your state, you can pick up a job as a facility manager instead. A lot of property managers prefer to hire facility managers that can also double as handymen so that they can handle any necessary repairs and maintenance around the home. Your skills as a carpenter can be put to good use here.

5. Wood Dowels Seller

Almost everyone in the woodworking industry uses wood dowels. If you are no longer strong enough or interested in doing any construction work as a carpenter, you can switch to selling wood dowels. Don’t forget to take advantage of online selling to increase your sales and turnover.

6. Art Painter

There are a lot of art lovers in the world today and a good piece of artwork can command millions of dollars in the market. You can hone your painting skills as a carpenter and start making artworks and paintings that you can sell.

7. Home Builder

Your valuable experience as a carpenter working on building projects for several years can be put into use as a home builder although you may need to attend some classes at your local community college before you can be qualified to work as a home building technician.

8. Wooden Card Maker

Cardboard greeting cards may have gone out of fashion but wooden greeting cards are getting all the attention now. People love wooden greeting cards because of their limitless design possibilities such as the ability to add photos, image carvings and so on. Plus wooden greeting cards are very durable and can last a lifetime unlike cardboard greeting cards.

You can ditch basic carpentry for making and selling wooden greeting cards. Platforms like Etsy and Zazzle allow you to sell creative jobs like this faster and easily.

9. Furniture Making

If you can still handle some construction work, you can switch to working as a furniture maker instead. You can make a lot of money creating unique and beautiful furnitures for sale.

10. Retail Store

You could also consider the idea of opening a retail store where you can sell carpentry supplies like nails, wood, and other carpentry tools and equipment. With your knowledge and skills as a carpenter, you should be able to pull this off easily especially since you already have access to a good number of your former colleagues who can patronize you.

11. Building Inspector

Building inspectors need to have professional knowledge about structural engineering and with your experience as a carpenter; you can acquire some more education so that you can qualify as a building inspector.

12. Ground Maintenance Worker

Large-sized business organizations often hire the services of ground maintenance workers to perform outdoor maintenance activities within their facilities. Carpenters love outdoor work so this is one job that you’ll certainly enjoy.

13. Home Restoration Expert

Another idea is to work as a home restoration expert. Home restoration experts help to salvage homes and properties from the effect of disasters like fire, flood, hurricanes and pests invasion.

14. 3D Modeling/Design

3D models are in high demand nowadays amongst construction workers, product designers, prototype makers and students. 3D modeling is very lucrative because not many people can afford to buy the very expensive 3D printers.

15. Wooden Prototype Designer

You can also take up a job of helping product developers to design and make wooden prototypes and samples of their products.

16. Interior Design

Another lucrative career that you can consider taking up as a carpenter looking to switch careers is interior designing. Carpenters are very great with arrangement, organization and paying attention to details; skills that are very important to excel as an interior designer.

17. Boat Builder

If your reasons for wanting to switch careers are financially motivated, then you can switch to a much more rewarding niche within the wooden construction industry, boat making. You can use your skills as a carpenter to build boats and earn more money from it because a good percentage of people who buy boats are wealthy people who can afford to spend a lot of money on them. You may be able to make more money as a boat maker than as a carpenter.

18. Movie Set Builder

Most movie sets are made of wood. Some of the homes you see in movies are nothing but wooden structures. If you are looking for a more interesting career, you can consider becoming a movie set builder.

19. Solar Installation Technician

These days, everyone is looking for how to cut their electricity bills and solar energy is one of the cheaper alternatives that they are settling for. You can acquire some training and start working as a solar installation technician using some of the skills that you already acquired as a carpenter.

20. Wooden Flooring Installer

Another lucrative job to consider is working as a wooden flooring installer. Many people prefer them over other types of floor tiles and you can earn a decent annual income from doing this.

21. Insulators

You can help to install insulation in homes to prevent occupants from the elements of the weather.

22. Forest Firefighter

Another interesting career that involves outdoor work which most carpenters love is forest firefighting. This job requires a lot of strength, agility, and people who are familiar with wood.

23. Coffin Maker

Coffin making is also very lucrative as people love to bury their loved ones in befitting coffins. As a carpenter, you shouldn’t find it too challenging to diversify into coffin making.

24. Forestry and Wildlife Technician

Another idea is to work as a forestry and wildlife technician. Forestry and wildlife technicians help to handle maintenance work on forestry and wildlife facilities around the country.

