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50 Best High Paying Jobs That Allow Tattoos

Career ideas That Allow Tattoo

Do you have a visible tattoo and want a high paying career that accepts tattoo? If YES, here are 50 best career ideas that allow tattoos and pays well.

Tired of hiding your tattoo from your boss? Scared that your tattoos may stand in the way of you getting a job in the future? You no longer have anything to worry about. According to recent statistics, at least 30% of young people between the ages of 18 and 35 have tattoos, or have had one at some point, so tattoos are not really something strange.

It is true that a large number of corporate organizations do not employ people with very visible tattoos like people with tattoos on their necks, faces, arms, or other obvious areas of the body because they believe that it would not reflect well on their corporate image.

However, for every company that will not employ you for your tattoos, there are dozens of other jobs/careers where the presence or absence of tattoos is of no relevance to them because they are mostly interested in your skills and talents rather than your physical attributes. We have come up with at least 50 of such careers where having a tattoo is no crime:

50 Best High Paying Jobs That Don’t Care About Tattoos

1. Virtual Assistant

By becoming a virtual assistant, you can work from home, or from any other location that pleases you so your client doesn’t necessarily know or care that you have tattoos.

2. Scientist

As a scientist, you are mostly your own boss but even when you take up a job with an employer, employers are mostly interested in your research skills and knowledge and hardly care about your tattoos.

3. Fashion Stylist

Tattoos on a fashion stylist makes the stylist look even more fashionable. You can help celebrities, and other interested individuals to put up outfit ideas that would make them stand out amongst the crowd.

4. Football Player

Nobody cares about your tattoo as a footballer. In fact, almost every footballer has ink on their bodies.

5. Veterinarian

The animals really don’t mind that the person taking care of them has some ink so why should anyone else be bothered? As a veterinarian, you can easily get jobs without being judged for your tattoos especially since you would be working directly with clients most of the time.

6. Website Designer

Another career idea where your skills and professionalism matter more than your physical attributes is website designing.

7. Animal Breeder/Groomer

If you don’t have the necessary educational qualifications to work as a veterinarian, you can work as an animal breeder or groomer instead.

8. Architect

As an architect, you are a creative individual so people would naturally expect you to express your creativity when drawing building plans for your clients. Tattoos usually do not pose problems for architects.

9. Astronaut

There are not so many astronauts in the world so the few that are available are celebrated and hired whether they have ink on their bodies or not.

10. Call Center Operator

Call center operators do not deal with clients directly. They mostly deal with clients remotely so tattoos are usually not considered when hiring call center operators.

11. Actor

Many actors have tattoos on their bodies although when they need to act some roles, they might have to cover the tattoos temporarily.

12. Security Man

Some security companies don’t hire guards with tattoos but there are a lot of security companies that hire people with tattoos especially the uniformed security companies.

13. Hair Stylist

Tattoos are a norm in the hair styling and beauty industry so having them would pose no challenge whatsoever for you in this career.

14. Interior Designer

As long as you are able to come up with brilliant, eye-popping designs for people’s homes, offices, and other spaces, your clients or employers wouldn’t really care about your tattoos.

15. Doctor

Although some hospitals frown upon tattoos and piercings, there are hundreds of hospitals that are indifferent. Even those hospitals that frown upon them only care about visible tattoos like those on the face, neck, or hands.

16. Farmer/Agricultural Scientist

Farmers and agricultural scientists can have as many tattoos as they want, no one really cares.

17. Film Editor

Film editors mostly work independently so tattoos are usually not a problem for them.

18. Graphics Designer

This is another career for creative people where tattoos are regarded as a norm or even a sign that you are very good at what you do because you can design your own tattoos.

19. Researcher

These days, most researchers work online or remotely so tattoos are usually not a challenge for them.

20. Lifeguard

Your strength and passion for saving others are the most important things for people who employ lifeguards. A lot of people who visit swimming pools, beaches, and water parks have tattoos themselves so it is usually not a problem for them.

21. Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, you would mostly be working independently or with actors, celebrities, and fashionable people who also have tattoos so your tattoos would not be a problem.

22. Nurse

Your tattoos might only be a challenge when you are in nursing school because most nursing schools don’t allow tattooed students but if you are already a nurse, finding a job might not necessarily be a problem as many hospitals allow nurses to have tattoos or at least cover them up with long-sleeve scrubs.

23. Physical Therapist

You can work as a physical therapist with tattoos; it is usually not a problem for physical therapists.

24. Private Investigator

Another career idea is to work as a private investigator. In fact, your tattoos can be a plus because you would be able to blend into the crowd when working on some cases.

