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50 Best Career ideas That Allow You to Work from Home

Do you want a high paying career that gives you free time? If YES, here are 50 best career ideas that allow you to work from home and pays well. The internet has created an array of possibilities for anyone to work from the comfort of their homes, café, co-working space or anywhere else they fancy. It s now possible to work for a company situated in Los-Angeles, while living in Texas.

Many companies are embracing this remote working model because it saves time and a lot of money. By allowing employees to work remotely, companies can avoid spending on employee welfare, and wellness programs. They can also save cost of furnishing and running an office space such as energy costs, cleaning and other related costs.

Working from home helps you have more time for your family and lets you work on your own terms, so if you are yet to embrace the trend, these are 50 job ideas to choose from:

50 Best Career ideas That Allow You to Work from Home

1. Email Marketer

Email marketers help to design email advertising campaigns and manage subscriber lists on behalf of companies or individuals. You can choose to work alone or work for a single company but since most of your job is internet-based, you are allowed to work from home.

2. Promotional Video Maker

Video is regarded as a more persuasive tool in today’s media and a lot of companies are making use of videos to promote their products and services. If you know a thing or two about film-making or video creation and editing, you can work from home as a promotional video maker.

3. Freelance Writer

You can work as a copywriter, ghost writer, or content writer, servicing a large number of clients from the comfort of your home.

4. Graphics Designer

Graphics are just as important as articles and other written contents in today’s internet-based business world because pictures can tell a better story than words alone can tell. You don’t necessarily need to work from an enclosed office space as a graphics artist.

5. Customer Service Manager

Have you ever visited a website and had a little box on the bottom or top corner that says “Chat now”? If you ever decide to use those boxes, you would be talking to professional customer service managers who are hired to respond to customer complaints and inquiries. Most customer service managers work from the comfort of their homes.

6. App Developer

You can start developing mobile apps or software for businesses as a freelancer or as an app developer dedicated to one company.

7. Web Designer

Every business needs an online presence to increase their chances of competing successfully in today’s business world. You can easily work from home if you decide to earn a living as a web designer.

8. Translator

Translators help to convert documents from one language to another. If you have good language conversion and writing skills, you can earn up to $15 dollar per hour working from home.

9. Nutritionist

Nutritionists can work and consult from home. You can easily attend to the needs and enquiries of your clients online or on phone since there really isn’t much need for physical examination.

10. Crowdsourcing Manager

People who need to raise funds from crowdsourcing platforms such as Indiegogo, and Kickstarter often hire crowdsourcing experts to help them put a good business proposal together and guide them through the process. This is another lucrative work-from-home career opportunity.

11. Clinical Regulatory Affairs Director

You can work with pharmaceutical companies to plan, conduct and analyze clinical tests for their products, and earn up to $151,000 annually working from home.

12. Online Tutor

There are a lot of educational institutions that offer online versions of their programs. You can work with such institutions as an online tutor.

13. Architect

As an architect, you don’t necessarily need an office space to draw beautiful structural designs for your clients as you can easily work from home and schedule meetings with your clients whenever necessary.

14. Coder

You can be hired by software developers and website designers to write codes and scripts from the comfort of your home.

15. E-book Publisher

Another career idea is to write and publish eBooks from the comfort of your home through indie publishing platforms.

16. Business Consulting

You can also consult for businesses from the comfort of your home. You can help them figure out lucrative business ideas, write business plans and proposals or conduct business research for your clients from the comfort of your home.

17. Research Biologist

Research biologists earn up to $157,000 yearly from helping to study, conduct research, and determine results and conclusions on various subjects.

18. Audit Manager

Since there are now accounting software and most business accounting are done online, auditors are able to perform their jobs from the comfort of their home as long as they have access to computers.

19. Travel Agent

You can work with a travel agency as a travel agent. Your job would be centered on helping your customers to book tickets, hotels, and offering other travel advisory services. Again, everything can be done online so you don’t necessarily need an office.

20. Public Relations Manager

You can work remotely to build a good public image for your clients. You can choose to work from home or work for a public relations company however; both options allow you to work from the comfort of your home.

21. Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance companies allow you to work remotely and choose your own workings strategies as long as you are able to meet up with the sales target that they give you at the end of a period.

22. Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants are fast replacing company clerks and secretaries in today’s business world. You can find people willing to hire you on platforms like Upwork, Flexijobs, and Freelancer.

23. Transcriptionists

Transcriptionists earn up to $25 per hour converting audio scripts into written documents from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else they choose to work from. You can work on platforms like Transcribeme, Quicktate, and Transcribeanywhere.

24. Real Estate Agent

You can work remotely as a real estate agent too as most of your job is field-based.

25. Survey Taker

You can earn up to $50 from responding to surveys, opinion polls, or product reviews. You can also work as a product tester who tests products and writes reviews about them. Some platforms to find such jobs include DarwinsData, PaidViewPoint, and PineconeResearch.

26. Direct salesman

You can earn a living from working as a direct salesman. Your job would be to sell products and services to people on a personal level and you don’t necessarily need an enclosed office space to do that.

27. Telephone Nurse

This is a niche in the nursing career that allows you to work with health insurance and health management companies from the comfort of your home. Your jobs would include treatment authorization, case management, and patient education. Some platforms to find jobs as a telephone nurse include Medzilla, Judge, and Medicaljobsonline.

28. Search Engine Optimization Expert

You don’t need an enclosed office space to analyze a company’s website, offer advice, and carry out adjustments to help them improve their search engine rankings.

29. Compensation Analyst

Compensation analysts work for insurance companies to evaluate cases, and recommend insurance compensation amounts. You can earn up to $74,000 monthly working from the comfort of your home.

30. Tech Support Specialist

You can work for one or more companies as tech support specialist who helps to manage their computer and IT functions.

31. Product Creator

You can help to design and create innovative products for companies and individual product developers.

32. Mortgage Loan Officer

You can help clients to put mortgage loan applications together working from home, or you can work for mortgage lending institutions to review, and appraise loan applications.

33. Data Entry

Many businesses require the services of people who can enter data into their systems. If you have a good computer and typing skills, you can work from home as a data entry officer.

34. Journalist

You can source for news, and write contents for your newspaper, magazine or any other media platforms from your home.

35. Affiliate Marketer

Another business idea is to become an affiliate marketer. You can easily promote other people’s products and earn commissions online as an affiliate marketer and you can do it remotely.

36. Tax Consultant

You can also work remotely to help individuals and business owners to compute and file their taxes. This type of job is seasonal but you can make a lot of money when it’s tax season.

37. Paralegal

As a paralegal assistant, you can offer your services to attorneys and legal advisers from the comfort of your home.

38. Test/Essay Scoring

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can be hired to read, evaluate and score essays and tests from the comfort of your home. You can work on platforms like Writescore.

39. Remote Computer Repairer

You can work remotely to help people repair their computers and mobile devices.

40. Forum Moderator

You can get hired by web forums and online communities to work as a forum moderator.

41. Grocery Shopper

Busy people now hire professional grocery shoppers to help out with grocery shopping and delivery. This is yet another career opportunity that allows you to work from home.

42. Veterinarian

You don’t need to have an office space to practice as a veterinarian as long as your customers can call you whenever they need your services to treat their pets.

43. Bill and Account Collector

You can earn up to $17 per hour informing, reminding, and tracking down debtors with overdue bills on behalf of their creditors.

44. Web Search Evaluators

Web search evaluators help to provide feedback to search engine development teams so that they can know if search engine results are accurate, relevant and useful.

45. Baby Planning Consultant

You can help expectant parents to plan and prepare for the arrival of their new babies. You can teach them how to baby proof their homes, what to buy, and how to care for their babies and can earn up to $75/hour working from home as a baby planning consultant.

46. E-commerce Seller

You can sell goods on platforms like Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, or Shopify.

47. Event Planner

If you love planning parties, you can make a living from planning weddings, bridal showers, retirement parties, and other events and you can always work from home.

48. Fashion Consultant

You can teach people how to revamp their wardrobes, and how to dress appropriately for different events from the comfort of your home.

49. Jewelry Maker

Another work-from-home career idea is jewelry making. You can earn a living from crafting beautiful jewelries for diverse clients.

In conclusion, if you love your current job and you don’t wish to quit to pursue work from home opportunities, you can consider negotiating with your boss as many companies are now open to the idea of allowing their employees work from home since it saves them a lot of money. Who knows, your boss may be open to the idea too.