25. Farm Worker/Farmer

You can start your own farm, or work as a farm hand for other farmers. Your strength, agility and love for the outdoors can be put to very good use as a farmer.

26. Cement Finisher

Another idea for people looking for career alternatives to carpentry is to work as cement finishers along with bricklayers and masons on a building project.

27. HVAC Contractor

You may have to undergo some professional training to work as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning expert but you wouldn’t regret this because it’s one of the most lucrative jobs in the construction industry which carpenters are a part of.

28. Graphics Designer

If you are already retired as a carpenter or looking for work-from-home opportunities, you can consider working as a graphics designer. You can use your creative skills as a carpenter to excel greatly in the graphics design industry.

29. Civil Engineer

If you are still young and have the resources to go back to school, you can study to become a civil engineer. Civil engineers direct and supervise all construction workers including carpenters.

30. Plumber

You can work as a plumber too. Plumbers get a lot of customers and jobs to work on, which makes it a very lucrative profession for you.

31. House Painter

Your painting and polishing skills as a carpenter can be put to good use as a house painter. You can help people beautify their homes and this job is much less stressful than carpentry even though it’s equally rewarding.

32. Demolition Expert

Demolition experts help to pull down illegal or unwanted structures safely. This job requires a lot of strength and attention to details which the average carpenter possesses so there is no doubt that you would be able to handle this job easily.

33. Hazardous Waste Removal Expert

Another idea is to work as a hazardous waste remover. You can help to remove waste from production facilities, hospitals, construction sites, research facilities, and other organizations that deal in hazardous wastes.

34. Sell Wood Shavings

You can consider selling wood shavings too. Wood shavings are a by-product of carpentry and furniture making and they are used in the furniture making industry and in the agricultural industry too.

35. Set Up a Skill Acquisition Trading Center

You can give back to the society by setting up a skill acquisition center where people can learn how to become carpenters or learn other skills related to carpentry and woodworking.

36. Cobbler

Another career change idea that doesn’t require too much physical exertion but can pay the bills is to become a cobbler. You can learn how to mend and make shoes for a living.

37. Leatherworks Maker

You can hone your skills as a carpenter to make beautiful leatherworks for sale. You can make things like belts, bags, wallets, purses and boxes to mention few.

38. Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installers

Another lucrative idea is to become a drywall and ceiling tile installer. With your experience in the construction industry, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to get clients to patronize you.

39. Locksmith

You can also consider taking up a job as a locksmith. Security is a very important aspect of human life hence you’ll always get jobs as a locksmith.

40. Brick Masons

Working as a brick mason is another alternative although this job is as physically exerting as carpentry.

41. Fence erectors

You can leave basic carpentry to specialize in wooden fence construction. People use wooden fence for their gardens and homes so you can always get people to patronize you.

42. Industrial Production Managers

You can work in a production line or factory as a manager or supervisor.

43. Pipe and Steam Fitters

Pipe and steam fitters work on industrial and marine piping systems. They fabricate, install, repair and maintain piping systems for heating, cooling, lubrication and sprinkling. If you love the idea of working in a factory, this is a very good career option to consider.

44. Sheet Metal workers

You can leave carpentry to work as a sheet metal worker, an equally rewarding job in the construction industry.

45. Aircraft Cargo Handling Inspectors

Air cargo handlers help to construct safe wooden shields for cargos that are transported on airplanes. Your experience as a carpenter can be put to good use here.

46. Carpet Installers

Cutting, shaping, resizing and gluing are important skills that carpet installers must possess. These are skills that you already have as a carpenter hence it shouldn’t be difficult for you to excel as a carpet installer.

47. Electricians

You will need some extra training to qualify as an electrician but you won’t regret it because electricians are usually well paid and there are a lot of job opportunities for them.

48. Logistics Managers

Working as a logistics manager requires a lot of heavy lifting, and climbing, something that carpenters are very good at. With your experience as a carpenter, you should find it really easy to work in the logistics industry.

49. Welders

The jobs of a welder and a carpenter are sometimes similar, only that they make use of different materials. While welders work on steel and iron to build doors, fences, cabinets, and furniture; carpenters make use of wood to perform the same tasks.

50. Crane Operator

You can also work as a crane operator. Much of the heavy lifting is done by cranes, all you have to do is to learn how to operate it, and get paid at the end of the month.