25. Tattoo Artist

What better way to display your talents and services that you offer than to have tattoos on your body too? This is one career where you would have no problems at all even if every inch of your body is covered in ink.

26. Musician

A large percentage of musicians have inks; it won’t stop people from listening to your music or hinder record labels from signing you up.

27. Basket Baller

Any career that involves ball playing allows you to have tattoos with no discrimination.

28. Voiceover Artist

Since your job is not a physical one and the most important thing is having a charming voice, you can easily embrace a career as a voiceovers artist, tattoos regardless.

29. Zoo Keeper

When you are working with animals, your physical attributes do not matter as long as you can do a good job.

30. Athlete

You can represent your college, country, or state in athletic competitions and no one would care about your tattoos.

31. Engineer

Many Engineers have tattoos and it is not a problem for them although some corporate engineering firms may not employ engineers with tattoos but since there are a lot of freelancing opportunities for engineers, it doesn’t really matter if a company chooses to hire you or not.

32. Bus Driver

You can easily work for public or private transportation companies as a bus driver, or cab driver without problem.

33. Circus Performer

You can perform at the circus with or without tattoos; your spectators are only interested in your ability to put up a good show.

34. Plumber

Many plumbers have tattoos. For every client that won’t engage the services of a tattooed plumber, there are dozens of others that don’t really mind as long as they can get their pipes unclogged, and their plumbing system running perfectly.

35. Computer Programmer

As a computer programmer, you would be hired for your impressive programming skills whether you have tattoos or not because computer programming is highly-demanded in the market today.

36. Cosmetologist

Cosmetologists are allowed to have tattoos too. Your job would revolve around administering beauty treatments and since tattoos are seen as a fashion trend, many fashionable clients would not mind that you have tattoos.

37. Dentist

You can set up your own dental practice after you graduate from school and work independently although many dental practitioners don’t hire dentists with ink.

38. Electrical Engineer

Another career idea that allows you to flaunt your tattoos without stress is electrical engineering. With or without tattoos, you would get jobs as an electrician as long as you are good at what you do.

39. Firefighter

You can build a career in firefighting. It is an interesting career that allows you to save lives and properties and you wouldn’t be discriminated for your tattoos.

40. Forest Ranger

Forest rangers help to maintain campgrounds and similar facilities, and ensure that people stick to the rules and regulations. Again, no one cares whether they have tattoos or not. Your ability to do a good job is what counts.

41. Information Specialist

You may only have a challenge with your tattoos if you decide to work for a corporate company but if you stick with the many freelancing opportunities available in this career, your tattoos would pose no challenges whatsoever.

42. Laboratory Scientist/Technician

Another career idea where tattoos are inconsequential is laboratory scientists or technicians. Just like Doctors, Nurses, and other careers in the medical industry, you can find hundreds of employers who would hire you with your tattoos even though there are some organizations that frown upon tattoos.

43. Miner

You can work with an earth mining company without challenges, and you can also work as a cryptocurrency miner without any challenges too.

44. Military

Public and private military organizations allow you to have tattoos without problems although in the past, the US military used to be very strict with tattoos. As long as your tattoos are not offensive, extremist, sexist, racist, or indecent, you are fine.

45. Fashion Designer

As long as you can design beautiful dresses for your clients, no one cares if you have tattoos or not in the fashion industry.

46. Shipwright/Sailor

Ship builders, sailors, and most people who work in the shipping industry can have tattoos- it is not a problem.

47. Writer

You can have tattoos as a writer- especially when you decide to work as a freelance writer or author and not with corporate organizations.

48. Welder

Welding services are usually required by construction companies, auto mechanical engineering companies, and sometimes, private individuals. This is yet another career where you can display your tattoos freely without problems.

49. Building Technician

Building technicians also work mostly on construction sites so tattoos are usually not frowned upon in their line of job.

50. Pyrotechnician

Pyrotechnicians work on movie sets to create fireworks and explosives for entertainment. Since they work with movie producers and mostly as freelancers, they usually have no problem finding jobs with or without their tattoos.

In conclusion, you need to understand that those companies that refuse to hire, or discriminate against people with tattoos, do so because of their clientele. Tattoos are erroneously associated with being ‘bad’ or notorious so they fear that customers may begin to boycott their company. However, if your tattoos are not visible, these companies would not really have a problem with it.

Also, most companies in the beauty, entertainment, and fashion industry allow you to have tattoos.
If there is any career that you love but fear that your tattoos may stand in the way, you can buy tattoo covers to make them less visible, wear clothing that cover up the tattoos, or have the tattoos cleaned up.