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Can You Really Make Money Stuffing Envelopes from Home?

If you are looking to work from home either full-time or just to earn some side income, stuffing envelopes is a good option to consider. This job simply entails packaging envelopes and sending them to their desired locations.

As a work-from-home envelope stuffer, you will be working for companies that do a lot of mailing, such as print shops, courier companies, large businesses, and major retail chains.

Although the envelope stuffing business is no longer in huge demand as it used to be because businesses now use machines to handle their generic mailing tasks, there are still a good number of opportunities—especially those that involve mailings that have to be individually customized.

You don’t need any capital to start working from home stuffing envelopes, and you don’t need any formal qualifications or certifications. So, anyone—including you—can easily venture into the business.

However, you need to be very careful when you are just starting out because there are now more envelope stuffing job scams than there are legitimate opportunities. And these scams abound particularly on the internet.

Here are some signs of an envelope stuffing job scam:

  • The ad requires that you pay a fee to apply for the job or receive a “starter kit“. Most of the time, you will never get any application instructions or get any kit. Your money will be gone!
  • The ad promises instant success and high income. But the bitter truth about envelope stuffing is that it’s a tedious job that doesn’t really earn much. You will have to work for a long time before you can start making good money from the job.
  • The ad requests your credit card details, bank account number, or social security number. This is a plot to gain access to your privacy.

You are very likely to fall for these scams if you don’t know much about envelope stuffing or you are looking for a get-rich-quick solution. If what you are looking for is a work-from-home business that will start fetching your four to five figures within few weeks, then envelope stuffing is not for you. And you’d be better off trying something else, rather than fall victim to scammers who are looking for desperadoes like you.

With the above in mind, do you still want to give envelope stuffing a try? If you don’t or are in doubt, then you can stop reading the post at this point. But if you are still going to give it a shot after all, read on to understand how to start earning from home by stuffing envelopes.

There are two ways to work from home stuffing envelopes: You can apply for a job at a business that does a lot of mailing, or you can start your own direct mailing service.

How to Work from Home Stuffing Envelopes

Option 1: Taking up a work from home envelope stuffing job

If this is your choice, you will start by researching different companies on the internet offering jobs envelope stuffing jobs. You will find many such companies—both legitimate ones and scams—by doing a simple web search. Compare the attributes of each company you find that pays for stuffing envelopes. Once you find any company or program that requires you to pay an application or registration fee, raise your red flag and ignore such programs.

Also, stay away from any envelope stuffing job that promises big earnings. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it’s really too good to be true.

Even if a particular company appears legitimate, you can double check with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Agency (if you are in the U.S.) or with your country’s equivalent of these agencies (if you are outside the U.S.). Better yet, you can search the web for reviews about the offer. If the company is a scam, you will get many scam reports about them online. These are the best ways to find out if a work-from-home envelope stuffing job opportunity is legitimate.

Once you have confirmed that the offer is legitimate, your next step is to find out how much the job will be paying and who will be paying. Ask if the pay is hourly, commission-based, or salary. Also, find out the methods through which payments will be made.

If you are satisfied with the work terms and payment terms, then you can begin the application process. Once you are chosen for the job, start stuffing envelopes from home, and start making money.

Option 2: Starting a direct mail service

If you choose this option, you will be working with multiple clients. But to get started, you will need to invest in advertising as well as equipment and supplies. All you get from the client is the message to be sent as well as the mailing list to be addressed.

You will need to create a separate database on your computer for each client’s mailing list. And since you will most likely be working with multiple clients, you need to keep each client’s timetable and deadlines in your records, so you don’t disappoint your clients.